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Hi, My 14 month old gets seriously constipated. I have heard of alot of mom's using Benefiber. Can anyone who has used this method before tell me how much you give your child? I don't want to give her too much and it cause the reverse effect! Thanks!

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Hi K.
My son has always had issues with constipation. As unusual as it sounds, he was born with internal hemorrhoids- so it was a big deal to make sure that his system ran smoothly. First of all, I would talk with your child's pediatrician. I remember that with my son, the doctor said to increase the types of food that help the stool to soften- such as prunes, apricots (dried seem to work the best)- and to stay away from the binding food. When the diet didn't help, the doctor put him on Miralax. He was on it for about 2 years and it really was amazing. The doctor said that many parents give oils- and that can in the long run harm the system if taken regularly. (It really depends on the severity of the constipation- is it occasional or is it daily). I'm not sure about the benefiber and long term effects on a child- so I would start with the diet and talk to your child's doctor and go from there.
Good luck!

Hi K.. I give my daughter (15) 1 teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening. It is just enough. When she was little I used Flax Seed Oil. It was fabuous. You can get it in any health food store. It was even better than Benefiber.

L. G.
Round Rock

I havent tried the benefiber, but i did find that 1 tsp of light karo syrup in 5 oz of water worked quite well. Another thing i did find was that the jar baby foods was the sourse of the problem. You may want to go more toward home made baby foods. My little guy was extremely constipated. If we limit the jar foods he stays regular. Hope this helps. :)

Hi - it's been a while since you posted this, but I thought I'd chime in anyway. Both my kids have issues with constipation and Miralax has been the most effective thing for them. Now that it's over the counter, be sure to check with a doctor for the right dosage. As for the Benefiber, we tried that with my younger child, but it seemed to be too gritty for his system. It never really dissolved, I guess, and when he pooped, it looked like it had sand in it! It gave him a horrible diaper rash. So I'd definitely check with a doctor -- it could be that my kid is just particularly sensitive!

Talk to your pediatrician on this as well. I tried so many different methods that people suggested to me. Only to find out his problem was alot more then just constipation. He helped me find something that is similar to benefiber but directed more toward children.

I'd put about a teaspoon in 3 drinks a day until she went. Worked great.

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