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Best Ways to Potty Train a 2 Year Old in Omaha Nebraska

im trying to potty train my son that is now 2 and im wondering whats the best way to potty train him

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Hello! I want to say Thank you to all the moms out there that sent me their thoughts about potty training I got some awsome ideas from every body.Thank you so much

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Christmas came when my toddler was 2 1/2. She had shown no interest in using the toilet, and I tried not to push her. When "Santa" left her a potty chair, big girl panties, and a sticker chart, she ended up learning the same day. She even decided she was big enough to use the big potty, too.

I don't know if you want to wait that long, but it was worth it for me...

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What worked for me was the Dr. Phil method of potty training in one day. But your son has to be ready. Here's the website where it details the process.


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Check out this site, if it doesnít come up, its Barnes & Noble.com and the book is "Potty Train your Child in Just One Day"
I too am a single mom , I used this book by the book and It worked, It was amazing, he had just barely turned 2 and was showing signs of being ready, I didnít think it would work because I had not even attempted potty training him yet, and one day my son was in diapers and the next day he was in underwear and NEVER wet his pants or even the bed, It goes over kids of all ages with wetting problems and just basic potty training. I loved it and recommend it to everybody whether his or her child is easy to train or not. It sounds like Dr. Phil has a Good one on potty training in one day too; maybe itís the same concept. Good Luck.

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My 2 year old starting showing interest in the potty a few months ago, so we got her a potty chair and a book about potty training. We explained to her what the potty was for. At first, we would put her on the potty when she first woke up and at bath time, but didn't push her too much. Eventually, she started asking to sit on it, but she was very inconsistent. We didn't push the issue much, but I would give her a sticker to wear when she went potty. She loved the positive reinforcement, and would go just to get a sticker. When she was staying dry for long periods of time, we took her to the store and let her pick out her own underwear (she loved this!). We try and remind her to go about once and hour, and she is staying dry with very few accidents. She's even been dry in the mornings for over a week now.

Good luck! Potty training is difficult, and my personal theory is that you can't potty train a child who isn't interested.

I am a stay at home mom of a 21 month old boy and I have done daycare in my home for the last year and a half. I had a 2 1/2 year old for almost 10 months and I was potty training him. The best way I found for him was to put him on the potty every hour...use your timer on the stove!! If he didn't go then, I would wait 30 minutes and put him on it again, then go every hour again. I never had to change his pullups! Plus he got into a good habit of washing his hands afterwards. I don't know how he's doing now, but I know that when he was here, I never had any problems. Eventually, sometimes he wanted to go, other he didn't, but at least he knew what to do when he needed to go. If he did have a poop accident (which only happened twice), I put him in the tub with cold water for a few minutes. I hope you find a good way for your son.

Have you tried having him "Aim" for cheerios in the toilet? Thats always fun :)
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I don't know if this will help at all but it worked for my two boys. They both began expressing "readiness" at about 2 1/2 years old so we had the big boy potty talk and took a special trip to the store so they could pick out their own underwear. I then started on a weekend (so daycare didn't have to deal with it) and put them in their underwear with the washing machine on all day standby (there will be a lot of dirty things) My oldest son took about a week and several loads of laundry, and my younger son picked it up in 3 days. Its very frustrating but so very worth it in the end! I'm not really a big pull-ups advocate, i don't see the point in replacing a diaper with a more expensive, fancier diaper---I also found that my boys had no interest in the training potty, but were so excited to go in the big potty!!! I don't know if this will help but GOOD LUCK! It is defiately a parental adventure!

Honestly, I would get him a potty chair and just let him get familiar with it. My dd showed ZERO interest in the potty until about 3 weeks ago, and she'll be 3 in October. As soon as she showed an interest, she was trained within a day... but I had to let her decide it was time.

Everyone told me, if you push the issue, it will become a power struggle and I think they are right..

My suggestion is wait till he is three : ) That is what I am doing.

Christmas came when my toddler was 2 1/2. She had shown no interest in using the toilet, and I tried not to push her. When "Santa" left her a potty chair, big girl panties, and a sticker chart, she ended up learning the same day. She even decided she was big enough to use the big potty, too.

I don't know if you want to wait that long, but it was worth it for me...

Hi T.. The best way I found to potty train my daughter (they say girl's are harder to train than boys ... not sure if I know the right answer to that one) but I went online and keyed in "potty chart" in the address bar. What popped up what a delightful little chart that you can print online. Then I bought some stickers (small stars and big stars) and each time she went "#1" she got a small star to put on the chart. For "#2" she got a big star. That and buying really inexpensive toys for a reward system seemed to work for her. She was trained in no time at all. Some parents may not agree with the reward system ... I was a little unsure myself, but it seemed to put the idea in her head that she was doing something positive for herself - and by herself - like big girl's do.

Hope that helps ...


We are still in training but what works for me is I take my son to the pot every hour. He also has a talking potty chair which helps. But when he pee's in his pull up, I make him sit on the pot. And the best thing you can do is just give him praise when he does it and even for trying. Oh, sometimes I give stickers because I really don't like for my son to eat a lot of candy. Good Luck!!!

don't push him. he will do well when he is ready. take him into the bathroom ask him to sit and try. give him a treat for trying and more treats if he succeeds. each child is different and they do MUCH better is you let them and their behaviors guide you rather than pushing them. potty should be fun and rewarding for them. 2 is a great age, but don't be discouraged if it doesnt happen too fast. if you are a single mom and he has no experience with a man going potty around him, it may take longer, don't worry. also, he will most likely learn to sit anmd pee first, don't be worried mom, as soon as he is in preschool or daycare it aill naturally happen for him to start to stand, don't worry. don't put any unnecessary stress on you or him. it will come in time. I promise.
T.. I work in a daycare with potty trained kids who started to use the facilities at varied ages, and they all did fine. even the 2 that waited until thay were 3 to do it.
just try to make it a pleasureable experience for them and they will do well.
bribery with candy is NOT a bad thing in this department!



Dr. Phil has an awesome program for potty training in a day. It totally worked with my daughter when she was 2 1/2. My son is now 3 and has NO interest in the potty. I am sure that now his sister is in school he will feel like a "big" boy at home and will start trying. The main point it to wait until he is really ready!! And all my friends have told me that boys take a lot longer!Good luck!!

I would just take him with you when you go since there isnt a father figure that he can see do it, but i would get a potty for him make it a big deal and let him go with you to purchase it and make it a big deal when you get it ,then i would get him some big boy shorts. and just praise praise even when he sits. then it will most likely happen accidently and he will be surprized. thats what i did with my daughter and she has been going since . i think i was more excited for me than her. but you have to follow his lead and dont rush he knows when he will have the urge. good luck

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