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Big Sister Gift Ideas???

After 6 long years, our family is finally expecting our newest addition. A little boy will grace us in July 2008. My 6 year old daughter is sooooo excited. We are doing everything possible to make her a big part of this big event. I really want to get her something special for the big day. Any ideas?

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When I had my second daughter, I bought a doll for her for when her sister was born. Then, when she would do something to help me, I gave her a little gift like a doll bottle or doll outfit to help her take care of her baby like Mommy was taking care of hers. When their little brother was born, I found out that the local hospital offered Little Sister/Little Brother classes. I signed both of them up and they LOVED it! They were well prepared to be big sisters and looked forward to the new baby. They also got cool t-shirts!

This may be a little pricey but a charm bracelet or necklace with a big sister charm from James Avery would be cute.

You have got lots of great e-mails with gift ideas. Maybe you could get her a locket and put a pic of her as a baby and one of her new brother. You could have in engraved with something special and she will be able to keep it forever. She might not understand the value of it now, but she will as she grows up!!
Congratulations on the new baby!!

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Hi R., When I had my 2nd daughter(Lindsay). I talked to her older sister(Anna), about a new baby in my stomach, & showed her baby pictures, so when I come home from the hospital there would be the new baby we talked about. We also brought her home a little baby doll for her to have of her own. We let her hold her little sister & do as much as possible with Lindsay to let her feel she was a part of the family still. I have pictures of Anna changing Lindsay's diaper. They were only 23 months apart. They have always been close, except when Lindsay become old enough that she wanted to think for herself. Anna had become "Mother-Hen" to Lindsay & was always telling her everything to do, Lindsay just got a little tired of that, but they rarely ever fought. This is just one example I felt like sharing with you. N.

Congratulations R.!

We got my daughter one of those dolls that looked like her. There is a special company that you order a brown haired, blue-eyed, freckled...you get the idea. We did this so she could mimic what we were doing with the new baby. If we put the new baby in the stroller, her "baby" was in a stroller, changed diaper...etc. We also "oohed" and "aahed" over baby, so all the focus wasn't on the new baby. It also helped her learn things like changing diapers and how to be delicate with her new sister.
God Bless,
K. m

This may be a little pricey but a charm bracelet or necklace with a big sister charm from James Avery would be cute.


When our daughter was born, in October, we gave our son (4) a camera and small photo book. He loves taking photos, and we thought it would be a fun way for him to be a part of the process. He could take his own photos, print them out and take them for show and tell in his album. We bought a Fisher-Price camera because of his age. Your daughter is probably more tech saavy than I am...LOL! Our son loved having his own camera to take photos of his little sister and displayed his photos with great pride. Good Luck and enjoy! What a wonderful time for you and your family.

Hi R.!
Congratulations!! How exciting!
One suggestion would be to have the family make a Tshirt for your Daughter. She can write on it with Fabric Markers or for more fun, use Fabric Paints and Puffy paints to write "I Am A New Big Sister" on the front and have stamp one of her hand or foot prints on the shirt. Mommy and Daddy can stamp their hand prints on the back; kind of like Angel Wings. Then, on the day of your son's Birth, you can have the nurse stamp her shirt next to her hand or foot print. The only thing is that the ink used will probably wash off in the laundry so you may want to take a close up picture of your son's foot prints so that you can later have it transferred onto your Daughter's Tshirt. Once you make the transfer, your son's prints will be permanent like the rest of the Family's prints. I did not suggest to stamp your son's prints on the shirt like everyone else only because you don't want to expose him to any chemicals at that age. The transfer is much safer.

I think anything you decide, as long as your Daughter is a part of creating it, will be very special and memorable for her and the entire Family.

Take Care!

I'm sure you have heard of the Build-A-Bear workshop. For a girl who is 6 yrs old and waiting on baby brother to jion her, here is my suggestion as a perfect gift. Before the day your son is going to be born, go to one of these stores without your daughter, just you and your husband, and pick out an animal that your daughter will love, have it stuff and tell them you want a recordable sound for the animal. But tell them you are going to take the sound with you to record later. They can close up the animal, where the stuffing wont come out, but where you can open it later to put the sound inside. While you are there however, have them show you how to close the animal for good after you place the sound inside of it. Make sure you take this sound box and the animal with you to the hospital. When your son FIRST arrives (you may have to make your self a big note or put it on your who to call list) record your sons first cry and then place it inside the animal, seal the animal up and put in a pretty gift bag with a tag that says" to the best big sister ever". If your lil girl is anything like my boys were, they will love to listen to this over and over again for the first few days, then they will get to where they just want to cuddle with it while they are with they new sibiling. And if you don't want to have the cry on there, have one of the nurses, record the new brothers name, weight, height and time and day of birth for her to listen to. Be creative, but girls love animals and what better kind of animal then one that tells you about those you love. And then for the next holiday or brother 1st b-day take her back to buy an outfit for her new friend. Good luck!!!

Since it is often believed that baby showers are only for FIRST BORN, my family has often thrown "Big Sister (or Brother) showers for the older sibling. That way you still get some necessities for the new baby (diapers, outfits, etc.) but your daughter gets to open them and everyone can gush about how she can help mommy while using the new gifts. Sibling picture frames, picture books (for the big sis to read to the new baby), etc. are also good gifts. The big sis should wear a "I'm the big sister" shirt and the cake can even say "Congratulations, (child's name)...you're going to be a sister!" It's always been a big hit and really really made the big sis or brother feel super special when all of the attention is so often paid to the newest arrival! GOOD LUCK and Congrats on number 2!!

what about a baby doll . . . . one of the really special ones that are kinda heavy so they feel real; I'm not sure the name but I know there are a few companies that you can customize them; hair eyes and so on
Ill keep looking to see if I can find the name for you.

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