Best Way to Sell Several Sets of China

Updated on June 25, 2009
K.D. asks from Mansfield, TX
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Over the years I have been given several sets of fine china from relatives. Additionally I have a full set of china from my first marriage. While they are all lovely and I wish I could use or display them all, storage is an issue. I would like to sell them, but I don't like the idea of Craigslist because I don't want people coming to my home. And Ebay takes too much of my time - listing, packing, shipping. Ugh. Has anyone found or used one of those places that sells your stuff on Ebay for you? If you have, please send me the info. Or any other ideas on how to "unload" all this china before my husband puts it out at the curb!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice everyone. One of the sets is called Royale Orchard by Noritake. I have so many pieces of that one that it is crazy. The other two sets are older - Royal Doulton - and I will have to check on the pattern names.

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There is a store called "Dishes From the Past" at Vickory and Montgomery in Ft. Worth that buys china--another option to Ebay.


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hey K.,
have you checked out easysale? they sell stuff for you on consignment. you get 60% of the selling price & none of the hassles of having to sell it yourself.


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If you are going to sell them on EBay, you are better off selling them yourself. After all the fees from EBay on top of the fees from the Selling Place you will come out Not having made much to cover your effort. I hate to tell you this but right now with people cutting corners, it is not a good time to unload your items that you feel are worth money. The market is really flooded. Buyers are looking to make a deal NOT pay you what it is worth.



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Garage sale! (in the FALL) After my mom passed last June, I decided to have a garage sale Thanksgiving w/e ..... she had 7 sets of fine china...I sold all 7 sets for between $35 & $120 the first 2 days. I also had gently used (& NOT so gently used)tools, clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, puzzles, lamps, kitchen gadgets, records, tapes & linens that sold like crazy - people getting ready for Christmas; GREAT gifts for young adults (newly married or getting his/her own place).

I had a small tree decorated with the 'for sale' decorations around it and I kept Christmas music going the whole time. Someone even wanted to buy the tree and ALL the decorations (they gave me $50)....

Everyone said it was the worst possible time to have a garage sale, but I was amazed at the traffic. We started on Friday (after Thanksgiving)and I really didn't think we'd do well because of all the folks who do their shopping in town that w/e. Almost everyone who stopped commented about how glad they were we were having this sale - they love to do antique/garage sales and they don't have family, etc,etc,etc, and it was SO great to find us. We live between Mansfield & Lillian off of 917. We had a few people come back (with new people) 3 and 4 times a day....some of them had out-of-town company for Thanksgiving, etc. People would stop if they saw the light on-even Sunday and throughout the next week .... it was GREAT!!!

It's a little bit of work, but well worth it!!!!

What was left over went to Good Will and other charities.

Good luck!



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oh oh oh...what do they look like? I have been looking for a china set! Can you give me more details?



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There is also a store on W. Vickery in Fort Worth called Dishes from the Past... I think they buy sets/partial sets of china... maybe. (?)



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I use Craigslist to sell just about everything. As for china it really depends on what you want to people to pay for it. You don't have to meet at your home. I usually meet my buyers after exchanging a few emails and a phone call to confirm they are coming. You can actually do it anywhere, if you are really concerned do the exchange at the local police station, but usually the library parking lot is busy enough but not too busy you can't recognize who you are looking for. The other option is to list a garage sale at Craigslist and just say I will be selling these items from x-x time on Saturday and then have everything outside for a few hours. Buyers will show for things like china. Invite a friend or two to the event and it will feel much more safe. This would save on transportation cost and the hassle of getting it all out. Hope this helps. -J.

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