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Big Tooth Growing in Behind Baby Teeth

I just discovered a big tooth growing in behind my 5 year old's bottom baby teeth. I have read both that the baby teeth should be pulled, and also that the big tooth with eventually push the baby teeth out of the way, and they will fall out on their own. We are going to the dentist on Tuesday, and want to know what the best route to go is. Anyone have experience with this?

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Trust the dentist's advice. In my case one of my molars is totally out of line with the others because my adult tooth was growing behind my "baby" tooth and my baby tooth did not fall out! It was eventually removed by a dentist when I was around age 14 but by then the damage had been done. I'm 42 years old now and I find the "out of line" tooth to be annoying as food often gets trapped there. Luckily, though, it's far enough back in my mouth that I'm the only one aware of the defect. I think that the adult tooth needs to be growing in the right place in order to push the baby tooth out. Good luck either way! :)

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All but I think one of my son's has done that so far (well some in front and some behind). He's lost 8 now. We asked his dentist and they said it isn't a problem, the baby tooth will come out on it's own. He had one like that for one of his checkups and they said it wasn't worth it to pull it, it would come out on it's own. All of his adult teeth have moved where they belong once the baby tooth fell out and his teeth look fine now.
You are going to find dentists that will tell you they need to come out. Some of them are working off outdated information, some are simply wanting to make an extra buck and know full well it doesn't need to be pulled. Our dentist said to save our money ;)

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this happened with my daughter's first tooth, too. Kind of freaked me out :) but the dentist said not to worry that the baby tooth would fall out soon on its own-- and it did. Her two bottom teeth looked very crooked growing in but they are fine now-- i'm hoping this is the case as her two top teeth are growing in crooked now .. :)

see what the dentist says and if he/she says "pull it" i'd ask why and get a second opinion...

just my 2 cents :)

In my understanding (this happened with my son & it happens with a lot of kids!) it's not that big of a deal--especially with the bottom teeth. The baby teeth will come out & the big teeth will most likely move forward. Quite amazing!

I think part of it will depend on whether or not the big tooth is in a spot to be able to push out the baby teeth.

You don't always lose baby teeth - my 22yo son has for sure one and maybe two baby teeth still in his head - there was nothing behind/under them for a big tooth.

my son had two bottom front teeth come up behind his baby ones and after the baby teeth fell out , and i heard this would happen and it did the two behind some how came forward to replace them, weird i know.

almost always, the baby tooth will fall out on its own & the new tooth will push its way forward into place. I know that it looks freaky! My oldest had "shark teeth" for a couple of his big kids teeth (my middle kid has one right now too), and they are all in place now.
don't worry - just encourage your kiddo to wiggle away (with clean hands!).

I work on a playground with elementary kids and I cannot tell you how incredibly common this is. It even happened to my daughter and her friend both. None of them had to have the teeth pulled. Your dentist will let you know if it's necessary, but most of the time the permanent teeth will push the baby teeth out.

My son had this and the dentist was not concerned. The tooth eventually fell out on its own.

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