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Best Place to Get Ears Pierced

DD is turning 5 in a week and daddy has promised to get her ears pierced. I know she hates shots and is usually very sensitive. My mother has suggested taking her somewhere that will do both ears at the same time. She will know how much it hurts once the first one is done. I would also like to go somewhere that is used to little one. I talked to the ladies at WalMart today, and they were not real friendly. I've read some reviews to avoid Clairs, but that is where I went years ago. Anywhere else I could try? Do they ever do both ears at once.
DD has been begging us to do it, not the other way around. I hardly ever wear mine anymore, so she certainly is not getting the pressure from me! I think she sees it on other and thinks it is pretty.

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We went to Piercing Pagoda (?). They say they are well trained. It ended up being a kios and not an actual store. Not real pleased w/the suggested ear rings. They are princess crowns and snag on stuff. Woke up cring in the middle of the night because she was stuck to her blanket. May be put band aids on them at night, super careful in the day....

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I took my daughter to La Lobe in Pteston Center which is at he tollway and Northwest Highway in Dallas. I highy recommend them. They are an older couple that had been doing thiS for years!

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We went to Sweet n Sassy. They did a great job!! No issues whatsoever. They make it fun and give you a stuff animal to hold then take a pic to remember the day and a gift certificate.

Good luck!

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I'm with Bee's Mom... a good tattoo shop is the ABSOLUTE best place for piercings. They're trained, licensed, monitored by the health dept., CLEAN, and they ***know what they're doing***. A piercer is a piercer... this is what they do all day, every day. They specialize in it, and they're good at it. The holes will be matched, even (as in not tilting one way or another), quickly & professionally done. Their needles are also much sharper than the ones that are used in guns, so they hurt a great deal less. They will also be extremely knowledgeable in after care, and they are paid well for their time and skill. All of this as opposed to the random minimum wage gun piercer that you find in shops/malls/stores who knows how to use a marker and pull a trigger. Find the best tattoo shop in your area, and you will also find the best piercer.

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I hope I do not offend you when I say this, but if you daughter is too scared of the pain then maybe she is not ready to have her ears pierced. You could try to tell her that if she wants her ears pierced then she has to be ready for it to hurt a little and be a big girl about it. If she won't, don't force her. But if she wants this badly enough, she'll find the courage to do it. She'll have the rest of her life to have her ears pierced, so if she's not ready, why not just wait a year or two?

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I took my daughter to La Lobe in Pteston Center which is at he tollway and Northwest Highway in Dallas. I highy recommend them. They are an older couple that had been doing thiS for years!

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We went to our pediatrician's office and they did both ears at the same time of course and they are very used to doing this to kids/babies. They tell you actually not to take them anywhere else. That's who I would recommend, and none of those places that do adults and don't care if you're hurting or not. They are not "professionals".

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I think most pediatricians pierce ears now. I would check there.

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I dos My daughters until sur Washington three. I didnt have the heart yo hurt het, so i united until she decided ny herself. I remember an advice a nurse gave me, sms ir worked beautifully !!! It almost did not hurt at all . I gave her a bottle to suck when they were doing it. My daughter told me it did not hurt and i can promisse it was because she was sucking at the same time. I took her took clairs and they did a great job. Just look for a nice employee.
After 4 months i made the mistake of taking off her earings. I had yo pierce them again. But this time i forgotthe sucking thing since the firts time It didnt hurt. This time she cried so much!
Beleive me, sucking into something really helps

At Claire's, you might get a teenager who's only been trained for a week. Yes, the dots they put on the ears might look even, but what if the gun is aimed in at a different angle. One earring would point further out and the other further in. That's what happened to my daughter when she pierced her ears. It bugs me to this day to look at her slightly uneven earrings. If you read "The Hurried Child" by Dr. David Elkind, you might decide to wait until she's older and let her decide when to get the piercings. In today's world, we rush our kids through so many milestones. Moms are rushing their boys through their Eagle Scout projects at age 12, and doing most of the work for them. It would mean so much more if the boy waited until his junior or senior year of high school and did ALL the work himself - organizing the fundraising, and volunteer labor, etc. The boy could then look back with pride because he had ownership of the project - - EARNERship.

I let my daughter pierce her ears when SHE decided to do it. She was 18 years old. The earrings were a high school graduation gift from a friend. Oprah Winfrey pierced hers for her 50th b-day.

I took my 3 yr old DD to Wal-Mart...the lady was so great with her...although they did not do both ears at same time she still did great..didnt even cry just let out a little whine for a second lol. ~GL :)

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