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Best Friend with a Little Girl Not Having a Christmas

Hello there mom's. I have a best friend named Julia and she is the most amazing person.She has such a big heart and her daughter Sara is a delight. Julia and her husband are going through some rough times this year and poor little Sara will not have a christmas. The only gift she will have will be one from my girls and me. I feel so bad because she is 20months and should have a part in Christmas and presents to open. What do I do? Julia called me tonight and said thank goodness Sara doesn't know what Christmas is yet because she will not have a gift to open. Mom's what do I do? Please help? Thanks in advance? Should I have some friends gather gifts for her daughter and suprise them? Should I buy presents for her?

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I agree with the previous post, you can easily shop for a child of that age for christmas. 10.00 at the Dollar Tree will go a LONG way. Also, do she not have any friends other than you. I have a few true friends, that I know for a fact wouldn't allow christmas to pass with getting my daughter something, especially if they knew times were hard for my me and my husband.

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I was kinda concerned when I read your post, because your friend is giving up so easily on creating a Christmas memory for her daughter. No matter how tough times are, mothers find a way to make things happen for their kids. I used to be a single mom with 2 small children. When my kids were young, money was so tight. I was the only provider as my ex husband wasn't paying child support at the time. I can't tell you how many times I used rent money just to put ramen noodles or a couple of scrambled eggs on the table.
At christmas I would go to the dollar store and buy coloring books, crayons, watercolor paints/brushes and little junky $1.00 toys and wrap them all up (with the paper that I bought from the dollar store). My kids were estatic to have so many presents. We didn't even have a Christmas tree for the first 2 years....I placed the presents around our tv stand in the livingroom. The kids didn't care one bit....they didn't complain. And they didn't care what was inside the wrapped gift. They just loved having gifts to unwrap at Christmas. Santa brought them walmart slippers for the first couple of years. As the years went on, and I started to become a bit for stable, my kids began getting better gifts. But you know what? They don't look back at those hard times with bad memories at all...because they got to celebrate Christmas every year....no matter what.
If your friend and her husband do not have access to $15.00 then please email me and I will meet your friend at the local dollar store and purchase some gifts and wrapping paper for their daughter.

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I would get a few gifts and drop them off from Santa...provided Santa visits them of course...kids don't need many gifts (especially this young), but they do need a gift...especially from Santa. There are plenty of inexpensive gifts to be found, kids have no meaning of the money spent, just the gift.
and btw, Santa doesn't use wrapping paper, so more money saved.
God Bless and Happy Holidays!

If your friend would not be embarrased by it I would try to get your friends together and do something for them - it doesn't have to be extravagent - just some gifts for her daughter and a little something for her and her husband. You can get the generic toys at Target - they're really cute and don't cost much - and your friend would get to see her baby open some presents. I think a lot of people are having a hard time this year so I know I'm spending as much as I can on Salvation Armay Angels & Toys for Tots - if I knew anyone personally struggling like your friend I would definitely try to help - that's really what Christmas is about, right?

The Dollar Tree has toys for $1.00. You (or the parents) could buy a handful of toys for the little one. They won't be the best quality but they do have some cute stuffed animals. Kids don't care what it is or how much it cost. Also, that is what I do for my friends birthdays and stuff, I go and get a cute basket (for $1) and then fill it with candles and body sprays, stuff like that. You could do one for the parents. That is the best thing about Dollar Tree. Everything really is $1!!

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I agree with the previous post, you can easily shop for a child of that age for christmas. 10.00 at the Dollar Tree will go a LONG way. Also, do she not have any friends other than you. I have a few true friends, that I know for a fact wouldn't allow christmas to pass with getting my daughter something, especially if they knew times were hard for my me and my husband.

J. first let me start this email by telling you that "YOU" also have a very big heart! Having said that I do know that there is a Country radio station that is also granting Christmas wishes to families just like Sara's. Good Luck. And I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

I can't help as our money is tight but, they just need 15 bucks to go shopping with at either Target or Wal-mart...there are so many value-priced toys...15 could get them 3 gifts for their little one. Good Luck.

Someone mentioned Toys for Tots, isn't this the kind of people they are trying to help? Has she tried to contact them? I have no idea how they decides who gets what, but I'm assuming this is the kind of person they are giving the toys to.

I like the previous posters suggestion of the dollar store too. She's so young, she has no expectations. The mom could even wrap up a package of her favorite cookies or a food she really likes that she has in the pantry already.

And if you get some gift cards or a little money, just buy her quite a few small inexpensive gifts, like children's books from Half Price Books, small toys, socks, etc. Wrap them up and let her rip them open. At that age, my children did not understand about XMas and really got overwhelmed. Just the ability to open some packages will be fun. If Mom & Dad act like all is great and have some fun, so will Sara feel. Best of luck to you and Julia.

Hi J.,

I recommend contacting KLTY Radio station. They might be able to help you with J. and her daughters needs for Christmas. KLTY helps many people during December.

Also, Helping Hands in Rockwall, Texas helps people in need.

Also, it would be a great idea to gather your friends and family to give them gifts/gift cards/etc.

May God Bless You as you search for ways to show your love and encouragement to your friend and her daughter.


My kids are having a rough Christmas this year too - my 2 year old is getting 10 hot wheels cars (Black Friday, Wal-Mart, $5).. all wrapped separately. I give socks and underwear too - all wrapped separately for the little ones. My 5 year old's second Christmas was even worse - he was 18 months old and unwrapped $25 worth of diapers, one by one. He enjoyed it. We got use.

It's hard this year on a lot of families and I believe that sending emails and feelers out to friends and family is a wonderful idea! Even gift cards for the parents are handy so they can participate in purchasing gifts, which is always fun, for their daughter and even each other.

Where does your friend live, city wise?

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