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Bill Collector Showing up for a Bill That's Not Even Late?!

So we have a credit account with a local appliance/electronics company. Times have been hard in the last year (my husband was in a horrible accident last june) and it took us a while to get on our feet.. So in the past we'd been up to like 2 months late on the bill but the company worked with us and we got caught up no problem. Fast forward to today. The bill isn't due for 2 days and I run out to the shed (no bra on) and some guy pulls up asking for my husband. He say's he's from "X" company and we have a bill due. He wants me to pay him the 120, I say um, well we're going to go pay in store (because they give you a receipt). I assume I'm wrong about us being current and we MUST be late (my husband was pissed at me) and it turns out it's not even due for 2 days! 2 DAYS. Me and my husband are furious! So I guess my question is is this even legal?! We've never had a debt collector show up in person much less for a debt that wasn't even due yet! We're thinking this borderlines on harassment.. we've had this company call about a bill that was 2 days late (not even legally late) and they called his old command (he's in the military) telling them we owed a debt that we weren't paying. My husband can be kicked out of the military for stuff like that and if they would have showed up at his station he'd be 10 ways of screwed! Is there anything we can do to make sure this doesn't happen to us here at home or anywhere else for that matter? Thanks in advance, we're calling the company in the morning and I'm going to blow up on them but I wanted to see what our rights were before then.

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added: So when i went to pay in store the clerk said she'd never heard of them showing up in person... especially for a bill that wasn't even late.

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The credit companies are all getting CRAZY these days....I'd call the store and tell them exactly what I thought of that tactic.

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You should have gotten the guys name. This way when you speak to the company they can tell you whether or not he actually works there. This way if he doesn't work there or did work there you could file a report with the police. He is trying to scam money from ppl. I have never heard of ppl showing up in person unless the company is sueing you over payment. Sounds very fishy to me.

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sounds like someone was trying to steal money from you.

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This was a SCAM. Lucky you did not pay. You should make a report to your police station's non-emergency number and the attorney general. We had this happen in our old neighborhood and the police increased their patrols for a while as a deterrent (I don't think they ever caught anyone). These people often get information about your bills/debts by rummaging through your trash - you may want to get a shredder for stuff like that.
Good luck!

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I have never NEVER heard of a store sending someone to your house to collect on a debt. I would really question whether this man was who he said he was.
Did you ever see any form of identification from him? Never talk to anyone unless they can show you legitimate identification.
Your husband needs to go in and talk to his CO...take copies of the bills and the payments you have made...I would also write to the company and ask for an explanation of what has occurred and take their response into his CO. My husband is retired from the Army and I can tell you that overdue bills can be a huge no no. My husband 1st wife almost cost him his career by running up thousands of dollars in bills and bad checks! It took us years to get out from under it . ( At one point his Efficiency report stated..."Unless this officer divorces his current wife I would demand that he be separated from the US Army"!!!!
There are laws about what a debt collector can do....check with your JAG office to see what is legal and what isn't

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Ten bucks says it was someone going through their accounts and thought they could swindle some money out of you..

I'm sorry things have been tight and tough...thank him for his service and sacrifice to our country...yours too...being a military wife isn't easy!!!

Yes, he can be kicked out for financial irresponsibility - however, not for one bill...it has to be serious - like all of them, bounced checks and the like...car payments or repo'ed cars...THAT hurts...but I do know several guys with high clearances AND DUI's in the military - and their enlisted....it's all about openness..if your husband holds a clearance...ensure that he talks to his First Shirt and keep him appraised of the situation....as long as he's not hiding it - it can't be used against him...

Okay - sorry for the digression...any way - no. To the best of my knowledge a debt collector MAY NOT come to your home to collect a debt...if someone from the company sent him out - he would have a badge and a way to give you a receipt...although, seriously - I doubt any company would do this...if he comes again - snap a picture of him with your cell phone! :) and get his name and plate number....

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Always, never give any personal information or money, to anyone who just shows up at your door, unannounced. Even if they show I.D., it can be fake.
They are probably not legit.
And CALL the company that they claim to be from, RIGHT there in front of them, to double check.

Too bad, you didn't get a license plate number, off of the guy's car.
You could have filed a police report/complaint.

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First, you need to find out who the guy is! It's possible he is a current, or former employee looking to make cash. It's also possible he isn't from the company and he came across your information. If the man is from the company you should insist they do something about the man. If he's not, you need to call the police.

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I would call the police, and the attorney general. This sounds like a scam. It could have been someone going through your mail, an employee or ex employee of the company looking for cash, someone could have hacked into the businesses computer system, I could go on....Anyhow, legal or not, never never never pay someone who comes to your home, except maybe your neighborhood paperboy. Call the company, AND the police. Even if they show you ID and/or offer you a receipt. You can go to Office Depot and get the material to make those yourself.

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I don't know what the laws are regarding this situation. My guess is that since this is a small local company they are feeling a financial crush and need the cash flow. However, it doesn't make sense that they would want to pay an employee to travel to your house. Personally, if that happened to me, I would have called the police. Are you sure the man was from "X company"? Did he have id?

I would call the store and make an appointment to see the owner (manager, if owner is not available) and discuss the situation in person. Bring your current payment with documentation showing the bill isn't due until the 28th. Bring along your documentation proving that you've been current for the last 6 months. Let them know that you will press legal charges if it happens again.

I would also keep documentation of all communications with this company in case you need it at a later date.

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