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Behavior Problems with Allergy/Asthma Medicine

I have a 4 year old boy whom has mild allergies and reactive airway syndrome. We have have recently decided to try medicines recommended by our son's doctor. One of the medicines was a daily dose of Singular. My son began to have daily behavioral problems consisting of anger, crying, and rage. At first, we thought it was a new stage that we were going through and began to worry about what kind of challenges we were going to have in the near future. We began to think it might be the medicine and took him off the daily Singular. His behavior has since return to his happy self.
I want to know if any one else has had this experience? Thanks

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Thank you for all the very helpful responses. My son's behavior has since returned to his happy self since taking him off Singular.His Allergist has agreed that this medicine was not working for my son and he will help on as needed bases. We have decided to try a alternative treatment called NAET. Our chiropractor will preform this treatment. We will also try to minimize toxins in our household and eat fresh organic foods.We will be moving to a new home at the end of the year which will be certified NC Healthy Built Home which will cut down on VOC's and many known toxins that are very harmful to people and people whith allergies. We also give our son omega 3/6's as well as Calcium suppliments. Our hope is that we will have some success and I will be sure to share with you any progress. Thanks again for all the much needed support!!!!!

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Yes, my five-year-old son had the same reaction to Zyrtec. He was also very tired and cranky when taking morning doses of Claritin. We recently switched him to Astelin nasal spray in the morning and just use the Claritin at night. He is much easier to get along with now.

I can see you've gotten a ton of responses already! I just wanted to add that my youngest child was on singulair for a while from age 1-2 and we had trouble getting him to go to sleep at night. We took him off of it and haven't had trouble since. We continued to use an inhaler with him, but he's grown out of his wheezing stage. All three of my boys Wheezed terribly with colds until around the age of 2.

My son is 5 and takes Singular but only at night. When he first started taking it, it was first thing in the morning. It was awful! I called his ped doctor and they suggested him taking it at night just before bed. We've had no problem since. Call the doctor and see about switching the time or changing the medication all together. Stopping the medication is never a good idea without the doctors approval.

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My daughter was put on several asthma medicines when she was 15 months old (she is now 9 and taking none).
She would be wired for sound, bouncing off the walls, cry and then laugh, then hit me. This was not her nature at all. When she had a asthma attack, I knew I was up for the night!
There are so many things you can do now to control asthma naturally. Chemicals in the home, plug ins, food is a big thing you can change. Read, read, read. My friend has a daughter that has severe asthma and she gets no dairy, all soy, no sugar, she uses no chemicals in her home whatsoever and no perfume, no plug ins and goes to a holistic doctor who has her on some different homeopathi/vitamin regimens that keeps her feeling much much better.
I encourage you to seek out a holistic provider and do a lot of googling. I did and I am so glad I did. Sam is off all medications and has had no asthmas attacks in 4 years. Praise God!
Good luck!
W. from Indiana

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Hi L.- I have heard of others having problems with these medications. Its a catch 22 for parents- you want him to feel better but the medicine creates other problems. You may want to try something some friends of mine have done. They switched out all of the personal care, household cleaning and other items to all non-toxic ones that are safer for their children. The results were that they used much less (if any) medicine and their children are doing better. Please visit the Mamasource business listing for a business called Safer Home for You under astham and allergies and read Sheri's note. She is a great success story. Then please visit www.saferisbetter.com/dcbel to read more and to request additional free information. Anything you can do to help a child without the medication is a plus.

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Singulair has been a life-saver for my daughter. She actually takes it PLUS two antihistamines. She did have problems with nightmares so we changed the time of day she gets it. What made her almost psychotic was the Advair she was put on for the asthma. Whoa! Since we cannot go that route, we supplement her meds seasonally with additional nutritional supplements such as extra Quercetin, Butterbur and Rosmarinic. The non-profit Life Extension Foundation (http://www.lef.org) has pharmaceutical quality food supplements and they are comitted to scientific research.

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The FDA is reviewing this drug due to a number of reports of people experiencing mood changes, suicidal behavior and even suicide.
I personally know two other young children (around 3 and 4 yrs. old) who have recently been put on Singulair and very soon after had noticeable mood changes such as irritability, disobedience, tempers, and just being contrary. Their behavior was completely out of the ordinary for them and luckily, their parents picked up on it right away and immediately took them off Singulair Within a few days, they returned to their happy, sweet selves.
You can google this topic and find tons of links and info. Here are just two.....make sure you read the comments at the end of both articles.



Hope this helps!

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Hi L., Sorry to hear Singulair has been a disappointment for you. It works great for my 6 year old grandson. Since starting on it a few monbths ago, he hasn't had any of the allergies miseries that were driving him (and us) nuts. It works well for my allergy and asthma symptoms too. Your pediatrician or ENT Dr. will probably offer Zyrtec next, and it may work better. You're wise to watch for behavior and physical problems with any new med, and it may take some more experimenting to find one that helps. With my older kid's allergies, I found the old routine of keeping their bedrooms extra clean helpful. COver the mattress and box springs and pillows with the covers that are advertised for minimizing allerens. Remove everything out of the room except essentials (esp. stuffed toys and books) and clean the room everyday. Just a quick vac and dust is fine. I used an air cleaner too--and the ones they have now with HEPA filters are even better. The idea is to give him all his sleep hours in a relatively clean environment to give his respiratory system a little rest. I hope that helps. Also, as he grows and changes, so will his sensitivities--sometimes they just dramatically get better! D.

Yes! My son, who will be 4 in July, has been on Singulair for his asthma since January. About mid February his temper started to get worse and by March he was having the same issues daily it sounds like your son is having. We went back to the doctor this past Monday and decided to take him off of the Singulair to find out if it's from the medicine or if it is just him. Well, just in the past day and a half his temperament has already improved! He is no longer screaming and crying uncontrollably and he is laughing more. He seems happier already. I really hope it continues like this and that we were right in feeling it was the medicine causing the problems. I'd talk to his doctor if I were you. Let them know the problems and do a trial period without the medicine. According to our doctor the medicine is out of their system in just a day or so and you will be able to tell quickly! Good luck!!

Yes, we have had many of the same problems when my son was on singular. He also started having bad dreams and would wake up shaking. When the Dr said to take him off of the meds it all stopped. I also felt guilty because at the time my son was three and i was wondering if it was a new phase. I felt bad that it took us about 5 months to figure out that is was the singular. We have since just started pulmocort and now we are having the same behavior problems. Now, I am frustrated because I don't understand why these meds do this to my son. He does have asthma and I don't want him to have difficulty breathing. So We are going back to dr this week to find out what the next step will be. On a side note in the past we used to use albuteral for his asthma when needed. This made him very hyper we have since switched to Xopenx and it has been much better. He does not get hyper with this. However my Dr never told me that there was an alternative to albuteral a friend did. When I asked about it the Dr said my insurance may not pay for it but he gave me a rx anyway. My insurance did pay but if it didn't it would have been about 250.00$. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have since put your son on a different medicine that is working better. Thanks

When my daughter was 2 1/2 we had to start her on breathing treatments for her asthma. She is the sweetest, calmest, most polite child in the world. The first medication we used was Albuterol. That night she was running around the house, screaming, crying, etc.- we thought she was possessed! Come to find out it was the medicine. We switched to Pulmicort, and she was totally fine. I've talked to other moms whose children had the exact opposite reaction with those medications. So each child responds differently to the meds. My daughter takes Singulair, and does great with it. But there are oral meds out there that I've given her for coughs/colds that have caused her to react the same way. Tell your pediatrician how he is reacting, and ask him/her to give you something else. If you need to, go see a pediatric allergy doctor to get the right med for your son. Hope this helps!

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