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Bicycle for 4 Year Old?

Our son will be 4 next month and we are considering buying him a bicycle for his birthday. Are most 4 year-olds ready for a bike or should we wait? I've known 3 year-olds that can ride unassisted and 6 year-olds that still have training wheels. What do you think?

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I guess it can depend on the kid, but I think 4 is definitely old enough for a bike. We got my daughter a little one at a yard sale when she was three, and she would ride it like crazy all over the neighborhood. By the time she was 4 and a half, she was riding without training wheels, and now at 5, she's comfortable enough that it's something we can do together as a family. Might be a good idea to take him to a bike shop or somewhere he can try one out to get an idea of how comfortable he is. Good Luck!

Why not... the worst that can happen is he can fall off and as we know through life you get back on and ride. Training wheels are the best.

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Ready for a bike with training wheels. Sure

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my oldest when she was 3 started and was riding her bike without training wheels before she was 4. yes you can start now.

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You just said it yourself, some can do it younger than others. As long as training wheels is an option it shouldnt be a problem either way.

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I purchased a balance bike for my son for his last birthday. It doesn't have any pedals and allows him to learn balance before the action of pedaling. It is easier to add pedaling to balance than to add balance to pedaling. If you Google 'balance bike' or 'running bike', it will bring up a variety of brands. I went with Haro because they make bikes for adults as well so I trusted the durability, but there are a variety out there.

I think most 4 year olds are ready for bike with training wheels.

Just make sure you get one that he can handle well that isn't too big for him yet. For my son it was easier to get one that didn't have the handle brakes, he would press on the handle brake and try to peddle forward at the same time and ended falling a few times.

Once he mastered the bike then we went to a bike with handle brakes.

As far as riding a bike without training wheels, he'll let you know when he's ready.

Best of luck!

Hi K.,
Something to consider is the glide to ride bike...you start without pedals as your child learns to balance, then put the pedals on once he's mastered that skill. My 3 year old loves riding this bike, and he's getting pretty good at balancing. Here's a link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Playskool-Glide-Ride-Bike-Boy/dp/B0...

Good luck!
R. J

Every child is different. I would get him a 16 inch with training wheels. My 3 children were around 7 when they learned to ride a bike alone. Our 1st grandson was about 6. The second grandson started riding the training wheeled bike when he was 2 1/2 and by a little past 3 he was riding unassisted. He is not quite 4 and he rides awesomely.

If you feel he has good enough balance and is ready, buy the bike. All six of our children were riding unassisted by the time they were 6'ish. Start with training wheels and then work with him when he has that down well and is asking to have them off. The most important thing is to make sure the bike is the proper size, and buy a helmet and knee pads. :)

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