Best Shoes for a 9Month Old

Updated on February 19, 2008
M.K. asks from Burleson, TX
6 answers

my 9 month old is learning to walk and I would like to know the best shoes to get him at reasonable prices also he is a very picky eater and only wants to eat fruits or anything sweet I found out his now allergic to sweetpotatoes anymum out there with a home receipe I can try?

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Stride Rite are my favorite for when they are learning to walk. They are a bit more expensive, but you know you are getting a good fit with plenty of support. Most young toddlers have wide feet at first and Stride Rite carries these wide and extra wide sizes.

B. H



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I would check out we got a lot of great shoes there that are soft-soled and have a see-through window for checking their size is right. (You can get them cheaper on ebay, but check the shoes out first on the website.) Also has flexible-soled, well made shoes.



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In addition to the Robeez knock-offs at Target, they have some soft-soled shoes with a small amount of tread on the bottoms. They are just as flexible as the leather-soled ones, but are more suitable to outside wear. If you are interested, they are located at the back of the shoe aisles in open bins. The leather ones are in the baby department.



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Robeez or Robeez knock offs that they carry at Target are probably the best shoes for a new walker. Barefoot is actually best but sometimes that isn't always possible or desirable.

Super Baby Foods is a good reference for first foods and how to prepare them. Usually babies do have a sweet tooth. Breast milk is very sweet so it's no wonder they often go for fruits. My son didn't like bland foods so was turned off by things like rice cereal, oatmeal and avocado. I did have success mixing a bit of fruit with more savory veggies. You might try doing that.


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I love Robeez. My daughter would only wear these shoes up until the age of 2, she took all her other shoes off but she would stay in her Robeez all day if she had to. The are soft soles so it's almost like walking barefoot.

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