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Bed Rest

I have 5 months to go and recently was put on a strict bed rest due to a little bleeding! This is my first pregnancy and it has been a bit tough. It started with 4 months of being very sick all day, to a diagnosis of placenta previa to now bed rest! Any one else ever been on a bed rest?? Should I be worried??? help!

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i had placenta previa when i was arounf 13 weeks and was ordered to bed rest for 2 weeks then i went back as normal til i discovered my twins had TTTS at 19 wks. As for Placenta Previa.. i noticed only need bedrest for few weeks and it will go back normal. i may be wrong?


this is for multiple birth, but has VERY good information. There are many websites out there. Google: bed rest ideas

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Hey M.
I was also on bed rest from 4 months on with my second child. Its the most boring, nerve racking time but necessary and well worth it at the end. Worry won't change what is going to happen just focus on feeling well-do lots of talking to the baby and every time you feel like your going to go crazy just remember its the best for the baby!
One thing to try and do better than I did is be very careful not to gain to much weight. I gained 35 pounds with her because you have nothing else to do but sit and eat-try to find something better than food to relax you! Good luck

Hey girl,
I echo everything--it sucks but you gotta do it. I broke down in tears when my doctor admitted me into the hospital (where I spent the remainder of my pregnancy weeks on IV). Whatever you do, don't get bored and eat. Do what all the other moms said. Keep blogging, we are all here for you.
I know I really didn't have anything new to add but I wanted you to have some new responses to read while in bed.
You can always catch up on things--I sat in bed and scrapbooked for a week straight:)


this is for multiple birth, but has VERY good information. There are many websites out there. Google: bed rest ideas

My first daughter was born at 28 1/2 weeks. I was on bed rest in the hospital for 1 1/2 months before she was even born. First, I know it is VERY hard be in bed rest, I understand there are so many things that come up and feelings you will have about it, from being a failure to wanting to do everything you can for your baby's and you well being Second take advantage of this quite rest time while you can. Definitely stay in bed you do not want to have a preemie(it is very difficult to go through) or put your own life in danger. If you have another child, get help! ask for it, do not be shy!!!! If not, think of it as a small respite before the adventure of being a mom. In retrospect I would have taken the time to read every book I ever wanted to read and also I would have gotten some audio books for learning another language. If you are home it would be a great idea to start to write to your baby and put it away for later. Video games are nice too!!! think of it as a blessing that you will have time to heal and try to stay positive as much as you can. Make sure if you have a partner you get lost of cuddle time maybe get a double recliner. Good luck love and take care.

Hi M.,

My last pregnancy, my third, I was on bed rest too. I was lucky enough to be able to work from my bed side. My husband moved my computer next to the bed, and I used a cordless keyboard and mouse. As long as you keep yourself busy, reading magazines, or books that you like, or learning how to do new things (like crochet) or puzzles, I think you'll be alright. The only things that I experienced during that time, that weren't to my liking, is the loss of my muscle mass. It hurts, and the body aches. I know that it's best to lay on your left side, but when you're in bed all of the time, just keep changing sides so that you don't ache as much. Even thru bed-rest, the baby came several weeks early, but she was absolutely perfect, and there were no complications at all during birth. If I hadn't been on bed rest, the baby may not have made it. Keep your spirits up, and listen to your doc. It was especially hard for me to stay in bed all of the time, becuase I had a 4 yr old and a 1.5 yr old at the time...last year, and I wasn't even able to pick them up. Just know that you'll have to work extra hard to build muscles after birth, but that's all worth it when you see your little miracle born without issue. :o)

I had the same thing happen to me. Just follow your doctors orders. I now have a happy healthy 8 yr old girl!

When I was pregnant with my twin daughters, I was first ordered to limit my activities at five months, and when that didn't stop me from dialating I was put on bed rest. I spent about two months in bed, and they let me get up when the babies reached five pounds each, about a month before they were due. (Please note that twins are usually ready to be born at a lighter weight than singletons.) My twins were born naturally less than a week after they let me get up, so I guess they knew what they were talking about. They were small but healthy, and were able to leave the hospital on a normal schedule. (After three days, which is normal for twins.)

In contrast, I met a woman once who had twins who said they wanted her to go on bedrest, but she said didn't have time. I asked how the babies had come out, and it turned out one had to be in an incubator for months and had problems that took years of therapy before the child was "just about normal." The couple of months in bed could have saved so much time in hospital visits, doctors appointments and therapy, not to mention that the child may have started life at a normal weight and avoided some of the problems that can come with premature birth.

They have developed more and better methods to care for premies, but to me, having my child(ren) bearing a full-weight child is the best choice. My advice is to follow your doctor's advice. If there is any way possible, stay in bed. If you can get regular massages it makes you much more comfortable. Also come up with an exercise routine with lots of stretching that you can do lying down and ask your doctor if it is OK. Get friends to bring you books, eat lots of salads and be aware that it is easy to gain extra weight on bedrest. Elevate your feet, and switch positions frequently. Make it a time to learn about parenting with books, tapes, DVD's. Catch-up on watching movies that you have missed. Most of all, know that what you are doing will help your child and is an act of love.

Hi there,

My best friend had PP too and was put on bed rest (for both of her pregnancies) She also had to spend the last 2+ months in the hospital because of the PP. It was had on her but she had an amzing attitude which if you know anything about successful people they always keep positive in the face of adversity. I was so amazed with her ability to keep strong (yes she did have tough days and meltdown, heck that comes with being pregnant. Do you knit? Like to read, need to catch on movies? Nice thing is now adays with technology you can play with your registry. I'm sorry I don't have any great suggestions but if you don't find anyone with the similar situation, e-mail me and I'll put you in touch with my friend. Best of luck to you. btw, she has two beautiful healthy babies. Hang in there it is all worth it :)

Ugh... Bedrest...

I was on bedrest for almost three months with my son... That entire pregnancy was just NOT FUN. I was so very sick the first four months, throwing up so much that I lost thirty pounds. I couldn't keep anything in me. And then later in my pregnancy they discovered my amniotic fluid was dangerously low... It should have measured 14 cm, and I was down to 5.7 cm.

So into bed I went!

I read a ton of books, and took up crocheting, and fell in love with the food network. My hubby bought me a laptop and I blogged, ALOT.

Everything was fine after that... I stayed in bed until 39 weeks, and then was induced because he wasn't gaining weight (he only gained eight ounces in a four week period) My son was born 19 1/2 inches long and weighed 6 lbs 4 ounces...

He is a happy and healthy almost four year old now... :)

I feel for you... Bedrest sucks, but it'll be worth it when you hold your baby that first time!!!

Hugs Hugs and get some rest! (LOL)

Hi, I would highly recommend you get some Cranial Sacral therapy. Many Ostheopath do it, massage therapist and physical therapists. If you want to learn more about the therapy you can google upledger institute and read more about it. I can give you some referrals to some great therapists. I think you body is out of balance in some way and this type of therapy can help you and your body to get balanced. It cost about $65 - $140 an hour. It is wonderful therapy and has helped me and my young child greatly.

Good luck!

Hi M.,

I have 4 children, with each of my pregnancies I was placed very strict bedrest, the first time at 9 weeks, the second time at 3 months and the 3rd time at 5 months, (I have twins so only 3 pregnancies), each time for bleeding, early dialation, and other reasons. Listen to your doctor is my best advice. Watch some TV, get some rest, have some visitors. There's a great website, www.sidelines.org. They offer support for women on bedrest. I used their support during my first pregnancy because I didn't know what to expect and was terrified, the second and third time I was a bit more at ease. If you need to talk I'm here as well, I certainly know what you're going through.

M. SAHM mom to 4, ages 6, 6, 4, and 8 months.

Yes, I have been placed on bed rest for exactly the same
reason as you have. It is very IMPORTANT. I am sure
your doctor explained about placenta previa. I had 7
months of bed rest and delivered a healthy baby boy.

Hi M.,
I was put on bed rest at the beginning of my third month of pregnancy from october to February when I was pregnant with my first son(second child) due to bleeding very heavy at times. It was very frightening, I pictured all the worst outcomes in my head.Staying in bed with an 18 month old running around the house was a challange. Eventually my son was born at term and very healthy. 11 pounds even. Im not going to tell you to try not to worry. I will tell you to take care of yourself and stay in bed, the house, work whatever can wait. Be gentle with yourself, rest and think positive thoughts. Good luck and keep us posted

Hi M.-
I was on bed rest from my fifth week on. I had lost a baby the year before and was determined to carry triplets. It was stressful because the doctor wanted me in a chair with my legs up, only getting up to go to the toilet or bed. My husband at the time was not very supportive of my docs orders, so naturally I had to fix my own meals and try to do a little housework. I finally broke down and told my doctor that I couldn't do the bedrest at home so he put me in the hospital for the last four weeks of pregancy. I was well taken care of and when I had placenta previa in the middle of the night I was sent right down to Labor and Delivery. My preemies were 10 weeks early, but they were healthy. Good luck to you...I know how hard it is and I hope you have a great supportive family nearby!


It is not the end of the world. You can do bedrest for 5 months if it gives a better chance of a healthy baby. All I needed was a tour of the Newborn ICU. Those little babies don't look big enough to surive. If you need to do bedrest do it. I had a previa and some other things and was also on bed rest. My baby was born 11 weeks early. It was very scary and he almost didn't make it. We call him our miracle baby. Listen to your doctor for the sake of your life and the baby's.

pregnancy is so HARD! I have had to go on bedrest with all three of mine, but never with 5 months to go. My experience with bedrest is that it's not so bad for the first few days, but after that, it's misery. your body starts to hurt and it's difficult emotionally. I'm so sorry, honey:( My advise is to get a million books--you'll have a lot of time to read-yay! Let me know if you need any book suggestions...

i had placenta previa when i was arounf 13 weeks and was ordered to bed rest for 2 weeks then i went back as normal til i discovered my twins had TTTS at 19 wks. As for Placenta Previa.. i noticed only need bedrest for few weeks and it will go back normal. i may be wrong?

Hi M.-I was actually on bed rest for my 1st pregnancy but only for the last 8 weeks - due to herniated disc. However I was on bed rest for most of my second pregnancy due to many complications (including bleeding)! My son is a healthy, loving & kind 13 yr old & my daughter is a wonderful, energetic & very smart 8 yr old. I was blessed to have such an understanding & easy going 5 yr old son (now 13 yrs) when I was ordered on bed rest with my daughter. I also had to have surgery while I was pregnant and my daughter was delivered 3 weeks early and she is as bright as the sun! Good luck, rent lots of movies, find a "hobby" you can do while in "bed", find some good books and keep the faith!

When I googled placenta previa, I found this site:

It says that you have a 90% chance the placenta will be in a normal, healthy position at delivery.

I would not worry about it.

Do what the doctor says- for the best results. Your body will work to do what it needs to do.

Enjoy your pregnancy! Best wishes.

I was placed on bed rest during my second pregnancy. I had some red bleeding and an ultrasound showed a low placenta and my midwife also had some concern that there might have been some seperation of the placenta. I was on total bed rest for about three weeks, then modified bed rest to see if the bleeding restarted. My next ultrasound showed that the placenta wasmoving upwards just like it ought to and the rest of the pregnancy was just fine.

Hope this reassures you. Try not to dwell on it over much (how can you not, just lying there, though!). Get a stack of good books, some crossword puzzles, and try to avoid becoming a TV-addict! And thank your lucky stars you don't have a toddler to figure out what to do with.

Good luck and congratulations!

hello sweety, i feel for you. My best friend had the same thing as you. It is very serious and should not be taken lightly. We all want the best for are children when they are grown, it is the same when they are growing inside us. I now have 4 children 8,5,3 and 18 months. The last 3 pregnancies i was on bed rest. The hardest thing I personally went through in my life. Having your own children you want to take care of and other people helping you when you want everything done your way. It was harder then labor and all. I had cervical prolapse. One day my husband sadly made a comment about me being lucky to lay down and do nothing. He was in big trouble after that one. The second pregnancy i got through, the third was tough, after ending up in the hospital twice and having 2 kids home, my other son was still a baby, it was hard and i became severely depressed. I felt worthless and a failure to my family. As mothers, we carry that guilt. After delivery, i did go on anti-depressants. It helped me. My fourth,(my last!) i knew it was coming and i was prepared. My best friend and i came up with a daily plan. Games I could play with my kids to feel apart of their day, other woman i could talk to that had through the same thing (that was very important). Some days you feel like you can do this, and other days are a little harder. It sucks! There is no way around that but just know this, when your child is born, or better yet if you have a boy you will never be able to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

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