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Best Pediatrician in Arlington

Ladies, I need your help for me to find the best pediatrician in Arlington. The one i have now I really do not like her. Yesterday i took my son to her and asked her if his tubes are still in and she looked and told me that there was wax in the way, so she was not able to see them. I then asked her if she could remove the wax, she told me it was not nessesary. i was livid. then she refused to do it. HELP!

What can I do next?

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Diane Rasmussen in North Arlington on Davis street is fabulous. I can not say enough good things about her.

I don't what part of Arlington you live in but Dr. Walter Leon is amazing. He is off of Cooper Street in Arlington Texas.

Dr.Wildred Raine
848 W Mitchell St
Arlington, TX
###-###-#### -metro
Cook Childrens Physicians Ntwk
If you would like, just google his name to find out more information. He's the greatest!!!!!!

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i would highly recommend dr. stephanie gold. her office is called the kids doc and it is on matlock near the hospital. she is very thorough, and she has a very good bedside mannor. i looked her up on the internet before i started taking my 2 kids to her and the reviews i read were excellent. i totally understand i have been through so many dr.s with my kids ...but you just have to find the right one. i hope this helps!

I would have to also recommend Dr. Marcia Sampson. She is wonderful with my 2 boys. I also like the office staff. Her office is very nice. Her number is ###-###-####. She is in Mansfield. Also I forgot to add, when you have question's after hours you can call the after hour number and you either get Dr. Sampson or Dr. Archer. You get to talk directly to them. I feel extremely secure knowing that I can call and talk to one of the doctors and not a nurse.

Dr.Wildred Raine
848 W Mitchell St
Arlington, TX
###-###-#### -metro
Cook Childrens Physicians Ntwk
If you would like, just google his name to find out more information. He's the greatest!!!!!!

My boys see Dr. Randy Davidson off of I-20 and Matlock. ###-###-####. My kids love him and have never been afraid. They always see my kids same day if sick. They see Nancy Wyrick the Nurse Practioner when he is busy and she is great, too. They handled both of my boys with breathing treatments, flu and ear infections. Good luck.

I have been very happy with Dr. Matthew Meyer in south Arlington. He always listens to our questions , concerns and never is sarcastic.

I have a pediatrician right off of Matlock and I-20 named Dr. Matthew Meyer. I really like him. He is young but not too young. I am a healthcare professional myself so I am adamant about feeling comfortable with the one who cares for my child. He was also recommended by another healthcare professional friend of mine who has been going to him longer than I. Hope this helps!

My boys see Dr. Wilfred Raine w/Cook Childrens. We love him! The office number is ###-###-####.

Hi A.,

We live in Arlington and the pediatrician I use for my son is wonderful! He just moved his office to a much larger, nicer area off of 287 in Mansfield if that is not a problem. His name is Dr. Mark Wayne. I would be happy to give you his telephone number if you'd like. My son is now 8 yrs old and he has been with Dr. Wayne since birth. I've never had a problem getting him in the same day if necessary, the wait time is VERY minimal and I love it. Please let me know if I can help further.

I love my ped.. Dr. Clive Daniels, in arlington. However, after researching earwax for my own child's issues I have found the general consensus is that it's safer to leave the wax alone rather than risk pushing it in farther by trying to remove it. The wax will eventually push itself out. My Dr. recommended that I use a bulb syringe with warm water (and I think he said I could put some baby oil or something mixed in) at bath time to soften it up and use a wash cloth to wipe what comes up each night. I saw a comercial for some product that uses a reverse spray to remove earwax, but I don't know if it's safe for kids or not. A few people have mentioned Dr. Mann, he is in the same office as Dr. Daniels. They are ALWAYS available- I can get a nurse 24/7 and they often have weekend hours and extended evening hours. During business hours the nurse usually answers her line, instead of waited for her to respond to a message. My baby had a rough start and continues to need special care, Dr. Daniels spends a great amount of time explaining every step, test, issue... and NEVER makes me feel rushed. The office staff are friendly and seem to be efficient. And, this is silly, but I like that their phone number is so easy to remember (I've had little almost emergencies that I did not want to take time to look up the number for) 817-453-KIDS. Good Luck!

I reccomend Dr. Hampton. My three kids see him and he answers all of my questions. I really like him a lot. I have two that have asthma and two with ear tubes. He actually starts checking cholesterol and such when kids get older--which is very important in today's society.

I would not the jump the gun so quick though--Your pedi was right about not removing the ear wax--it actually protects the ear and tube--you Should NOT stick anything in there. My childrens' ENT said if you want to put anything put olive oil to losen the wax while also lubricating it. I used to put perioxide and he dropped his jaw at the idea.(He said that perioxide actually dries up the ear) He said do not put anything. YOu should be going to your ENT every six months to see if the tube is still in.--Good Luck!!!

I would not get really upset at this juncture. I have been through five sets of ear tubes with my daughter who has a hearing loss. It is actually not necessary to remove the wax, as it could pull out the tube and it will be very uncomfortable and painful for your child. I know that you think removing wax is easy, but it is different when tubes are involved. You can try putting peroxide in his ear and that sometimes helps loosen the wax, but not always. The peroxide cannot do any harm to him, however. You can take him to an audiologist and they will do a tempanagram to see if the tubes are open and clear and also to see if he has any fluid. If he is not having ear infections, fluid or if he does not have a hearing loss, it really is not that big of a deal. Just wanted to let you know.

There is a pediatrician that I take my child too and she is just amazing. Both the doctors are actually. They are two women and are extremely thorough, they listen and are understanding. Her name is Dr. Marsha Sampson.The other doctor is Dr. Archer. She is on the border of Arlington and Mansfield. Her practice is on South Cooper almost to 287, a little far, but she is worth it. Her number is ###-###-####. Check her out. I love her because she is one of those doctors that really cares. There have been times where my daughter caught a high fever and I called their pager line at 2:00 a.m. and they call right back. I hope you consider her or the other doctor. They are truly amazing.Good luck!

Diane Rasmussen in North Arlington on Davis street is fabulous. I can not say enough good things about her.

Dr Randy Davidson ###-###-#### HANDS DOWN the best Doctor we could have chosen for our son who is now 10 years old. Dr D was great with our son who started life out in the NICU. I highly recommend him.

I LOVE my sons pediatrician. Her name is Dr.Karen Pilgram-King and her office is located at the corner of Davis and Pioneer Parkway in Arlington. 1126 W. Pioneer Pky Arlington, TX 76013
Phone number: ###-###-####. There is a website www.brightstarspediatrics.com.

Does it have to be in Arlington? I have an amazing Dr in Grapevine off of 121 & Hall Johnson.

I am a grandmother of three boys with two different mothers (my daughters) and they both use DR. Geppert on North Davis in Arlington between Sanford and Randol Mill Rd. He is just wonderful with children and trys to answer any questions. Two of the boys had tubes and he stilll cleans the wax out when they go in for check ups. He is great and would be great for you and your child. A. R.

Matthew Meyer is Fabulous!!!!!!!!

I use Dr Mann in Mansfield on Matlock and Debbie Lane. My 5 yr old son and I love him! He is from Vermont and practiced in Boston for awhile. He is an older and very down to earth. He can move through the appointment pretty quick because he is so busy but if you have questions or concerns he always listens and gives good advice. Never pushes anything on you and he has always made my son feel comfortable. My son actually looks forward to seeing Dr Mann.

We live in Arlington but have the most WONDERFUL pediatrician in Fort Worth. She is SO worth the drive! Her name is Dr. Audrey Rogers. She is a part of the Cook Children's Physician Network. She offices w/her husband, her father in law and a couple of other doctors. Her office number is ###-###-####. I highly recommend her. She has been our doctor for 13 years now, treating all 4 of our children.

I see Dr Earl Hampton. He's in the same practice w/ Davidson and "Nurse Nancy" Wyrick. When my children have had problems, I think he has done a great job in getting them healthy. He's not fluffy, though, and will tell you like it is. And I've never felt rushed. We too sometimes see Nurse Nancy and like her alot. I've seen Davidson a couple of times and he's fast. In-out-done. But still thorough.

I've also heard great things about Leffingwell. We have even seen him once.

Good luck.

The best pediatrician in Arlington moved to Mansfield. Her name is Marcia Sampson she is on Cooper just inside the Mansfield line. She is definitely worth the drive.

From a working mother of 4.

I can't give you any names, but thank you so much for posting your question to everyone. I am new to the area from Missouri and I have had a horrible time trying to find a dr for my 21 month old. I am fixing to have another baby in a couple of months also! Everybody really helped out by giving dr names and numbers. I have been so worried with another baby on the way that I won't find a doctor that I like before I have the baby. I have tried one doctor already and I wasn't happy at all. Thanks again everyone.

I don't what part of Arlington you live in but Dr. Walter Leon is amazing. He is off of Cooper Street in Arlington Texas.

A. - I have a 10 year old son and we live in Arlington, TX. He has had the same pediatrician since he was born and the doctor's nurses and office staff have NEVER changed in 10 years. He makes our son well when he is sick and gives advice that works when we ask.

Dr. Kenneth Carlson

Hope this helps

Hi A.,

I go to Dr. Diane Rasmussen in North Arlington. So far I haven't had any complaints with her. She helped diagnose my daughter with a blood disorder and was very proactive about it.

K. R

Although I can not help woth recommending a pediatrician, I would like to maybe help put your mind at rest in regard to the response you got from yours.

In terms of tubes in your child's ears. If they fell out or are no longer in place, then usually that is a good thing as it should have allowed for the ears to repair. If they are not out, then that is okay too because they fall out when they are ready, not when we are.

In terms of wax in the way etc. and your doctor refusing to remove it, again, no point because wax is there for a reason and this indicates your sons ears are functioning as they should. Also, removal of wax from middle / to inner ear is dangerous as it is a VERY sensitive area. You doctor, I believe is right in NOT trying to flush out / or remove the wax. My daughter who is now 15 had exactly the same scenario three ENT visits on the bounce. I was pleased that my doctor acted with caution and chose to be conservative and leave the wax in its place.

Good luck in you quest to find a Doctor you are happy with because it is very important! But please do not be put off by this one experience as I would hope the next doctor would take the same approach.
A bit about me.......... I am a mother of four fantastic children 15,13, 3 and 18 months. I live in the UK but am originally from Grand Prairie.

I'm going to second on Dr. Mann. My son LOVES him and is always excited when I tell him he has a doctor's appointment. I'm not sure if he is taking new patients anymore, but everyone in that office is fantastic and they really work together to make sure all of the patients are taken care of. I even love the entire staff, receptionists and all. Everyone really seems to be there because they want to keep the children healthy.

Tracy B & Diane F have it right. Randal Davidson is the BEST!!!! I have a 5 year old and everyone in his office is great!!! I have even seen Dr Earl Hampton in weekend clinic and he is great too. Nurse Nancy is awesome. You can not go wrong with this office!###-###-####

i don't know of one in arlington but i do know of an excellent one in north richland hills area her name is prem saksena she has seen and treated both of my boys now for 20 some odd years excellent dr with excellent bed side manner also open on saturdays good luck

My two children see Dr. Rasmussen and love her. She is on Fielder just south of Randol Mill Rd.

I would have to agree with Maegan L. My son who is 14 now had tubes in his ears when he was little. If you really want the ear wax removed, you would need to take him back to the ENT that placed the tubes. When one of the tubes that my son had fell out, it was stuck in his ear canal. Our family physician would not touch it. I had to take him back to the ENT to have it removed. He had the correct equipment to do so. Please don't discount your pediatrician based on this. It sounds to me like she was really doing the best thing for your child.

Diane Rasmussen....she is amazing. She comes in the room with a little black doctors bag everytime she enters the room and brings little toys out for kids to hold while she examines them. My kids love her. I do too. The office number is ###-###-####. She is in North Arlington off Davis and Randol Mill Rd. The office is open weekend mornings as well for sick visits. In south Arlington/Mansfield area there is Mark Wayne and Julie ????. I can't remember her last name, but she is super sweet and listens well. The two offices are somewhat associated so I think they are open on weekends too. Good luck. You will not be dissapointed!

I've seen a couple of references to Dr. Matthew Meyer and one for Dr. Fikkert. They work in the same office, as well as Dr. Stacy Gibson-Hull. They are all very friendly and professional. Dr. Meyer treats my son and Dr. Hull treats my daughters and we've been pleased so far.

HANDS DOWN NO CONTEST! Dr. Chimene Fikkert!! She has the best bed side manner. I have recommended her to several friends and no one has been disappointed. I meet her in the hospital when I gave birth to my son three weeks early. I had not asked around about a pediatrician because I thought I had more time. I am so glad to have found her!
811 West I-20 Suite 214, Arlington, TX 76017

We LOVE Dr Raine. ###-###-####. My daughter sees him and has an ENT Dr for her tubes, Dr. James Leffingwell. I dont have his # off hand, but he is in the professional building at Arlington Memorial Hospital. I know Dr Raine is familiar with tubes and has always been a great Dr for my 3 kiddos!

I'm new to the area, so I do not have an answer for you, unfortunately. Could you possibly post at least the initials of the doctor who treated you and your son that way. I would like to avoid that one, if at all possible.
Thank You,

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