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Best Formula for Newborns

I am having a baby in 5 weeks and am unsure what formula to feed my baby. This is my second child. My first child we gave her Similac as the hospital offered however she spit up a lot and we ended up putting her on Similac Soy which still seemed very harsh on her belly.
I've been told by many friends that they prefer Enfamil however the prices are so high for both Similac and Enfamil. I am wondering if anyone prefers any other "generic" cheaper brands or any comments on whether to try to Similac again with this child or switch to Enfamil. Currently the hospital that I will have my baby only carries Similac or Good Start so I assume those are my options while we are there. By the way I would love to breastfeed however I had a lot of trouble with my milk supply with my first and I'm not ready to go through the stress again with this child. Any advise would be helpful.

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have you considered breast feeding? It is truly the BEST food for babies.

You can also make your own formula if breast feeding is not an option. Please visit the website www.westonaprice,org and look under the feeding babies section for more information.

Soy is a terrible food and formulas made from soy should be avoided.

Hope this helps and good luck to you.

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I find it sad that you need to explain why you are not breastfeeding and justify your choice to use formula - especially in this forum. Yes I'm a huge fan of breastfeeding but it's always better to reduce stress in a family!

My son was breastfed but still half his feedings were bottles (often formula made with Breast milk). He is both soy and milk intolerant and we had to get prescription formula. In CT, insurance is required by law to cover the cost - although they will deny the claims and make you go through hoops to get it (just put a copy of the law in with your claim - that's what I did!). If your baby is more than a little fussy and it lasts more than a week or so, ask your pediatrician about other formulas - a baby needn't be in pain to eat.

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I would check with your doctor first of course but I can say I am a mom of 4 (15,12,5,4). I used Similac for my first son since there was no generic brands. Once the generic brands came out and studies showed they were equivalent and just fine I used them and loved them. I mainly used Walmart brand (powder)and loved the price,and mixed great. My doctor says our kids are the healthiest (we never need to see her) so generic worked for me. Don't worry. Start with the inexpensive ones and then go from there if it doesn't work. :)

gosh, I echo the suggestion to keep an open mind about breastfeeding. Its free, best for baby (and mom) and does not have to be stressful if you have the right help. In fact I have found breastfeeding to be the most relaxing, enjoyable experience you can have with your baby. If you need help figuring out why it was so stressful and how you can remedy that with this baby, we are all here to help! I know we have all had our challenges with breastfeeding in the beginning, that's what groups like Le Leche League, and mamasource are for. There are countless remedies and options for you. Put the word out and we are all there to help! Either way good luck!

Firstly, I would recommend that you at least try the breastfeeding again with your upcoming new child... you may find it easier this time around because you aren't experiencing everything for the first time. Plus, maybe this baby will take to it better?

Regardless, when we switched to formula, we went with our ped's recommendation of Enfamil Lipil and that seemed to go down fine with our DD.

good luck!

I just want to second the suggestion that you keep an open mind about breastfeeding. With some good support, it could prove less stressful than fussing over formula.

Hi M.
I think that whether a baby is breastfed or bottle fed a lot of them go through phases of gas, constipation, or fussiness. With my kids it always seemed to be the case whenever I changed their feedings in any way. If I upped their food intake then they would have a week of gas and constipation until their little belly adjusted to the change. If I started them on cereal, same thing...and so on. So you have to allow for some of that. Their little body is still so new that it doesn't take much to throw it off. I think sometimes it is more of an immaturity issue than anything else. Just be patient and you will find what works for your little one. Just like a breastfeeding mom has to eliminate certain foods from their diet to find out why their baby is not tolerating their milk, it is the same with formula. You need to test different ones before you find what is causing the problem.
Good luck with your new little one. It will be so nice for your daughter to have a little sister to play with :)

The best formula is breast milk. That's it.
You should talk to a lactation consultant if you had troubles before. It's just not fair to your child to say you won't even try.

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