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Best Toy for Helping Teach Alphabet

I am wanting to get more info into my 2 year old "sponge". She already knows her shapes, numbers and colors, so we are moving on to her abc's. Anyone recommend a great toy for teaching letters and their names? I am thinking something simple, like a push button talking toy that just has letters, but any shopping help would be appreciated. It's overwhelming to look online, and you moms always know best!

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We use the sponge letters in the bath tub and we have the leap frog fridge phonics. My daughter knew her letters before anything else at 18 months. She is now learning her colors and a few other words in spanish at 30 months.

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They have 2 really great one. One is a singing brown puppy with blue ears that is a plush puppy i think its about $22 at toys r us/ jefferys. The other one they have at target or online and it is the leap frog puppy it comes in "scout" green and white for boys and "violet" for girls. This dog is $15 and you can down load the alphabet, childs favorite songs, name of child and other favorites in less than 5 min. Its very cute my kids love it and it sing songs and ask questions using the childs name and favorite items....both helped me teach my children so much!! There is another toy that my son liked and it is the leap frog catterpillar with alphabet feet. It drove me crazy but seemed to help with abc's.

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Leap Frog refrig letters!!!

I took a friend's suggestion that worked very well. She told me to buy some of those refrigerator magnets that have the alphabet. Every week you take out 2-4 letters (do them out of order so they learn the letters themselves) and go over them that week. This process worked wonders with my older son. We used the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics also.

I would also suggest the Leap Frog DVD "Letter Factory". My older son learned his letters and their sounds very quickly with this DVD and we soon moved on to the next one "Word Factory". He was reading sight words by the time he turned 3! We also liked the letter bus by Leap Frog.

Good luck!

Also check out the Leap Frog Scribbler. It is really fun and awesome for beginning to write...may be one for them to grow into over the next year.

We have the leap frog fridge phonics! It is awesome and the catchy song will be stuck in your head all day long! =) My daughter plays with it on the fridge while I cook dinner every night and sings along! It is great!! =)

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really i tried all the educational toys, but for my son nothing beat a good old fashioned abc book
i would go through it with him everyday, saying A sounds like ah for apple etc, he could read at 3 - sounds like your girl will too

I have a nephew who's 4 years old and has autism. Which is unfortunately delaying his speech and learning ability. He just recently started to really get the hang of learning the alphabet and colors. So we had gotten him alphabet blocks which have all the letters(obviously) and colors and different designs on them. Or also theres a lot of plush toys such a this long caterpillar thing that has a lot of colors and all the letters. Tambien some like foam letters to be able to make bath time fun.

Hope this helps.
Good Luck! :)

get the leap frog letter factory dvd! my daughter knew her letters by 18mths.

For a 2 year old I would recommend something she can do with her hands. The stuffed dog is really good for 3 year olds.
My daughter is 22 months and she loves the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics. Every toddler I know seems to love these. There are 26 magnets of all capital letters and they fit inside a "doghouse" magnet one at a time. When the child pushes the letter it sings a song about the letter and the sound(s) it makes. when they push the dogbone button it plays the alphabet song. Really engaging and not too expensive.

Good luck!

We use the sponge letters in the bath tub and we have the leap frog fridge phonics. My daughter knew her letters before anything else at 18 months. She is now learning her colors and a few other words in spanish at 30 months.

You really don't need to buy any toys other than those blocks with the letters on them. My son knew his alphabet early early just from playing with those blocks and reading stories. I think the reading really was what did it. There's a series of books by the author Moncure that are really good. My son LOVED them.

I would have to agree with the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics! We just got this for our 19 month old and he LOVES it. He repeats after it each time and has already learned 3 new letters. It also sings the entire "ABC" song when you press one of the buttons. I am going to take the advice from below and put away the majority of them, only pulling out a few a week or so. I think all 26 at a time might be a little overwhelming. Hope this helps. =D

LeapFrog fridge phonics toy and the Letter Factory DVD.

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