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Best Diapers for Boys

Hi moms! I have been having a problem with diapers for my 7month old son. EVERY night and often at naps, he wakes up and has soaked through his diaper. He is clean and dry when he goes down. I am using pampers right now. But it is so heavy when he gets up it just can't hold anymore. I am tired of changing his bed every day. Has anyone else had more success with Huggies or luvs with boys? I never used huggies with my daughter as she is so tiny, I could literally wrap the tabs around her whole body and they would leak. At the time, they were making those extender tabs. Never had that with her with pampers. I would appreciate any thoughts on the best diapers for boys. BTW... waking him in the middle of the night to change him is NOT an option. I would rather change the bed. :) Thanks!

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Hi Jenni,
I use Pampers Cruisers and haven't had any problems.
Have you tried larger size, maybe? Just a suggestion..

I had the best luck with Wal-Mart's White Cloud brand. They worked well and were MUCH cheaper! At one point, I started going up a size at night too. That helped as well.

Good luck.

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Like may others who posted, I use/d Huggie overnights! They work AMAZING!!! I am now using them for my 17 month old daughter. They work great for boys and girls! I had the same problem as you are having and the night I started using the overnights(huggies)no more problems. Good luck, make the switch:)

Pampers are actually best for boys, like you use. But like the others said, Huggies overnights are good for night time, as is going up a size with Pampers. We went all the way up to size 6 in Pampers for my sons when in size 3 or 4 during the day just because the bigger diapers hold more. A friend has a son who drinks a lot of water and REALLY soaks his diapers. She said her trick at night was to do a Huggies overnight diaper with a Pampers size 6 over that at night, so that would be if he still soaks through the overnights or going up a size or two in Pampers at night.

Huggies Overnights work awesome for nap and night time! That solved the problem for us!
Good Luck!

We also use Pampers cruisers or baby dry for our kids during the day and Huggies Overnights at nighttime only as they are a bit more expensive. They definitely do the trick. We too went thru a month or so of wet clothes and sheets at night with my son and tried many other diapers. The huggies overnights were the only ones that worked and still do!!!

I have a 5 1/2 month boy & we use Huggies & have never had a problem with them, even for overnight. My friend has a girl & has used Pampers for her. My theory is that Huggies are better for boys & Pampers (as in your experience as well) are better for girls. Buy a small pack of Huggies & give it a try. You can also sign up on their website & get coupons for diapers too. Good luck!

I like the others use Huggies overnights for my boys. They don't wake up with wet pajamas and sheets any more.

Hi Jenni!
I'm having the same problem w/my 14 month old but I am using Huggies Supreme. I change his diaper about 1/2 hour before bed. He sleeps from 7pm-6-7am and every morning he is wet. It just started happening maybe a few weeks ago. I've tried Pampers and had the same problem.


I never seemed to have a problem with Luvs, but I think everyone has their own preferences. The only other suggestion that I can give you is to buy rubber bottoms, like you use when they are potty training, and put it on over his diaper at night to contain the mess. Hope this helps

I had the best luck with Wal-Mart's White Cloud brand. They worked well and were MUCH cheaper! At one point, I started going up a size at night too. That helped as well.

Good luck.

We had this problem and actually we switched to Costco Brand - the Kirkland Diapers, and never had a problem again.

I have used both huggies and luvs. Luvs seem to absorb a LOT less. I am a big fan of huggies and have had good results with them even overnight. If you sign up on their website, they send you coupons for 1-2$ off packages and we just buy the biggest boxes we can find. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem with my son. I used the Huggies Overnights and they worked wonderful!

My son had the same issue. We also have him in pampers. (he is now almost 2) we put him in 2 sizes bigger at night. He is still in size 4 so we have him in size 6 at night. You could also tried huggies good nights. Or buy the diaper inserts, i think you can get them at babies r us.
Good luck!

Hi Jenni,
I use Pampers Cruisers and haven't had any problems.
Have you tried larger size, maybe? Just a suggestion..

I have 3 boys, and went through this with my older 2 since they were both in disposables. (I used cloth for my 3rd with no issues, but I know that probably isn't an choice..lol)

Does your son sleep on his tummy with his butt up in the air? This was my issue with both my older boys. I started buying Huggies Overnight diapers, and that seemed to do the trick =)

Good Luck!!

I used Huggies with my boys and the overnighters are excellent for that. I don't recommend Luvs every time I tried them they leaked like crazy even during the day!!



My sis-in-law, who is a perinatal nurse says "Huggies for boys, Pampers for girls. don't know why--it just is." In my experience, she was right.

Have you tried a bigger size? It might be worth a shot.

Hi Jenni,

I used pampers for my first son and part of my second sons lives. I hated Huggies (every kind they have, I tried them all) cuz they always leaked and so did luvs and pampers was the only I could find. Ok, so not to be rude, but I didn't know this until I asked a girlfriend cuz I was having the same problem, but are you making sure it's "it's" pointing down? I now use Kirkland (Costco) brand for my 1 year old and I have been using them since he was about 4 months old cuz they are cheaper then Pampers, and they are great. Pampers and Kirkland are the onely 2 that have NEVER leaked for me. The only reason I switched from Pampers is because Kirkland is so much cheaper.

I hope this helps and good luck!!!


I use Pampers during the day but I use Huggies Overnights at night with my son. Most of the time these keep him from leaking all over but every once in a while even they can't hold it all in.

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