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Been off the Depo Provera Shot Since August 06 When Will Cycle Come Back?

I have been off the depo provera shot since aug 06 (last day was may 06)i was only on it for half of this year (got dose in feb and in may then stopped going for the shots) and I have been waiting since aug 06 to get my cycle back but still no luck. I talked to my doc and he said it could take a year to get it back... Has anyone been on the depo shot and got off it, if so how long did it take for you to get it back?

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Thank You Everyone for your responces. As of today (1/31/06) I finally got my aunt flow back. Now lets just hope it starts becoming regular again.

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It took me like 6mo before I got mine, and it was awful, heavy and painful...so maybe getting on a diffrent form of birthcontrol would be best. I had the depo twice. The second time I got off of it, I went to the Nuva Ring and my period was not bad at all when it came back!!
Good Luck!

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every one of us is unique...I was on depo for 10 years, when I went off to conceive our son, I got my period within weeks after my shot was due, and days later I was pregnant. the second time it took a little longer to conceive, about 3 months, but this is not the norm. From all of the reading I've done, there is no norm. As far as the returning periods, they were for me heavier and more frequent at first, (and YES the cramping was excruciating) but that all subsided...after 7 months I am now regular and experience mild (or no) cramping.

I was on the depo from april 00 to my last shot nov05. i started to get somewhat of a cycle in may06. but it skipped every other month still. In august I got a period and then in september, oct, and nov.

Also an interesting point....haven't gotten pregnant yet either. And I was not using any form of birth control.

Good Luck,
H. K.

I was on it after my first child. Once I stopped it took me about 6mo. to get back on track. Eache persons body is going to differ.

It's taken me close to a year all three times I was on it. Then it was spotting here and there. I'm now on the ring, really really like that. Good luck and I hope you lose the weight. ;o) Just assuming, I gained lots of weight this last time, that's why I went off it.

Hello, I was on depo shots for 2 years, i stopped the shots in feb of this year and started getting a cycle in about may. If you would call it a cycle anyways. My cycle is backwards, I get the end of your period stuff 1st for about a week and then I bleed heavy for 3 to 5 days then it shuts off like a faucet. So when you do finally get it back hopefully you get a normal one. I know everybody is different...Good luck

I was on depo for 5 years. I believe it took 3-4 months for me to get my period back. I also noticed an increase in my bra size, about a full cup. :) And no I did not gain any additional weight.

My sister-in-law went off the depo shot a while back. She said it took her 10 months before she had a period again. Then when she did it was 3 months of guessing when and how long it would be.
Also my neighbor who just called, said it took her a year when she went off, but followed up by saying that was 5 years ago.
Good luck!!

Last time I stopped depo, the shot I skipped was due Dec 30th, and it was almost April when I got my period back. I was on it for a year that time. I started it again after my son was born, because my cramps were so bad. I started in Jan '05, and just quit again in Sept because I gained weight from it again (25 pounds, last time when my body got back to normal, the weight came off too... so I am hoping that happens again). I still haven't had a period... really have had one much since I first started depo at 18. Maybe like 5 total in the last 5 years... and it was REALLY bad when I quit it last time... so I know it will be again. Be prepared to maybe even need to take time off work... my cramps were so bad last time I almost couldn't walk for 3 days. This time it has been longer... so I am expecting it to be even worse. But it can take a while... it is different for everyone, and I have heard up to a year to get your period back, so don't get too worried about it. If you are trying to get pregnant... it could take a little while, but I conceived my son 3 months after getting my period back, and while on the patch. They say up to 18 months, but it didn't take that long for me.

It took me like 6mo before I got mine, and it was awful, heavy and painful...so maybe getting on a diffrent form of birthcontrol would be best. I had the depo twice. The second time I got off of it, I went to the Nuva Ring and my period was not bad at all when it came back!!
Good Luck!

I got my last Depo shot Feb of 05. I can't remember if I got a real regular cycle back, but it took us until November of 2005 to get pregnant. I found out that part of my problem was that I had a dermoid cyst on one of my ovaries that had kept me from getting my period regularly. I never knew about it until I asked my doctor about why we were not getting pregnant. I would suggest bringing up that option to your doctor. I would be patient, though. I know that it really truly does take a while for your body to get back to normal!

I went off the depo and I think it took me around 3 months to get my period back and that period and the next few were horrible the worst I ever had for some reason so I went back on.. My doctor doesn't want me on it anymore but I keep begging. My pms just gets way out of control and I'm a wimp you could call me but I love my depo shot.

I got my period 1 month after my last shot was due. I also started ovulating right away. But here I am now 2 years later and TTC. So far we have had no luck conceiving. Also I gained 100 pounds that I can NOT lose no matter how hard I try. The doctor has no explanation why other then the depo. I would never reccomend it to anyone as a form of birth control. Good luck to you. I hope that you get your cycles back soon and that when you do you are able to conceive.

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