Belly Support/strap Recommendations During Pregnancy?

Updated on February 04, 2010
H.N. asks from Lynnwood, WA
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I am nearing 6month with a growing belly. I carry my baby low and it justs feel heavy on my stomach. Any belly straps/belt products that you found really helpful? thank you!

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answers from Portland on

Hi I'm sure that Wendy who runs Mamalates knows lots about strapping you could give her a ring or drop her an email - she is really lovely and very helpful. best wishes J.

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answers from Atlanta on

First of all, congratulations.
I know exactly how you're feeling. As soon as my son's head was made it was as low down as it could go. It made trying to find maternity jeans very difficult as most of them would feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOO uncomfortable.
Even putting on socks was't good!

Anyway, I preferred jeans that had a big wide elastic waist, not the small ones.
I had a band that had elastic bits at the side. I can't remember what it was called but I had it from Motherhood Maternity and I think you can buy them online. I think it's just a matter of trying which one is right for you. Which one is more comfy than the others.

I hope you find something, as I do know what you're going through. It's not comfy at all!

Take care.

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answers from Seattle on

Get a good pregnancy exercise dvd (or better yet, attend a class) so that you can keep your body strong. It is not bad to do abdominal exercises during pregnancy. In fact, it is very important to keep your body strong so as to protect yourself from injury. Strong core muscles protect your back. You don't want to strain yourself (which is easy to do when pregnant) so a good video made from pregnancy -- with pregnant women demonstrating -- is a great resource to keep you feeling strong and limber during your pregnancy.

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answers from Seattle on

I recently had my second child in September and I noticed as well that baby sat a lot lower and felt heavier than my first. A lot of it is because with your second, your body is already used to carrying, so you stretch out a lot faster and since your muscles aren't as taunt as they used to be, the second pregnancy tends to sit lower. A friend blessed me with a belly belt...which was a great source of relief for me. It kept me sitting more upright (which helped with back pain) and helped support my belly more upright (which took the pressure off my pelvic area). Give it a shot. It's about $30-$70 but WELL worth it. :D

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answers from Seattle on

Yes, yes! Get the maternity belt from Motherhood Maternity. It was a godsend for my first pregnancy. Couldn't wear it for my twins, unfortunately, as it was too much pressure on my pelvic area where Baby A's head was.

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answers from Charlotte on

There is a great product out there by a company called Belevation. It is an undergarment that provides support. It is made with a special fiber designed to enhance oxygen levels in the body. It helps relieve pain and discomfort, and increases oxygen flow to the baby. It is available in a boyshort, brief, and support band. Prices range from $24-$26 and if you use MCT1009 as the coupon code at checkout, you get a discount. Check out their website for more details at

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