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Big Girl Teeth Coming in Behind Baby Teeth

My daughter is 4 and her 2 front bottom teeth have started coming in behind her baby teeth. One of her baby teeth is slightly loose but not close to coming out. I called her dentist and the receptioniont said she is not a dentist so she didnt know if it ws a concern. Does anyone have any advice on this? Should she see the dentist over this?

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Thank Yall for the advice. I thought it was a concern so that is why I called but the recpetionist acted like she had never been asked that before. I might be looking for a new dentist for her. Thank You. Hopefully it goes smooth.

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I never once had an empty gap where I had lost a baby tooth. Every one of my adult teeth came in before I lost the baby tooth. The tooth always fell out before the adult tooth was in completely. My daughters' teeth do the same. The adult tooth moves into place after the baby falls out.

That within itself is not a big deal, but 4 is quite young to be loosing the teeth.

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she needs to at least be seen by her pediatrician. I had the same issue with both my two front teeth on the top and the bottom. They suggested that they get pulled, but we decided to try to "work them out". Got two of the four out by tying dental floss around them and wiggling them for a short period of time every night. the other two ended up getting pulled out. It was affecting the ay my permanent teeth were coming in. I ended up with a "boxed" look to my teeth because we waited so long to have them taken out. It's good tht she is still young and just starting to get the permanent teeth in. I would just encourage her to wiggle them and offer her your help in getting her baby teeth out so everyone can see her beautiful new smile! if they won't loosen up at all, you may want to look into getting them pulled.

My son's two top teeth came in behind his baby teeth. His baby teeth never fell out. The adult teeth pushed them forward butthey never fell out on their own. IT was very weird... at first they were loose, then they almost got wedged into place, sticking almost straight forward! The dentist ended up pulling them, which was no big deal, but we didn't have dental insurance at the time and had to pay $100 per tooth extraction fee. I think that dentist was kinda dishonest, though.

I never once had an empty gap where I had lost a baby tooth. Every one of my adult teeth came in before I lost the baby tooth. The tooth always fell out before the adult tooth was in completely. My daughters' teeth do the same. The adult tooth moves into place after the baby falls out.

That within itself is not a big deal, but 4 is quite young to be loosing the teeth.

Yes, it happened to my daughter. The baby teeth had to be extracted. It was not a big deal because they were loose and came out easily. See a dentist you wouldn't want to have issues with the permanent teeth coming in. Good luck!!! We went for ice cream after the dentist, you would be surprised what chocolate ice cream and sprinkles can make you forget.

You'll get people who think it's no big deal but to me it is. I would make an appointment with a pediatric dentist and have xrays and general cleaning done. What could it hurt anyway? We take the kids to a pediatric dentist because they are specialists in baby teeth and childrens issues.

Yes, take her to see the dentist. That is odd the receptionist wouldn't give you some advice or take a message for the dentist, that is their job. I had one of my adult teeth come in before my baby tooth fell out and my mom never took me to the dentist. It is still way behind the other teeth, and totally screwed up my bite. There is no way to fix it except braces, and even then they might have to just pull it, I was told.

Aside from being on the young sign, from my experience, she should be fine. My son (6) recently lost his first two bottom teeth - about a month after the adult teeth started growing in behind. I was freaked out, but the dentist kept telling me not to worry, that they would come out. And they did. When I saw him for my son's appointment a few weeks later, he said the concern starts when the adult teeth are completely in but the baby teeth barely lose.

We were told to teach our son how to wiggle his teeth, and give him lots of crunchy foods - apples, carrots, pretzels, that sort of stuff. Take a deep breath, and then don't think about it for three weeks. If the teeth still haven't fallen out and aren't on the verge on it, make an appointment.

*Note: I am not a dentist and this is not a substitution for consulting one.*

Definitely see the dentist. The exact same thing happened with my son and his bottom teeth. We took him to a pediatric dentist and she pulled his baby teeth (quick and painless). She said that it is important to get the baby teeth out so that those teeth can move forward and waiting can cause problems with whether they move up into the correct locations. She also said if the permanent teeth are already coming in behind they are not going to push the baby teeth up and out like you would expect. I'm glad I took him in and felt it was the right decision for us. Right now he has a loose top front tooth and no sign of one behind it so we're hoping it will come out naturally but if I see the one behind it we'll be heading to the dentist.

Hi there, my son age 6 had same thing, Dentist called it 'shark teeth', and his baby teeth weren't loose at all since the adult teeth coming in were not decaying the root of the baby teeth. (because the adult teeth came in way behind the baby teeth and not under them) Dentist had to pull these two baby teeth to allow for the adult teeth. Dentist also said for my son that most of his teeth will follow suit. Dentist said it's not a big deal, but baby teeth should be pulled unless kid/parents can work out the baby ones at home. Good luck!

This has happened with each tooth that my daughter has lost, the baby one will eventually fall out and the big one will move in. Her teeth are just fine. I hope you have some Tooth Fairy funds lined up, bye bye baby teeth!

This happened with my son too. The adult teeth moved up into place after he lost his baby teeth. We're still waiting for one of them to move forward. I too am a bit concerned about it, but we have our yearly dental visit coming in a few months, so I think it can probably wait.

My daughter got shark teeth, too, though she was much older. Seems kind of young for her permanant teeth to be coming in at age 4.... At first, for my daughter, the dentist said we'll just keep an eye on it. But we get her teeth cleaned every 6 months and after a few cleanings we knew her perm teeth were nearly fully grown in and the babies were barely loose so he finally pulled them. I think if you call a dentist's office for advice, the receptionist DUH is not the person you are asking the question to!!! She should have had a hygenist or the dentist call you back. If she is the regular office person, I would find a new dentist office!! How rude of her!!

In mid-August my 5-year-old daughter's first adult tooth appeared behind her bottom baby tooth. It was barely visible and the baby tooth was slightly loose. Come October, the adult tooth was much more visible and the baby tooth was very loose. After reading several posts on the internet, I had decided to just let it fall on its own, especially since my daughter is somewhat of a kicker and screamer when it comes to doctors. But the loose tooth was causing her a lot of discomfort, mostly when she would wiggle it, and she didn't want to eat because of it. Also, it would bleed every now and then. The gum looked slightly irritated. So she actually asked me if I could take her to the dentist to have it pulled! Of course once we got there, she got cold feet and wanted to turn around and go home. But I told her she would feel much better once it was out. The dentist let me sit on the chair and hold her on my lap, which I think helped calm her. She rubbed novocain (?) around the area. I thought the dentist would use gauze to pull it, but she used the small forceps tool which frightened my daughter. But thankfully, the dentist was very quick about it. She had the tooth out in one quick movement, and then abruptly put the gauze in its place. My daughter let out a loud "Ow!" when she pulled it out. I don't know if that's a good indicator of the pain or not, though, because my daughter tends to be a little dramatic out of fear rather than the actual physical pain. There were no tears; but she was a little mad at me for "lying to her that it wouldn't hurt." I hope I didn't traumatize her. : ( I feel it was the right choice in our case to have it pulled because the loose tooth seemed to be causing her a lot more pain just by being there. Her relief was almost immediate and I think she was glad to be rid of it. I hope her next loose tooth falls out on its own because I have a feeling next time she won't be so willing to go have it pulled. Maybe this experience will encourage her to wiggle it more vigorously next time. So far I don't see any more adult teeth coming in, nor any more loose teeth.

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