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Bed Sore on My Father- In- Law

My father-in-law has a bedsore on his bottom and we are wondering what the best type of ointment, bandage would be to use. He gets turned like he is supposed to so he won't be laying on it for too long, but he is so thin like a skeleton now only 96lbs and 85 yrs old with Alzheimers and diabetes. We have the ointment to put on it that the home health gave us but think maybe some kind of padded bandage would be good to cover it with too. Any advice would be appreciated.

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BEEN THERE, RUN DO NOT WALK TO THE NEAREST Dr and tell him what is going on, Not the one who is treating him This is very bad was there with my husband and spent long time in hospital you may also think about this also.

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Contact his physician and inform the home health that you are requesting additional wound care for his decubitus ulcer before it gets worse, and it can get worse. If the home health does not do additional care request through his physician another home health agency and possible wound care clinic.

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you need to see a dr for this.. a wound care dr. and have a nurse come and check on this sore on a regular basis.

these types of sores can get very very bad. my mother had one that infected her tailbone.

there are hundreds of skin care products out there creams ointments bandages.. you need professional guidance on what to use.. but he does need good nutrition to help heal it.

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Have you tried calling a hospice ? When my grandma had hospice coming in they used some type of a granular stuff covered by a bandage that also was for bedsores. i'd try a local hospice first, then hospital, then a nursing home. they deal with this all the time. good luck.

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We used 2nd skin and then covered it with a bandage it worked really well for my grandfather. Keep a close eye on the sore they can get bad really fast. Good luck

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Sounds funny, but when Mommas ask questions about diaper rash I tell them the same thing. It's called Corona (small animal ointment cream) and can be found at your local hardware store. My son had severe bottom rashes/allergies to parfumed diapers/wipes and broke with yeast on his bottom. The thing I found that worked the best is Corona. We also used it on my nephew during his stay at Tx Childrens when he was being treated for Leukemia. Good luck.

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Hi C.,

I am a dietitian and from my point of view I recommend that you ensure he gets plenty of protein and a multivitamin that has Zinc in it that will help him heal. I understand with his medical conditions and age that we won't have much of an appetite so I recommend an oral supplement like Glucerna or Diabetic Boost so that he can drink in his protein and vitamins. If he doesn't like the taste then you can get something called Beneprotein that can mix into any liquid or food and will add protein to it. His doctor can help you get this. Best of luck and blessings to your family.

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Make sure you have it evaluated by a nurse or a doctor. The depth and severity, as well as the location, of the wound will affect what treatment it needs. As previously suggested, hospice is a good resource, because not only will they evaluate and treat the wound, but the wound care supplies (which can be very costly) are included with the hospice benefit. They will also show you how to do the wound care, and monitor it. I am a former hospice nurse, and although I can't promise this, the bit of information you provided strongly suggests to me that he would qualify.

Hospice also has many other benefits, and is definitely worth checking out. If your father-in-law is on Medicare, then it would very likely be 100% covered.

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Hey C.-

Here is a link from the mayo clinic ( a reputable source) that discusses bed sores and treatments. I wish you and your father in law the best.


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