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Best Way to Get Urine Out of a Pillow Top Mattress?

Ok- I'm really embarrassed to ask this: My 6 year old son accidentally had an accident and completely soaked himself and his mattress. (Not a regular thing- so I don't need advice on bedwetting- he was just SUPER tired that night.) Anyway- I found it when I checked on him at about 2am one night- changed him and put him in our bed- then woke my husband up (i know- I'm so mean lol!) and we soaked up as much pee as we could with some towels and then put the mattress in the garage to deal with later. Here is the embarrassing part: it has been sitting in the garage for over a week. I know I know- so gross. My excuses are that I work full time and don't usually get home with kids til it's time for homework, dinner, and bed- then I either have laundry that needs to be done (like immediately- like no underwear for the next day haha) or I have reports due, etc.for work that I work on til I pass out in bed lol. Yea- and that one night I opted to watch LOST on DVR instead of attempting the mattress. I think I have been avoiding it b/c I'm not sure what to do- I've gotten some advice from others- but figured this would be a good way to get lot's of opinions and then pick one! I'm definitely cleaning it tonight! So far, my favorite is to clean it with a mixure of vinegar and dishwashing soap, then soak it up with towels and put baking soda all over to soak up the moisture. I just went and looked- and we are out of vinegar as of now. But my husband is getting some now anyway. Any advice- or even shared experiences- will be helpful! And feel free to tell me I'm horrible for waiting too long to clean it! lol!

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Kind of late on getting my thanks out- but here it is....THANKS to you all that replied- helped me out a ton! I ended up doing the vinegar and dishsoap- but also added a few other suggestions in there! The best part was that since it has been so nice out- the sun really help dry it and complete the whole process lol. I now have a mattress pad- water proof and machine washable- for ALL the beds in this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not advice on cleaning it, but having experience with an occasional bet-wetter, it is much easier to buy a mattress pad that has a plastic liner and never have to worry about the mattress getting wet!

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First of all stop beating yourself up over not getting-around-to -it.
It happens. Life is life and what it is. The washing of it sounds it great!
After that be sure and have some ODO-BAN. This is the best stuff to get
smells out and it kills bacteria. Wonderful stuff!! Also, as a suggestion, you may want to purchase a waterproof mattresspad cover. That way you will avoid this next time. But hopefully no next. But they gone over the mattress and take it off to wash up easliy. My best to you and God bless you!!

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Resolve makes a carpet cleaner for pet urine. It is designed to break down the proteins found in all bodily fluids. I would try this first, and then move to the vinegar solutions if it is still an issue. Good luck!

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Natures Miracle pet stain remover. It works on cat urine so why not?

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Sometime soon, when the sun is bright, set the bare mattress outside for the day. The sun will both dry and disinfect it. It will also help eliminate the odor. You might put it out several times to really get rid of the smell. My mom says this is how people always used to deal with this problem. We used this method to clean the couch cushions after a naptime accident. Keep an eye on the skies, though, you don't want to let it get rained on!

Yep, the vinegar, soap and water with baking soda is what will do it.

Not advice on cleaning it, but having experience with an occasional bet-wetter, it is much easier to buy a mattress pad that has a plastic liner and never have to worry about the mattress getting wet!

I have to agree with Marly. Vinegar and water. and since it is already in the garage, just clean it in there and then put a fan on it, this has always worked for me!

My son is a bed wetter, so I have mucho experience with this. I pat down bed right after (should this happen again), then I spray it down with Lysol. The smell is caused (so I've been told) by the bacteria in the urine and Lysol kills the bacteria. I soak the mattress and flip it until it dries. Lysol makes some better scents than traditional. I cannot smell any urine at all.
Good luck!

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