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Best Bottle to Help with Spit up and Gas

Wondering if anyone has experience and/or suggestions about which brand of bottle would help with spit up and gas problems. We currently use Avent bottles. I don't think he spits up excessively so I'm not ready to switch to a differnt type of formula at this time.

Thanks for your help!

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I've always liked the bottles that look "bent" so the air is pushed up out of the way. Playtex Ventaire and Evenflo are my favorites. I used them for my first child 3 years ago, but tossed those because of BPA last spring with my second child, I tried a few other bottles, but ended up back with Playtex and Evenflo (both are now BPA free).

Best of luck to you!

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I 100% recommend Dr. Brown BPA free bottles - my son has acid reflux with projectile vomiting and these are the only bottles that worked!! Good luck!

My son was the same way and just like you i was not ready to change formula either and i never did. The best bottle we foung is the Dr Browns natural flow bottleit had a staw air filter on the inside that kept the bubbles away my son loved them. Hope it helps

I currently use Dr. Brown's and have nothing but wonderful things to say about them! I would buy one and see if you see a diffence. Good luck!

Hello D.-We used Dr. Brown's bottles for my son-he did have reflux as well. Another thing you could try is using a probiotic.(It is like the active cultures in yogurt) This will help to balance out the stomach acids in your sons belly. It also helps to keep kids healthier in general. If you have questions on it you can ask your doctor or a chiropractor. I get it in the pharmacy dept. It has to stay cold. So they keep it in the frig. And I give my son(who will be a year next month) 1/2 a capsule in the am 1/2 in the pm. Hope this helps! Enjoy your little ones!

My eight month old son was gassy as a newborn so we used dr.browns they come in a wide mouthed variety and a regular shaped nipple type.They completely eliminated his gas.The only drawback is they are a pain to clean if you get the regular nipple kind.The wide mouth variety is easier to clean and they are awesome!!!

The playtex nursers worked the best for me...I also tried the playex vent-aire...but I liked the nursers the best (with the collapsible disposable liner) I never have tried the Dr. Browns, but I see you got a lot of responses on that one.

i never used bottles with my son, but a child in my child care did and he had the bottles that you insert a bag into - they seemed to work nicely.

I've always liked the bottles that look "bent" so the air is pushed up out of the way. Playtex Ventaire and Evenflo are my favorites. I used them for my first child 3 years ago, but tossed those because of BPA last spring with my second child, I tried a few other bottles, but ended up back with Playtex and Evenflo (both are now BPA free).

Best of luck to you!

Dr. Browns bottles work wonders!!

My sister is a pediatric speech therapist with training in feeding/swallowing in infants. Our 2nd was more of a "spitter upper" than our first. She recommended the Dr. Browns. They are a pain in the butt b/c of the "straw assembly" (not really a straw) in terms of cleaning, but it made a big difference!

We have a gassy upset baby or atleast we did. We like playtex ventaire and our daughter loves 'em. I used this working at a daycare and with my own children.

I agree with using playtex nursers. We used them for our son and loved them. you can squeeze the extra air out of the top by pushing on the bag and then the bag condenses as the baby eats so air doesn't get it that way as much. I hope they help!

I've always used the Playtex Drop-ins. You can get the air out of the bottle before the baby starts feeding, and then burp him more frequently to help avoid the spitting up. Mylicon drops work really well for gas.

I love, love, love, love (you get the point) Dr. Brown bottles. My daughter spit up quite a bit as an infant and we loved the Dr. Brown bottles - once we switched to them, she didn't spit up near as much. They are a pain to clean if you don't have a dishwasher, but it's totally worth it.

Also, try to keep your little guy upright as much as possible after the feeding for about 1/2 to 1 hour. Also, mae sure he gets a good burp in the middle of the feeding and also at the end - these tricks helped us (and our clothes) a lot.
Good luck!

I would say the Dr. Brown's without a doubt. I used the Playtex Drop Ins for my first son (breast feed until 1, bottles for supplemental formula pretty much only at daycare)- loved them for the ease as far as being able to drop a fresh liner in out in public, etc... but switched to the Dr. Brown's with my twins. I was induced at 35 weeks 4 days and started 50/50 with nursing/bottle feeding, and switched to them as they had firmer nipples than the Playtex nursers, and they had an easier time. I love them- and while they do have one extra piece down the middle, they're not a pain as one suggested- it's no big deal and it's all I'll use until they're on sippy cups. I can't recommend them enough.

I used the drop in liners to help with gas. The spit up could be from sensitivity to the formula, or reflux. I've heard that Carnation Good Start is really good for sensitive bellies. My daughter ended up being constipated along with the spitting up and gas, so it was milk protein intolerance. After I switched from breast to soy milk she was perfectly fine.
Best Wishes,
Mom to 4, ages 6, 5.5, 5, and 3

We tried a lot of different bottles, but figured out that it wasn't the bottle that was causing the spit up. We keep trying to use Target or Sam's Club brand of formula and it ended up being the formula causing the problem. Once, we starting using Enfamil only all was solved. Good Luck!

i swear by doc brown bottles. worth extra pennies!

Our son had acid reflux. The dr.brown bottles worked the best. They are a pain to clean, but worth it.

My daughter and son-in-law had a similar problem with my grandson. First of all he was eating every 2 hours and spiting up all the time. They put him on a 4 hour schedule and got 'DR. Brown's' bottles for him and the problem stopped. The 'Dr. Brown's bottles have a straw like thing that releases the air back into the bottle and not into the baby's stomache. They worked for us. Hopefully this will work for you.

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