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Best Carrier for Twins?

Hi - Does anyone have any experience with using carriers with twins?
I've done some preliminary looking online and I have seen the Maximom Twin carrier, and also the Moby wrap (used when the twins are still little). I've heard of using 2 slings at once for bigger twins (one on either side, or one in front/one in back). Are there other options? Any opinions?
(I'm due in October. I used a standard MayaWrap ring sling with my daughter.)

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My family makeup is similar to yours. My oldest was 3 1/2 when my twins were born. I was set on wearing my twins just as I'd worn my oldest, but didn't find a lot of options. The Maximom was ridiculous...you could never get it on alone. I forged my own trail ultimately and along with my friends from my twin nursing support group, figured out different solutions for different stages. When they were tiny, my ring sling was big enough to put them both in, foot to foot. I continued to use this for a while as they got bigger and would sit them facing out side by side. I eventually stopped using this and switched to a pair mama kangaroo pouch slings and would carry them upright on my hip or cradled criss-cross. Ultimately, my favorite way was hip carrying. I liked these slings the best because they were very lightweight (made of mesh jersey fabric) and could just fit in the bottom of the diaper bag without all the bulk of so many other carriers. This particular sling is intended as a swim carrier too, so I loved being able to go into the pool with the guys! It was much cooler for me and the babies than heavier fabrics too. The ease of using pouch slings with two little babies made using any sort of tie or wrap too complicated to do alone, although I do have a my tie that I loved to use when only one needed carrying.
Good luck!

I'm the mom to twin boys who are almost 9 months now. I registered for 2 separate slings for my shower & ended up returning them when I saw the Maximom carrier online. I wish I didn't do that. I found it very difficult to get my twins in & out of the Maximom carrier. They have tons of support, but it's a struggle to get them in the carrier & as a mom of 2, you need something that is easy. The leg holes are pretty tight fitting on this carrier. I've never tried any other slings out. I had a hard time spending $100- in the first place on the Maximom.

I don't have twins, but I've got two kids. I just gave the Moby to an expectant mom of twins. For me, I've been able to carry my 2 kids (one is 4 1/2 years old and the other is 9 months) in two separate kinds of slings. The first is a mei tai. I love the Babyhawk (babyhawk.com). On my back, I carry my older child in the Ergo baby carrier. The straps don't interfere with each other. You can use both carriers with infants, although the Moby would probably be most secure when they are teeny tiny. Good luck!
For more ideas, you could post your question on the attachment parening Yahoo group.

I'd check www.thebabywearer.com and see what people there suggest - I've seen folks use 2 slings, 2 wraps etc. For little babies I like pouch and wrap slings the best. Once they get older (like around 1) I like the ergo-type carriers for ease of use. Good luck with the twins!!!

I would look into the twintrexx. It's a great carrier that can be used in several position. Hope this helps!

Hi O.,

My boy/girl twins turned 2 last month. I used a front/back Snugli for my daughter when she was little (now 6), and I liked it, but I had given it away. I bought 2 front/back Snugli carriers for my twins and found several combinations for them. When they were little, I could wear them both on the front criss crossing the straps and clipping them to opposite sides. It took some playing with at first, but it worked well, was comfortable, and perfectly secure. When they got bigger, I could do the same thing on my back with both, only I needed help to get them "set up." It was harder on my body to carry them both on my back, but it was very comfortable to carry one in front and one in back. I messed around with a Maximom Twin that a friend had and I really didn't like anything about it. I spent about $35 on each of my Snugli carriers and was happy with them. Personally, I didn't get more use than what I spent out of them. It seemed like a good idea, but more often than not, one wanted in and one wanted out or both just didn't like being carried around that way. I did breastfeed them for a year, and there were times when they were on the front that I could literally walk around nursing them and no one had a clue, so that was an unexpected perk. My advice in general is that there are so many things you can do with twins that you figure out along the way, and if you have all the gadgets...great, but you'll probably run out of time to use them all anyway! Congratulations and good luck!



look at the Moby Wrap ( www.mobywrap.com)... I have sold them to twin mothers who have loved them.

also. there is a baby wearing conference then end of the month at Depaul... I will look to see if there is anything there that stands out.

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