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Benefiber Safe for Toddlers

My 22 month is having pooping issues. Is benefiber safe for toddlers? I have tried, fresh fruits, prune juice and even stool softeners. I need her to start going regularly otherwise, it gets so hard and hard for her to push.

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Thank you all for the great advice! I am definely going to call my pediatrician and have this problem looked at.

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I see you mentioned that you've tried stool softeners - have you tried MiraLax? My daughter had rectal prolapse and severe constipation all the time. It began when she was about 2 1//2 years old. My doctor put her on MiraLax at 50% the adult dose. It can be mixed with any beverage. She told me that it is non-habit forming and can be used long-term safely. It has helped tremendously. She's still taking it (she'll be 4 in August). I recently cut back her dairy consumption - I'm giving her lactose-free milk and soy milk, and cheese is now an occasional treat. That seems to have helped as well. She has less gas and I am able to make her dose even smaller without constipation problems.

Try Pear Juice before you start giving her Benefiber. Pear Juice is different than prune juice, and works better as well. It doesn't look like it, but it's powerful. Also, at the Vitamin stores (health food stores) there is a company that makes vitamin supplements in the form of Gummy Bears-they have one for fiber. I got some for my niece, and gave them to her and it worked wonders.

My 2 older kids have been on benifiber that young. They have both had server constipation all their lives. Dried fruit works well also. at that age I gave them a 1/4 of a tablet.

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My son is taking Miralax. It is an OTC stool softener. He has constipation issues. You might also try a children's enema (they are gross, but they work). The best thing for you to do would be to take your daughter to see a gasteroenterologist (poop specialist). My son has been seeing one regularly since January. He is doing great now! The doctor will be able to recommend the best treatment for your daughter to keep her regular and soft. The thing I like most about the Miralax is it is completely tastless. One other thing you can do for your daughter is limit her milk intake to 2 cups per day. A really wonderful cereal is Fiber One Caramel Delight. It is kind of like cinnamon toast crunch, but it has 9 grams of fiber per cup! It has some sugar, but I don't just hand out candy to my son, so I feel good about giving him the cereal with a little sugar since it has so much fiber. Most things with a lot of fiber have only 3 grams per serving. One thing my son's doc told me is to not try to potty train him while he is being treated unless he wants to. That is because it is painful for them already and if they don't want to do it, it will just make the training worse in the long run. I would strongly urge you to take her to the doc though. I did and I am so glad I did! I had no idea it was that bad or how much they could help!

I see you live in seattle. My son's doctor is at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma. Her name is Dr. Melawati Yuwono They are so great there! Having a specialist who also is a pediatric specialist is soo important for this type of thing because kids are so different that adults. Good luck. I hope your daughter's problem is resolved soon.

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Absolutely yes. My son had severe constipation from birth until about age 4. So bad that he was hospitalized a couple of times. His doctor in Texas eventually put him on Miralax and it definitely helped, but did not solve the problem. When we moved to Oregon, we took our son to see a naturopath for the first time and she took him off the Miralax, put him on Benefiber and a probiotic. She also had me take fruit and sugar out of his diet, thinking that the problem could be yeast or bacteria in his digestive system. Within a couple of days, he was pooping normally for the first time ever! We were amazed and he was so much happier. So, I would definitely recommend the Benefiber. Good luck!

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I have a 5 year old foster daughter that has had many physical issues, one of them being extreme constipation. I was just warned by a doctor about giving my 5 year old benifiber. Basically she said that if not enough water was also consumed then the fiber turns into "concrete" in bowels and can make the problem worse. I would talk to your ped. or a natropath. The doctor put her on a strict diet and prescribed other meds that work differently with the body. Miralax is one of the meds. It pulls water into the bowels to make the stool softer. The other is mineral oil. It lubricates the bowels so that the stool comes out easier. We are on this med plan for 6 months to 1 year to get her system back on track. Again my daughter is an extreme case. I hope this helps. God bless you.

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Is she well hydrated? Drink lots of fluids. Sprinkle a tablespoon of wheat germ on her cereal. Oatmeal is also good.

My 2 older kids have been on benifiber that young. They have both had server constipation all their lives. Dried fruit works well also. at that age I gave them a 1/4 of a tablet.

I had major issues with my 3 yr old son. He is #5 and all my other kids potty trained by age 2. At age 3+ the Dr suggested I could use Myralax after I asked him about it. It works awesome. It was a capful which was an adult portion which surprised me. I actually saw a specialist. He had too take double that for 2 weeks to clean him out. Had to have 4 enemas at SEPARATE times...and less than a month later he was totally trained. Nothing worked for him either..and we tried home remedies..for about a year and nothing worked. Myralax I would do on my own, but doubling the dose or enemas I would do only after asking the Dr. I slowly cut back on the Myralax and never needed it again. He also only weighs 26.5 pounds..so he's a tiny 3 1/2 yr old. I was amazed how much could pass through a tiny guy! Good luck!

We've used Fiber choice for our 18 month old. It is chewable (4grams of fiber per tablet) and we only give her half a tablet. It is fruit flavored so she thinks it is candy. Fiber Choice and natural yogurt like Yo Baby which has more active cultures than yoplait helped straighten out our daughters digestive system.

make sure he is not drinking too much milk, as that can lead to constipation. Limit should be 2 cups per day. Make sure he is getting enough water. Fiber therapy is, of course, something that will probably help, but it does address the symptom, not the core issue. I would see a good naturopath or nutritionist who can evaluate his diet to see what is causing the constipation in the first place.

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