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Being Closterfobic (SP)

Is there anyone here that knows how to deal with this. I have always been this way but today I was to go and do an MRI and half way into it I freaked out so bad that they could barely get me out fast enough. I have never been this bad. Normally I could be talked to and be ok and make it through it. But not now. I suddenly seen it has gotten worse over the years. Any ideas would be great as I have to figure out a way to get passed this because I have to get this MRI done as soon as possible.

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Thank you everyone for all the great advice. I have to say.. I am glad the MRI is over with.

At 630am this morning I was able to go back in and do this in an open machine. Still wasnt the most pleasent thing and I did freak out all over again when she started taking me into it but she was wonderful. She stopped the machine and helped me calm down and get my breath back and talked to me. She didnt make me feel like a fool like the others did. I do hate the fact that you cant move your legs and back.

I was having awful pains running through me when they were doing it which caused me to give it everything I had not to move. And I was able to tell her when I was hurting and so forth so if I did have a jerk or something she knew what it was from and what we needed to do.

If I have to do this again ever, I will make sure it is with an open machine again and have meds to take before I go in. Because I may not get so lucky to have such a wonderful lady there helping me get through it and be so understanding as she was.

To the mother that said she has 2 kids and married and always feels like she is drowning. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that feels that way. It never fails. I get out of debt and caught back up on things and something goes wrong and it takes months to get out and back on top. Its always something. Like now not being able to work because of my back.

One mother asked what was wrong. About 9 yrs ago I have a car wreck then shortly after that I was working in a nursing home and was moving a lday and we both fell back through a window and it messed me up. So for almost 10 years now I have been dealing with pain. Well about a month ago it was the worst I have ever felt and had to be carried back in. This is when they found a broken bone in my back. And are thinking I also had a stroke the night of all this major pain coming out. I cant hardly walk, write, shower on my own, drive, most anything that is normal now. I have lots of numbness that has been going on on my right side of my body and total weakness going on. So now we are trying to locate the real problems and see if they are at all fixable. I was told to go down today and file for disability because they are about 95% for sure I am going to need it. Which tells me things are not good.

Ok. I think I have babbled enough lol.. I am going to take my meds and lay down for a little while then get this house cleaned and back to order since SCHOOL IS BACK IN!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

Again Ty everyone!!!!!!!!


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I'm not able to tell you anything about claustrophobia, but they have Open MRI machines that will help you get an MRI done.

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I had to have an MRI a few years ago and I am claustrophobic. I had it done at Grand Strand and they were wonderful. That was one of the first questions they asked me before we went into the room. When we went into the room, one of the technicians blocked the view of the machine, helped me onto the "bed", explained what would happen, gave me headphones tuned to my favorite radio station or soothing music, gave me a cool washcloth to place over my eyes and had a light stream of air blowing onto my face. They also checked with me periodically through the headphones and explained each step and the sound of the machine, so I would know what is to be expected. I will say that it was great! Hope this helps!!!

Hi S.,

Congratulations! you sound like a VERY brave woman to be a single mom of 5!!! I'm a married mom of 2 and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning.
I'm not claustrophobic, but I have had an MRI before and it scared me and made me feel nauseated. I think it's just not a fun place to be for anyone. But I agree with the valium or some sort of sedation. I work in a hospital and we frequently have to give it to our patients before their procedure. Sometimes it's so bad that the anesthesiologist has to meet us down there to put someone under to get it done.


Sounds like you had a panic attack today. My husband has suffered from this from years. His panic attacks are brought on mostly by stress and the feeling he gets when he feels like he is not in "control" of a situation like flying or elevators. He had had a panic disorder for years and can also "talk" himself out of a panic most of the time but at the first of the year he was under a lot of stress with his job and dealing with his brother that was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and his panic attacks were coming most everyday. He is now on medication and this has helped a lot. Do a search on panic disorder, see if your symtoms today are similar to what they discribe. If it is, it could have been brought on by the stress of having an MRI along with already being closterfobic.

Hope I have helped at least a little.

I'm not able to tell you anything about claustrophobia, but they have Open MRI machines that will help you get an MRI done.

They have things now called open sided MRIs. You don't actually have to go into that tube thing---I believe it moves around you. Look in the phone book, or ask your doctor.

If that is not an option, perhaps they can give you a sedative before you have to go in?

I too am closterphobic, and I have had to have MRI's.
I had to have a low grade sedation to get through it, it is not the easiest way, but it got me through it. I had to have someone take me, so they could drive and listen to the doctors for me, but other than that it all went well.
Good luck, don't fret the things that can be solved, we all have our own issues and don't let anyone tell ya other wise,
I too am a single mom, (two kids) and I know it is not easy.
Make sure you don't let your kids see ya so nervous because they might have to go through the same experience someday and you don't want them to panic like we do!!!

This may sound strange but it might have something to do with a past life. I know a person that was having problems with driving. She got a past life regression and found out she was hit by a car in other life. Now she's over it and came to terms with it and now she is learning to drive. I was skeptical about this, but it worked for her.

I am also extremely claustrophobic and it just gets worse as I get older. I've needed to get several MRIs for several reasons. The regular, totally enclosed one like you had required me to have a couple of valium before even arriving at the doctor's office. The valium was great during the MRI, but I didn't like the side effects - dry mouth, diarrhea - that accompanied it later as it was wearing off. When I needed a second and third MRI, I opted for an Open MRI. There are several different ones from just being wider so your arms aren't up against the sides to lying on a bed in the middle of the room with nothing anywhere near you. The more open they are however, the less effective they may be in determining your illness, injury, etc. I have managed to deal with the slightly wider ones and make sure I do not open my eyes for any reason, but I prefer the ones that hang from the ceiling and do not have any sides to squeeze you in. The only problem with the Open MRIs is that you still have to wear that silly mask around your face if it is for the neck or head area. As I am new in the area, I do not know of any Open MRIs, but your doctor should be able to find out for you. Good luck.



About Stand-Up MRITM Technology
Traditional MRIs are not designed for patient comfort. As a result, many patients have had unpleasant experiences in the past. In fact, many patients even object to an 'Open' MRI, since the machine is still right in front of the patient's face. FONAR has built the world's only Stand-UpTM MRI in which patients can watch a 42" widescreen TV while being scanned. Some of our patients, who are unable tolerate an 'Open' MRI, enthusiastically call the Stand-UpTM MRI the 'TV' MRI!

While comfort is a major reason why the Stand-UpTM MRI is such an important technological breakthrough, the other is the superb quality of the images along with the ability to perform PositionTM Imaging, where patients can be scanned sitting, standing or bending in a flexion or extension position. This provides pictures of pathology that are unobtainable using any other traditional MRI 'weight-bearing images' help physicians make more accurate diagnoses.

Many patients who were unable to be scanned in traditional tube MRIs can now be scanned in the Stand-UpTM MRI machine. These include those with severe kyphosis (curvature of the spine), severely claustrophobic patients, and anyone wishing to avoid anesthesia. In many cases, pain or symptoms only manifest in the position of flexion or extension, making the FONAR Stand-UpTM MRI the only viable MRI available.

Overweight patients can also benefit from the Stand-UpTM MRI. The very first patient that the Physicians Stand-UpTM MRI scanned weighed 370 pounds. No other MRI could have scanned this patient.

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2006 Physicians Stand-UpTM MRI

Sedation. Then you are not aware what is going on. Good luck!

they have open MRIs in many locations. It's a larger room instead of a small tube. you can also ask them to give you xanax or another mild sedative. most mds will prescribe if necessary to get the test done.

Unfortunately, as we get older fears, anxiety, panic, phobias (like Claustrophobia) all become maginfied due to hormonal changes. I am surprised they didn't offer you valium or some drug to help with this...usually they do! I hope that the MRI wasn't for anything serious and that you are ok. For my increased fears and anxieties, I have started meditating, yoga, tai chi, walking, and doing other calming things. Surprisingly, it really does help.

Hello S., I had the same problem. About three years ago I had to have an MRI done, I was so scared that I had my sister-in-law stand at the bottom of the bed and hold on to my foot. I was OK as long as I felt her there. I could not do it any other way. Maybe you can ask to have someone there with you. When I began to get bad for me she would rub my foot and talk to me. I couldn't talk back but I still felt comforted. I wish you the best and GOD Bless you.

This is a very real problem for a lot of people. And I have been in one of those MRI machines and they are not fun. I would talk to your doctor about what they can do. I would think they should be able to sedate you enough so that you would just sleep through the procedure or not really care where you are. If you need to have it done, and need it done soon then this is probably the best thing to consider.

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