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I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with a cheaper brand of diaper. We are on a very tight budget right now and cant spend the extra money for diapers. I have a 2 year old who is potty training but still does diapers when we go out and at night. I also have a 4.5 month old in diapers. I would love to switch to cloth but cant afford the initial expense so we are sticking with disposables but its pricey with 2 in diapers. If anyone has a great experience with a cheaper diaper that would be great. We are Pampers people and have had bad luck with Huggies and Luvs. I only tried them when my first child was younger and had issues with both. Even if I had something cheaper for my 2 year old that would be great. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi there, I really enjoy the Whitecloud brand diapers (Walmart) they work just as well as Pampers but they are about $5-7 cheaper.

Diapers are really cheap at Sam's Club. If you don't have a membership just find a friend that does and have them take you. If you need I can take you. My company pays for a membership.I see you are in IGH, I spend a lot of time in Apple Valley which is not to far from IGH and there is a Sam's Club there. Just e-mail me if you would like me to meet you there one day.

I have used the White Cloud brand (sold at Walmart..didn't like the Parent's Choice---their generic brand) as well as the Target generic brand diapers. I have been happy with both of them. I had two of them in diapers for awhile too and it can be costly!! I still buy the Target brand and have been happy with them. Good luck!

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We actually use Parents Choice from Walmart. They are very affordable and work great for our little girl (12 month). We do buy one size up for at night but otherwise, we have no complaints. You can buy 80 for $10! Good luck and hope something works.

If you have a Sams Club I would recommend the Sams Club brand. I have twins and was going through them like crazy; I just wish I would have discovered them sooner!

Hi there, I really enjoy the Whitecloud brand diapers (Walmart) they work just as well as Pampers but they are about $5-7 cheaper.

I can't remember the name of them. And I am not even sure they are still being sold. But I assume they are. When my son was in diapers I always used the Kmart brand of diapers. I hated Luvs cause they would leak all over the place when my son was sleeping. Plus I was a single mother and just couldn't afford the brand name ones. But the Kmart store brand ones worked very well for me.

I have been in your shoes. I think that diaperes are overpriced. I love the parents choice diapers at walmart. They are as good as the expensive brands. I hope they work great for you.

Hi B.,
I've always used the Target brand of diapers. They've always been great - I have 2 boys and have never had a problem with them! :)


Hi B.,

Target brand didn't work for my son. He leaked right through them. I just bought the Walgreens diapers and so far so good. They seem to have wider velcro straps and no leaks yet. I have started using the Huggies overnights for night time though.

Good luck.

We have 3 boys: almost 8, 51/2, and 2.
and have been loyal Pampers users for all 3.
However, to save some money I tried the brand that Costco carries (Kirkland)- and I actually like them quite a bit.
The initial cost is more, BUT you come home with a box of around 184 diapers (probably more for the 4.5month old)
hope this helps.

We are also a Pamper's family. I think I have tried every other diaper out there and had no luck. Target brand does not work for my son. His poop goes right up and out the back. With a lot of other brands we've have urine/poop leakage from the legs. We've wasted money trying other diapers. Also, I've wasted a lot of time, energy, and laundry soap/water trying these other brands.

If your oldest daughter's poop is well formed then you might have luck with Target brand. Do you know of anyone who uses them who would let you try a few?

Otherwise, I'd shop around for sales and ask people for coupons. You can probably find some online. I know they are terribly expensive, but they work well and the extra money ends up well spent.

Good luck!

Target and Sam's Club brand have worked pretty well for us. We also use Huggies.

We had good luck with the Target generic diapers with our daughter (for some reason, our son leaks right through those, but it worked great for her!). I've also heard, but haven't tried, that the generic WalMart diapers are good.

Hope you find something that works for your girls!

We have one little guy 16 months. We started out in Pampers Swaddlers for Newborn through about size 2. Then we got smart and found the Wal-Mart White Cloud. They work great! My son is about 25 pounds and is still wearing the size 3 during the day and 4 at night (he doesn't like bulky diapers). No problems with leaking! We even had to use them in the pool once, as we were out of swim diapers - and it worked great! We tried the Huggles awhile back, and every morning he would wake up with the crystals all over him as the diapers broke open at night - ewhh!

Diapers are really cheap at Sam's Club. If you don't have a membership just find a friend that does and have them take you. If you need I can take you. My company pays for a membership.I see you are in IGH, I spend a lot of time in Apple Valley which is not to far from IGH and there is a Sam's Club there. Just e-mail me if you would like me to meet you there one day.

We get ours at Costco, they have a membership fee to join.

I had good luck with the Target brand. We also used Luvs, but depending on where you purchase them, they are not all always much cheaper than Huggies or Pampers....

I have used the Target brand of diapers for the last 3 years on my 2 girls and love them. They are much cheaper and I really like the fit and everything else about them.

I have used the White Cloud brand (sold at Walmart..didn't like the Parent's Choice---their generic brand) as well as the Target generic brand diapers. I have been happy with both of them. I had two of them in diapers for awhile too and it can be costly!! I still buy the Target brand and have been happy with them. Good luck!

In my personal opinion I feel that the Target brand are very good. They run around 5$ for about 40 diapers. I use a size 4 for my 19 month old son. We also tried the Walmart brand, Parents Choice, but found that the tabs would break off easy. I would also stay away from the Pic-n-Save brand as they also break easy at the tabs. Another brand that we like is White Cloud from Walmart, they are good and too bad we don't have a Costco here, but I love Costco's brand too Kirkland. When I was in CA visiting my parents they bought me some of Costco's brand and they were good! Happy hunting!!

Hi B., I have heard from several girlfriends that the Walmart White Cloud diapers are pretty good. Best Wishes :) CK

We use store brand (either Wal-Mart or Target) during the day and a name brand (either Huggies or Pampers) at night. That way we spend so much less on diapers and our son isn't leaking through at night.

During the day the store brand diapers seem to work great. We haven't had any problems. I think only once or twice has he wet through them, but it was because we waited too long to change him and once my husband didn't put the diaper on very well;)

We have actually used the store brand every once in a while during bedtime and haven't had any problems.

I'm a cloth diaper mom who's only had luck with Pampers (Huggies did NOT work), but the Target brand works so well for us, that we cannot even tell the difference. Our daughter is 14.5 months old.

I found that the Target brand diapers didn't work at all for my boys -- they leaked all the time! I usually use White Cloud or Parent's Choice from Wal-Mart (WC is the best). They are the cheapest per diaper, but still hold it all in, esp. overnight.

However, if you still find that the brand-names only work for you, try www.1800diapers.com. You can order diapers, wipes, formula, feeding accessories, etc. The brands of diapers they have are Pampers, Huggies (although I found that these leak too), Luvs, 7th Generation and Tushies. If you order more than $15, you get a free 1-yr. subscription to Parenting magazine. They have cheap prices, free shipping for orders over $50 (if under $50, only $4.99), ships usually in 1 day, large selection, always in stock, they accept manufacturer's coupons, and you don't have to haul any big boxes from the store to your home -- and no gas! If you decide to order, use my referral code: KAVAS68853. Good luck!

I am a mother to 3, ages 7,4, and 2. I have not had any luck with really cheap diapers. The ones I've tried leaked and tore easily. I also worked in daycare for a while and saw that the little girls(mostly) that used the generic diapers seemed to rash more easily. One little girl rashed up so badly the doctor prescribed a cream for her. Her rash finally cleared up after switching back to a name brand. I'm sure not all generics are equal, but I haven't found one I trust. I have however had luck with generic pullups.
I found also that different diapers fit my kids different body types. Even though I had to start them out with more expensive brands(for a better fit), they were all able to switch to Luvs eventually. I don't know if any of that helps.
One last bit of advice: I used clothe diapers part-time with my daughter(she was a wiggler and hard to "pin down") and I highly recommend getting your hands on ones with velcro instead of fussing with pins. Good luck!!!!

I have really liked Babies R Us brand, "Especially for Baby" You can get about twice as many for the same price as the brand names.

When both boys were in diapers, I used the SAMS Club brand for them which was the best deal. I don't like running to a ton of stores, so I don't use SAMS Club, and I don't want a huge box while potty training, so now I use the Target brand and the Walmart brands(both White Cloud and Parent's Choice). I spend around $5.80 for a small (36 count size 6) package at Target and $11-$13 for a jumbo package at Walmart depending on which store brand I use (White Cloud is a few dollars more than Parent's Choice).

Honestly, We use the walmart brand, Parent's Choice. I haven't noticed too much difference in weakness in the tabs. We are also Pampers people. They are similar to Luvs I would say- I agree with you, they are not the best...but for the money I save, I am willing to go through the extra few diapers. I, too, have a 21 month old we are starting to potty train as well as an almost 4 month old. I just quit work and am starting a child care, very slowly (I dont want too many kids too quickly)...anyway times are tough at our house right now as well and these diapers are not as good as pampers, as nothing else less expensive will be, but they are doable!!! You will still save loads.

I have found that different store barands such as target, walgreens, and cub foods have pretty good alternatives to the name brand ones. wipes as well. also you might try big lots or family dollar they carry the name brands at a discounted price.

A friend of mine who has 9 month twins swears by the target brand. I too am a pampers mom. I have had no luck with walmart brand, or hugges or luves. I am switching to the cloth ones for the new little one that we are expecting anyday now. We figured it was an expence upfront, but will pay for itself in three months of buying dipers.

Good luck.

Go to your local Walmart store and pick up a case or economy-size pack of Parent's Choice diapers. At my local Walmart, Parent's Choice is only $5.97 an economy pack, and I think only $20 dollars or less a case. Parent's Choice fit great and work great, and they are probably the best generic-brand diapers you can buy as far as I know. Good luck, and I hope this helps!

Invest in cloth!!! You will save so much money in the long run and it is so much better for the environment! Did you know it takes one diapers over 100 years to decompose!!
check out these sites for cheap diapers:


We have been Huggies people for the past 3yrs, but now with 2 in diapers (3 y/o is trained...just at night wears diapers and 1 1/2 y/o). Just recently tried Target brand and we are happy with them. A friend of mine uses the Walmart brand and she really likes them. Do not like Babies 'r us brand. We also do cloth diapers during the days on weekends and when I am home from work 2 days. Look on craigslist/ebay to find cheap "used" cloth diapers. I did that to build our supply without throwing a lot down at once. Hope that helps.

I like white cloud from Walmart. They seem comfortable and absorb well. About half the cost of pampers and huggies.

I use cloth diapers to keep costs down, but I do keep a pack of disposables on hand for outings, etc. I really like the Comfort Stretch diapers at Walgreens. They go on sale pretty often so that's when I buy a few packages at a time. I also like that there is almost always a Walgreens convenient to where I happen to be - unlike Walmart or Target that require a trip across town. I do not like the White Cloud diapers at Walmart at all - they are about the same price as the Comfort Stretch but they are poorer quality and feel very stiff - which makes them hard to put on a wiggly baby. I have also always had at least one or two defective and unusable diapers in the White Cloud packages. Give the Comfort Stretch a try. Good luck!

Target Brand is great. I used Pampers until we were in Size 2 almost in 3's, and they work great. I have had no problems with them and they are nearly 1/2 the price of Pampers.

I have used the Costco-brand Kirkland diapers with the stretchy waistband with success -- not quite as nice as Pampers, but still work well and hold in a lot. Bonus = they come in a big box, so fewer trips to the store. Negative = requires a Costco membership. Good Luck!

i too have 2 in diapers. We've tried everything....nothing works but pampers or huggies. We've tried luvs for brandon ( my 2 year old) they don't hold as much so you need to change more often...so then I thought. whats the point. I was using 2 times as many so I went back. As far as the target brand. They leaked for us. it all depends. No harm in trying right? I think they work differently with every one...body time, amount in the diaper....ect. Good luck

We always used Target brand diapers, and had very few problems. Good luck!

I used White Cloud diapers with my daughter, and except for night time, no leaks. I had to stick with Overnight diapers during the night, when she was as young as your little one, I didn't have to buy the overnight diapers since she was changed in the night, but if they sleep through the night you need more absorption.

I have also heard great things about the Target brand diapers. I am not a fan of Target so I stick with Wal Mart...good luck!

Hi! We use Whitecloud and I like them very much. I think they are only at Walmart though. We have also like Parents Choice which are a little cheaper than Whitecloud but we did not like them as much. They worked fine, just personal preference I guess. We are also on a tight budget, so we decided to use cheaper diapers. I have also thought about cloth, but we are in an apartment and it would be hard to wash since we don't have a washer and dryer of our own.

I had great luck with the White Cloud diapers from WalMart. I was a Pampers person, too, but when we had 2 in diapers it was way too expensive.

Consider one size cloth diapers that both your littles ones can use at the same time.

We've been using Target's house brand since our baby grew out of the Pamper's swaddler's. My decision to switch to them grew out the fact that they are the plainest and I didn't want the diaper pattern to interfere with my daughter's wardrobe. They are cheaper and we've found them to work really well.

I know this is old but Target brand works the best for us, too...

We use and love the Sam's CLub brand diapers. A box of 156 of size 5 was $27. We also had bad luck with Luvs and Huggies. Good luck.


Hi B.,

I have had very good luck with the Target brand. They seem slimmer and I have to admit I think I use one more per day than Pampers, but it is still worth it since they are about half the price!
Good luck with potty training!

I have actually had pretty good luck with White Cloud from Wal-Mart. We had to use Pampers with our son and Huggies with our daughter, but the White Cloud seemed to work fine for both of them. I did notice however, that although a package is much cheaper, we did have to change the kids more often so in the long run the cost may have been pretty similar.

B. -
If you (or someone in your family) is a member of Costco - their diapers are awesome!!! I tried every diaper out there, and I think they are the best. I also like the Wal-mart White Cloud too.

I went through the same thing a while ago. I tried EVERY kind of diaper out there. The generic ones that I found to be the best were White Cloud from WalMart. They were the best as far as generic ones go, Target was a second. What we do is use TArget or Walmart ones during the day and Huggies Overnights at night. She was leaking through all the time so we use something different at night. Good luck. I know how hard it can be.

Have you tried Wal-mart's brand? I believe it is White Cloud. We really liked those and used them for quite a bit, but I noticed at night I still needed to use the regular diapers. My youngest kept leaking out of his diapers. I know Cosco has a good brand too that my sister-in-law uses, but I think that is only in Illinois. I think I tried some generic name brand from K-mart once, and I would tell you to stay clear from that one! I don't know what brand it was, but it was like putting my son in a plastic bag. It was gross.

I haven't used them, but have heard the target brand diapers are just as good as the name brand, but cost less. Also, try checking diapers.com. They have some great sales at times and you can usually get some pretty decent priced diapers with free shipping, depending on the promo they're running at that time. If you're really looking to start cloth diapers, check e-bay. There are a ton of sales going on there for less than retail.

We use Parents choice for our two year old. we bought huggies for our newborn and all they seem to do is leak!

Hi B.!

I'm with the other mom's on the Target brand diapers. We were die-hard Pampers people with our first child and when our second was born with eczema all of the perfumes in most diapers irritated his little skin too much. Dr recommended a generic brand that didn't have perfumes and we happened upon the Target diapers that I think are very comparable to the fit of Pampers diapers without the perfumes. Our third child will also use the Target brand barring any complications! Be careful on choosing a size because if I remember correctly we may have had to go up a size in the generics.

Good luck!


I have some cloth diapers that I never used. My son would get red when I used them so I went to disposable. :( But if you would like them, you can have them. I am not sure how many I have but I have enough so they don't need to be washed daily. If you want them, maybe we could work out meeting half way between our homes. I live in Wyoming, MN. Let me know if you would like them.


I also like Pampers but when my son was younger and going through a lot of diapers, we had some luck with the Walmart White Cloud diapers. We haven't tried them in a few months (he's 14 months now), but they used to work pretty good.

Hi B.,

I do not have any advice on cheap disposables, but I can say that cloth diapers have been very economically efficient for me. If you are really interested, why not buy a few at a time? A dozen prefold diapers costs about $24.00. A wrap cover costs $6 - $10. That dozen diapers will last you at least through the life your younger child. So, with an investment of, lets say, $50/month for three month, you'll have all the diapers you need for the rest of your diapering days. You don't have to lay out all the money at once, but rather make the switch slowly.

Best wishes,

We use either the Target brand diapers or the Sams Club brand diapers (can't think of their name) and haven't ever had any problems with them. My SIL uses the Walmart (White Cloud or Parents Choice) and likes them too.

If you move up to Pullups, don't use the Target brand pullups though--they don't work at all! (We actually returned a partially used package because we were so dissatisfied with them!)

I say, buy some small bags of diapers and try them out, to see what works. :)

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