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Bed Bugs or Those Little Tiny Spiders... How to Get Rid of Them

My poor little girl has started to get tiny red spots with a white hard spot in the middle on her arms (wrists) where her pjs didn't cover. now they are on her ankles and and lower legs where her pjs dosn't cover. I have found those little tiny spiders in the window sill and vacuumed, but I was wondering if anyone knows of anything "natural" that I could spray in there to keep them away from her?

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I have had the same problems with other types of mites. They are known as biting mites. I don't know if that's what you're dealing with, but there is a natural spray that I got that takes care of insects with a hard shell (the spray eats away at the shell so they die). I was lost without this spray. I literally had to quarantine different sections of my house for 3 days. The spray also handles lots of other mites, bedbugs, and ants. It is made of natural enzymes too. You can spray it on yourself, wash clothes in it, spray it in your house, and even bathe in it. I even used it while I was pregnant.0 It's not that expensive either. I bought the concentrate and got a spray bottle for like $25. It will probably last me 10-20 years. FYI, I don't work for this company or sell this product. You have to either call them or order it online. They shipped it to me quickly. Here's the link:

Kleen Green Enzymes is the product name

Here's the link for the biting mite information. That could be what your daughter has.

Even if it's not biting mites, the spray works on a lot of mites, bedbugs, insects, ants, etc.

Good luck!

spiders don't like Lemon eucalyptus. I have the essential oil, I make room spray and spray around. I have found this effective against other bugs as well. Take a small sprayer, fill with distilled water almost full, fill rest with EO (essential oil). Shake before use. You can add vodka to make the oil mix with water. Tea Tree oil works well too and more easily found (Walmart). I like using the Tea Tree oil as well because I don't worry if my babies accidental get it in their mouths, it is safe to ingest small qty.


The product I use is called "Safer" brand Ant Killer - however it is kills quite a variety of little critters. It is nature and smells like mint. I have found it at Ace Hardware and I love it. I have sprayed it on the baseboards in my home and pretty much eliminated any problems.

This is a Victor product and again, I think it is great.

Good luck.

Hi A.,

I work for a company that manufactures almost 400 natural products. In looking at my handy reference guide, it gives me a complete description of how to get rid of bed bugs, which recommends using either their Sol-U-Guard Botanical or their Sol-U-Mel product. As for the spiders, you could use Sol-U-Mel or their Tough & Tender product.

If you are interested in learning more about these products and how you use them to solve your problems, please give me a call at ###-###-####. T.

I don't have any natural ways to get rid of the bugs other then my hubby works for a pest control company that offers a green service but the bites you were describing are the same my daughter gets from ants. She is more allergic to there bite then most humans. So you might also want to check for ants. If she is like my daughter it can her really sick. Hope this helps.

It doesn't sound like bed bugs b/c they bite near the face/neck (attracted to carbon dioxide we breathe out). I learned all this b/c I was having the same problem myself after a vacation we took....I learned that one can "bring back bed bugs" if your suitcase was not off the floor!

For your 2 month old, if it were me, I know I would call my very trusted Bugman and ask his advice. His spray is harmless to humans and animals. (e did advise me to just wait until my baby is 4-6 weeks old before spraying her room just to be safe.) His number is ###-###-####, and they are very good at just giving advice whether you make an appt or not. Good luck!

Hi A.,

Try spraying the sheets with a diluted "tea tree oil" mixture (and maybe some citrus (like orange) and vinegar). Bugs don't like tea tree oil and generally stay away. I use a concentrate called "Sol-U-Mel" from Melaleuca when I travel...don't like those nasty bed bugs.

Good luck!

Warm Regards,
G. Van Luven, H.C.
Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC

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