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Bed Rails - Fort Worth,TX

Okay, so we're moving my daughter to her "big girl" bed very soon. But first we need to buy some bed rails. Could you please give me any advice on which you brand you liked, disliked, pros, cons, etc. Oh, and just so you know she is going to be in a double bed, so it's big and she could fall off either side b/c it's in the middle of the room, not up against the wall. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi C., We ordered one from Amazon that was a little longer than the standard, Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra and we bought a standard one at Babies R Us, their brand. I like the Babies R Us one better, it was far easier to install even though they were both the same type of concept. They have arms that hook under the mattress and then a strap that goes all the way across the box spring and you pull a tab to tighten it. The sides also drop for easier bed making, our bed frame isn't tall enough for it to stay down all the time but it makes it FAR easier to change sheets! I had seen the double bed rails but at the time I bought the one from Amazon my son's bed wasn't in the middle of his room.

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You could try placing the mattress on the floor for a couple of months instead. She may fall off, but she won't fall far and she will very quickly adjust to staying on the bed. I think the bed rails keep them from learning as quickly not to fall off the edge. (Just my opinion.)

I was not able to use bed rails. My girls mattress was too tall/deep and the rails did not stick up enough. I opted for the old stand by of extra pillows tucked under teh covers but i recently heard a great tip that i wich i had gotten sooner. They said to use a pool noodle and put it under the fitted sheet. Just enough of a bumper so they can feel it. Like you i had a larger mattress so i felt better knowing they would mainly be inthe middle of the bed with plenty of room. Anyway, hope that helps.

I don't remember the brand but I had bed rails with my oldest son that had bed rails on both sides. It was big enough for a double bed. I got them at Babies R Us. He is now 7 so this was a few years ago.

We had the drop side one and hated it. My daughter would turn sideways and slide in between the mattress and rail and be stuck! She is a wild sleeper!!! The pool noodle method is great and they feel like a "big kid".

My son has a sleigh type twin bed and we couldn't find rails to fit it and not mess up the wood, so we did without. I told his pedi we couldn't find them to fit his bed and was it a safety issue and he said kids learn very quickly were the boundries of their bed are even while asleep. We put pillows on the floor just in case. He never fell off the bed.

I haven't tried this myself but I've heard that you can put the larger size pool noodles under the sheets on either side of the bed and it supposedly works just like a bedrail. We had the Safety First bedrails on our daughter's bed and we found they were a little difficult to install.

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