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Beer Increasing Milk Production

I have heard that drinking a beer will help boost breast milk production. Does anyone have any experience with this, and does the beer have any effect on the milk?

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Thanks everybody for the advice. I am not an alcohol drinker at all, I was just curious. I might try the root beer thing. I love root beer. And I will definitly drink more water, and try and nurse more (sore nipples).

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best thing to produce more milk is to breast feed more. I never hear of beer but I tried the tea's, cabbage leaves, etc....every old wife tale I had heard of......then the lactation specialist told me the only thing that really worked is to breast feed more. blessings

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The nurse in the hospital told me that as well. Yes it does work. just dont over do it. I did one beer. its not enough to really come out of your breast milk. but remember that after u drink the beer... pump that milk out. what little is there needs to come out before u breastfeed. between that and the baby sucking it comes in nicely. I had trouble getting mine to come in on both sons. Also... just a side note. watch taking allergy meds and antihistamines, it dries it up. I didnt know that with my 1st son so it never really went full effect with him. but my second it was all coming out. I hope this helps sweety!

I understand that not to be true infact if you drink you nedd to express that milk a few times after alchol or the baby will get it in the breast milk as well. I think you need to consider more fluid intake for yourself also rubbing the breast while feeding is s'pose to help with milk flow and some ladies have tried some tea that you can purchase even like at kroger or publix in the health food isle for breast feeding to help the milk. You may want to call la lech or the lacation nurse at the hospital you had the baby. I'd stay away from the beer. Call even the doctor's office that you take the baby to and see what they suggest.

it was told to me and my wife that it is the malt in beer which affects the milk productions, so i would agree with the previous answer that a non-alchoholic beer would be best instead of your favorite. malted milk may also be a good angle. As far as the percentage of alchohol in the milk, i imagine it would be negligible. but of course, the consequence of our actions have lastings repercussions for our children. However, i know of mother who didn't smoke or drink durring the gestation and some of their children are smokers and raging alchoholics. I also know a woman who didn't smoke cannabis for her first child(he smokes) and did with her 2nd and 3rd(neither do). the first is an itelligent and talented drummer who may be a little crabby at times, the 2nd and 3rd are also intelligent. 2nd child is a computer techy nerd and the 3rd is bilingual. so if there are hidden issues in the gene sequences waiting for a catalyst, psychoactives, alchohol, etc.. may trigger the condition. it all comes down to what surprises are waiting in your genes and what you consume physically and mentally during the pregnancy. a woman who practices tai-chi will have immense amounts of free flowing energy for herself and the baby and tai-chi is a fantastic way of maintaining muscle toning in a gentle manner it will also ammeliorate sciatica for the expecting mother. as the child grows, the mother will be able to adapt much better to her changing center of gravity because tai-chi helps you to achieve confidence with a mobile center of gravity. after the birth, it will help ward off post pardom depression and keep you on an even keel. TAI-CHI!! ever notice that you really don't see elderly Chinese walking with canes and walkers? i did once and found out he was an American born man who never practiced the art. TAI-CHI CHUAN ladies!!!! oh yeah....it means Grand Ultimate Fist in E.. it is a true system of self defense which will empower a woman to defend herself and her family. just thought you might like to know.

Drinking a lot is NOT a good idea ever, really, but especially not when breastfeeding. However, one is okay, and particularly Guinness for boosting milk production. It's controversial around here, but I tend to think the reason for that is that Americans are so uptight about alcohol. Go to Australia or Europe, your doctor will tell you to go drink a beer, have a banana, and relax. Of course, there are other factors involved in upping milk production. Drinking plenty of water, and nursing often. Also, I find that lifting my boob up to feel where the most milk is (you can feel the ducts that are swollen), and massaging around there helps him get more, as well as eases pain on my nipples because his sucking is more effective (rather than thinking me a big binky). It's not easy, but it is important. Good Luck!

I am nursing, and I love beer and have noticed it increases my milk. Don't over drink, and I wouldn't recommend drinking much when the baby is so little.
I didn't drink a drop while I was pregnant, but milk is filtered more than food in the placenta, and the baby is developing more on their own now. There is no difference in my son's behavior if I have a beer or not, while there may be trace amounts if you drink one beer, there are trace amounts of alcohol in many things (even bananas!).
I say, relax mama, drink a beer!

I went to a breastfeeding class prior to giving birth, and we were told the beer thing is a myth. Plus, the alcohol will pass through to your child. As someone already stated, the more you breastfeed, the more milk you will produce. I've gone to La Leche meetings, and they are a great resource, as well.

Not sure who gave you that advice but drinking alcohol isn't for someone who is breastfeeding. You wouldn't and shouldn't drink it while pregnant and shouldn't do it while your baby is relying on you for his food supply.The best think to do if ur not producing enough milk is do as the other mothers suggested and call the hospital or ur childs doctor and ask a number to a lactaction consultant rather than relying on old wives tales.

Try Rootbeer. It helped me when I was nursing. Plus it is caffine free if you are worried about caffine.

Good luck

I have had experience with this. When I was nursing my oldest daughter (who is now 21), my boyfriend and I went to Six Flags for a day. I was only able to pump once that day, and for the next few days, I had almost no milk. The second day, my dad brought me a beer, and I almost immediately had enough milk for my daughter. I can't remember any effects it had on my daughter, unless it was to make her sleep a little better. And she has no ill effects now. I highly recommend it. I don't know if it is the alcohol or other ingredients in the beer that made it work, or if drinking a non-alcholic beer would work. But it would be worth a try before trying the one with alchol.

OK I just have to say I know of what your hearing and it is not nesessarilly BEER it is the malt in the beer and to just let you know that increasing your fluid intake period will help you to produce more milk! YOu can actually buy malt so you don't have to drink beer at all but if you have one you do not need to express your milk thats just silly but you can avoid the whole alcohol thing by just adding fluids hope this helps to clear the air of confusion!! TC-H.

cannot imgaine that drinking beer would be good for you or the baby in any manner. I believe I've heard that the breastmilk can be "flavored" by what you consume. so eating a lot of yummy fruit will yeild a better tasting milk than drinking a beer.
visit babycenter.com
they have lots of great advice on everything there. good luck. L. :-)

I would not advocate drinking beer while nursing. My ex mother-in-law told me that she did when she was nursing my ex husband. He has an issue now with drinking--whether or not it stemmed from that. I will say that his growth was always stunted (even when everyone else in his family had great height). He also had learning problems in school. This may all have been a coinsidence, but I wouldn't tempt fate!

I also teach special education kids, and it can be pretty clear at times when paretns drank while pregnant--don't know if that's the same as with drinking while nursing or not.

Good luck!

Hi! I have heard that milk helps your let-down, not the production. And it will make baby sleepy, but not too bad. There is an herb, Fenugreek that helps boost production. You can get it at GNC. You take 3 pills, 3 times a day, and you usually see an increase by 72 hours. You can stop taking it after your milk gets to where you want it. But it does make your urine and sweat smell like maple syrup! I tried this both times, and it has helped.

best thing to produce more milk is to breast feed more. I never hear of beer but I tried the tea's, cabbage leaves, etc....every old wife tale I had heard of......then the lactation specialist told me the only thing that really worked is to breast feed more. blessings

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