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Best Diapers for Girls?


I have heard that there are diapers that work better for girls than boys and vice versa. For my son, we loved the Pampers but I am wondering if anyone could share their experience with both the premium diapers as well as the generic brands.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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I too think Pampers are best for boys. But Target brand I think is the best for the money. Work real well for girls with my experience. Only 5.74 for a jumbo pack all the time.

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my sister-in-law is a peri-natal nurse and she says Pampers for girls, Huggies for boys. I don't know why, but I found it to be true. As a newborn, Pampers Swaddlers were the only ones that never leaked. (and we tried EVERY BRAND) and now we use the Cruisers (I don't like Baby Dry either). But now that she's on solid foods and her poops are more solid, we can get away with Huggies and Target brand. go to www.1800diapers.com to order the really big boxes with no shipping. they usually have the best prices.

I have a 14 mo old girl and we've tried all brands. I didn't like the "Baby Dry" version (Pampers I think), but all others including Target and Luvs worked just as well as Pampers or Huggies and are so much less expensive - especially considering all you'll buy.

I do put my daughter in one size larger at night, but did that with the expensive diapers as well. She doesn't like to be "wet" and with the one size larger at night she can go 12 hours without waking up.

Good luck with your soon-to-be expanded family!

I too think Pampers are best for boys. But Target brand I think is the best for the money. Work real well for girls with my experience. Only 5.74 for a jumbo pack all the time.

We use huggies for our girl, just the regular ones, and we like them the best, we did not like pampers for her. Also we tried the Costco generic brand and HATED them. We have also tried the Huggies Supreme and found no difference in them and the regular Huggies except for the price.

I have tried a couple different brands of diapers for my baby girl and I have also had the best experiences w/Pampers. From Newborn to Size 2 I used the Pampers Swaddlers and now Size 3 she's in the Pampers Cruisers. These are a little bit higher priced but I have never had a leaking problem. These are even better than the Pampers Baby Dry version and they seem better on the skin. She has never once had diaper rash...knock on wood. If you sign up online for Pampers.com they send you all kinds of coupons and I have recently gotten them at Sams Club in bulk and saved a lot. If you are already using them on your other child I'm sure you already know about the Point Rewards promotion they have going on. Well hope this helps :)

Hi N.

I am a mom of one girl and have been a nanny for many other girls. Luvs always work great, just make sure you have the right size (if they are leaking they are probably too small)and they also are the best price. Pick them up at Walmart or Target for the best price.

My daughter is 4 and a half months old. We've used Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, the Jewel generic brand, and the Target generic brand. I have no complaints with any of them. Currently we're using Pampers and she can go 12 hours at night without a diaper change and no leaks. She's also never had diaper rash.

I have a 7 week ol baby girl and Swaddlers by Pampers have worked the best for me, they don't leak and have mesh that absorbs moisture away from the baby's skin.
I tried Luv's, Huggies, and Target brand.

Just an FYI, I heard that the Kirkland diapers sold at Cosco are actually made by Pampers. So, I guess it's the same diaper for less. Just something a friend told me! But we use the Target brand mostly for our baby girl who is 9 months. They're the cheapest that I've found and work perfectly fine.

I know the Target Brand diapers work great. We used both the Parent's Choisce & White Cloud brands from Walmart, and they were fine. I didn't like the Baby Basics Brand(Jewel). Not sure about differences in dipers for girls & boys, I only have boys!

go with a size or two larger at night if your baby is leaking through - it always works! Otherwise, I've always used the generic and target and they are fine for our daughter whos 17 months.

Hi N.,
We cloth diaper and absolutely LOVE it. No blowouts ever. Plus, it's cheap and environmentally friendly (my son is 5 months and we've spent a total of $250 on diapers - and that will last us until he's potty trained, plus will last us through whatever other kids we have). It's not for everyone, but for what it's worth, everyone I've ever talked to who took the plunge has been thrilled with their cloth diapering experience. We wash our own and both my husband and I work full time. It's really not a hassle - just an extra 2-3 loads of laundry/week.

Anyway, if you're interested in learning more, let me know.


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