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Best Hair Detangler

My daughter has extremely fine thin long blonde hair ... with lots of tangles..

Are thery any hair detanglers taht actually work and will make hair combing time less painful for her..

What can I do next?

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Try Johnson and Johnson, No More Tangles and when combing her hair (once it's in small parts) try working out the tangles from the ends of her hair up to the scalp (instead of from the scalp down).

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I have had success with Infusium Leave in Conditioner. I dulite it slightly with water and spray it on my daughter's hair. If it is really snarly, I rub it in with my fingers then work out the tangle with the comb. It is a long slow process, but it helps a lot!! Good Luck

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Hi, not to worry their are. Bonacure, by Schwarzkopf, only sounds expencive, $16. for lg bottle, will last for months. Begin with clairifing shampoo, not a two in one, next conditioner rince well, then towel dry, tho not to much, add two to three spray mists of BC conditioner, and a wide tooth comb, comb out when hair is wet, if hair is part dry, part wet, mist with water bottle, leave in conditioner does not need to be re-applyed everyday, the trick is to have the hair damp, childrens hair when fine dry's quick, wet hair streatches, if part of the hair is dry, it will tangle. Mom listed business on Momasourse, look me up & I can show you & your daughter how to make hair day, fun, we carry BC, as well as many other leave-in conditioners. Free 1st time visit. I love my job, see you soon

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Try Johnson and Johnson, No More Tangles and when combing her hair (once it's in small parts) try working out the tangles from the ends of her hair up to the scalp (instead of from the scalp down).

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Try making your own first before you spend the money on a detangler. Take a spray water bottle,fill it with hot water,and put a dollop of regular conditioner in it and shake it up. Let it cool before using it, of course. This is for a full size bottle. If you use a smaller bottle, use less conditioner.


This might sound cheap! But what I do us mix conditioner w/ water in a spray bottle...works like a charm! If you look in most of those "detanglers" it's just watered down conditioner! I mix a 1/4 conditioner to 3/4 water.

We use a product from Great Clips that works well. We find conditioner works, but makes my daughter's hair oily fast. We use a brush for straight hair, never wash w/o combing first and never go to bed w/o either. We used to braid it for bed. But, at 3 years old I kept her hair short. It wasn't until she could take some responsibility that I let her wear it long. Why make her suffer? Her hair will thicken and strengthen if its cut.

it's very expensive, but if you can find BioSilk Silk Therapy...get it!
you only use a drop really...but it's awesome!

One of my daughter's has fine long blonde hair that is curly and so it gets tangle really easy. I have to wash hers with a shampoo + conditioner. Then I put whatever detangler I have at the time in her hair before brushing it out. Have you tried conditioner? Also, do you use a comb or a brush? A brush would be a lot easier.

Sorry I don't have a whole lot of advice to offer, but hope that helps.

My daughter's hairs gets tons of tangles also! I've started putting some of my conditioner on her hair after I wash it and that has worked better than any detangler.

We use Pantene Pro-V detangling light conditioner spray. I like it because it doesn't smell funny like the other sprays. It smells like freshly washed hair, and it does the job for my girls. My oldest hates having her hair brushed! But, this stuff works well.

L.; actually a good conditioner will work just as well, i have had long straight hair and lots of tangles, i use pantene pro v but you need to condition it right. most people when they condition put it in on the ends, use a bit more conditioner and put it right on the scalp and then lift the long hair and rub it in on the scalp, then massage that all in, then rinse well, a good conditioner job will comb right out, if you have not conditioned it well it will have tangles , no matter how much you massage it and mess it up a good job of conditioning will comb right out, if you do need some help with a spray , get a spray bottle and put a bit of conditioner in it, then dissolve it in water, and then spray the hair when out of shower, either way it should work, have a good day and be patient and it will happen, D. s

Hi L.,

If you find you have a build up of stuff in her hair then wash it with vinegar followed by shampoo. Works great to get out any build up and helps with the detangling, too. Johnsons No More Tangles works ok but I've found that the Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protector and Leave In Conditioner works much better. (About $3 for a 12 oz. bottle.) You don't need a lot, a spray on the top and one underneath followed by combing or brushing it through, and the bottle will last a long time. I use it regularly and have had it for more than four months. (I alternate between that and conditioner because conditioner sits heavy in my hair.)I have long hair that tangles easily, too. It smells good as well. My girlfriend with long blonde curly hair turned me on to it and I haven't used anything since. She's a dancer that needs to be able to detangle her hair quickly when needed.

Hope this helps - S.

I have had success with Infusium Leave in Conditioner. I dulite it slightly with water and spray it on my daughter's hair. If it is really snarly, I rub it in with my fingers then work out the tangle with the comb. It is a long slow process, but it helps a lot!! Good Luck

My daughter has curly hair and her tangles were crazy, I have been using "Johnson's Kids no more tangles" It is a detangling spray - strawberry scented. It is wonderful, I have tried other things and nothing seemed to work. You can spray this on wet or dry hair I normally wait about 30 seconds after I spray to start combing it and we have not problems. I get it at meijer in the health and beauty area, they have a small section with kids shampoos and stuff and that is where it is. It is in a red/orange spray bottle and it is a no more tears product which is great. Good luck I know how hard it can be.

OK, so I am very cheap when it comes to hair products. If you want a low cost solution, this is what I do with my girls. I do wash and condition their hair, then after they get dried off, I run a little of the conditioner (I use the VO5 brand) through their hair. I put some in my hands and rub it to a thin coating, and run my fingers through their hair. I comb it right away while wet. Then I let it dry. It does not get gooey, and it brushes like a dream when dry. I have also used the Johnson and Johnson detangler gel and spray on stuff occassionally, too. Both work well. I like the gel best of the two because I can really work it through. Good luck! I know what a nightmare this can be.

Hi L.,

I use the same stuff as the other lady who replied and works great!

Good Luck!
J. in Macomb

My daughter has thick, baby fine butt length hair. I KNOW how much fun hair time can be. We have recently stumbled across Pantene Pro V "combing cream". We found it at target for about $2. It is a leave in cream but the beauty of it is you can use it wet or dry AND still comb her hair into submission. Good Luck!!!

We use Humectress Moisturizing Conditioner - you can by the generic at sally beauty supply. If you get on their mailing list they will send you coupons too. My friend tried it on her daughters hair that is really long and fine and she was amazed at how well it worked. My daughter and I use it and a bottle lasts about 6 months and only costs $5.99. We put it in our hair after we get out of the shower and have towel dried our hair and we do NOT rinse it out.

Welcome to the club. I don't have blond hair but I do have fine hair that it tangles like that of a blond.

Here is what I do: I never wash my hair in hot water, I mean never. I always use the best of combs. I try to keep my hair as tangle gree during washing. I don't go back to hairdressers that pull my hiar out. There is a technique to combing the hair that is easily tangled. For the abusive hairdresser, I pretend that it hurts when they are pulling out my hair. I don't allow my hair dresser to use combs with teeth missing. I'm African American and many hair dressers will break the rules. I always use a strenthing detangling shampoo and conditioner. I even rince my hair once in viniger water to cut all the soap and return my hair to a 7 ph. Again, spend the money on good combs, and different combs. Example: Don't start out with a small comb work your way to the use of a small fine tooth comb instead. Work with small sections of hair. Comb holding your hair while it is tangled with you working your way to the end. You could even try to use the large plastic clips to section off your hair making sure that you get it to a smooth fine finish prior to rolling or blow drying. I strongly suggest that you use a mild mixture of water and conditioner solution on the hair until you have reached the coal of getting the hair dry.

Please let me know if this helps!


Hi L., I am not sure if this will help you but it helped me with my girls who also had very long straigh fine hair, and grandaughter who has very thick and curly hair. I used a leave in condition instead of detanglers. I would rub it all in the hair good and start at the botttom of the hair and work up combing the hair. Also try a wide tooth comb and them use the finer tooth comb after the tangles are out. Good Luck and have a great day

Hi, try Fructis detangler. It's amazing and isn't expensive.

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