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Belly Button Discharge

I have recently had some discharge from my belly button. It has a foul smell and it's kinda yellowish. I don't know if I should be too concerned about it. Has anyone had this before and if so what doea it mean?

What can I do next?

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Could be an infection of some kind especially if it has a yellow discharge and an odor. Go see the doctor to be safe!

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With all the folds of skin in the belly button things can collect. It can also get very moist and be a perfect breeding ground. With that said, I doubt that it is a serious infection, but I would go to the doctor to see if an antibiotic would be necessary. Your belly button use to be the way into the abdomen and you do not want an infection traveling into there and end up with a peritonitis.

Hope this helps.


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This same thing actually came up on Oprah, with Dr. Oz, quite some time ago. There was a lady with much the same symptoms that you were describing. I remember Dr. Oz not being surprised at all and thought it was nothing major. Double check with your physician. Apparently, you're not alone. Don't you love what our bodies do and make us go crazy?

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Do you have a piercing there? After I let mine close it occasionally gets a little pocket of pus that needs to be cleaned out and yes it smells pretty bad. Even if you don't have the peircing it just sounds like you need to keep it cleaner, try using a q-tip if you have a deep inny.

you have an infection there any discharge from anywhere that is yellow to green with a foul smell means infection,you should go have it checked out,if you clean it out then there may not be away for the dr to run a C&S so he/she will know what antibiotic to give you for it,please go have it checked better safe than sorry

Could be an infection of some kind especially if it has a yellow discharge and an odor. Go see the doctor to be safe!

I have never had a "discharge"...but, i have had the inside of my navel become irritated and it causes it to be "moist and foul smelling". I usually just clean it really well with rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and then put Neosporin in it. My experience is that it only lasts a day or two. If it were to persist longer I would see a doctor.

If it is infact a "discharge" you may have somehow injured it and it may be infected.

I am not a medical professional. I just wanted to let you know something similar has happened to me. If you are concerned you should contact your doctor.

Good luck! I hope all will be well!


I second the advice about the piercing. I have my belly button pierced and I thought it had closed up becasue i couldn't get the ring back in after my last baby... turned out there was almost a 'plug' like thing in there that eventually worked it's way out and it did stink... it was thick and had a rubber band consistency - bleh! i know... gross!!

If you don't have any obvious source of a discharge or pus, like a sore or a piercing, then i would take a look around in there and see if the folds are collecting gunk... wash it with a q-tip and antibacterial hand soap... if you have pain that's something else entirely and I would go to the doctor. Sometimes my baby gets this smelly smegma like gunk behind her knees between her fat rolls and it's smelly... could be something similar (not that i'm suggesting you have a fat roll filled belly button - but anytime the skin folds on itself you have a chance of collecting yuck in that pocket).

Gosh, I hope you are ok... definitely get it checked out if you can't find the source.

Good luck!

Believe it or not, it is a medical possibility that you can "leak" from your belly button! From birth, your inner umbilical tract heals itself from the outside in...leaving no connection to your belly button. I guess in some adults this doesn't completely heal itself or go away. I'm not a doctor, I simply remember reading about this and thinking "how interesting"! Good luck with your condition...it sounds as if you're healthy enough to combat this in a heartbeat! (I'm 36, and I feel like 46! What a blessing it would be to feel like you!) :)

I would go to the doctor because it could be an ulcer.

Get to the doctor!!! You must have an infection!!



You may have what my male friend had. There is a sack near the ambilical cord. Most sacks dry up and go away. In a few cases the sack remains. My friends became infected. They had to remove it. He was very sick with the infection and much better after surgery.

Since it is infected I would make an appointment with the doctor.

Good luck

with any changes go to the dr. you would want to rule out infections or MRSA etc.

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