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Hi, I need some ideas on what to do with a bathroom window that is IN the shower stall. I know I've seen bathrooms that had the window in the shower stall and I guess I never paid attention to what they did with it. I have a pretty small bathroom so I dont really want to cover up all of the natural light, but the window gets wet (freezes in the winter) and the paint is starting to peel. Right now I just have a cloth curtain over the bottom half of the window and I still dont like it because of the water on the window sill. I've had a couple of suggestions that I'm just not happy with - such as "just put up another shower curtain", but I think that would look weird.

Any ideas would be sooo helpful! Thanks!

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My sister's house had a bathroom window right in the shower/tub area and she had her mother in law do a stained glass window for her. It looks awesome! If you know of someone who does stained glass, you could ask them to commission one for you at a reduced rate, or you could do what the others have said and use the colored clings.

I have the same problem. Most hardware stores sell window clings. They're a decorative pattern, you can do colorful or just a bubble glass look. As far as the frame, we put a new water seal on once a year (best done when the weather's nice enough to leave it open, because of the fumes). Or you could have the window replaced with one with a waterproof frame.

We have the same thing too. i went to Home Depot and got "window cling" stuff. they have different ones you can get, and you just stick it to the glass and it makes it so you cant see in. the one i have is covered with squares that makes the window distorted so you can see outside, and light can come in, but you cant see details. my husband said when he looks in from outside, he can see a tan blob when i'm standing in the shower, but no details. and it's less than about $10 depending on how much you need.

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Yikes! I would remove the wood trim around the window and tile around it - including the sill. If you already have tile in the shower, select something different - almost like a picture frame - unless you can match it EXACTLY. If you have a fiberglass or acrylic surround, select a tile you like. Inexpensive glossy wall tiles come in a ton of colors and with trim pieces like bullnose, which would be great for the edge of the sill. If privacy at that window is a concern, check with a glass company about getting a piece of frosted or patterned glass - keep the light, block the view. Or, you can find sprays or window films that will do the same thing. Just make sure they will work in wet areas. Good luck!

T. Larsen, ASID
Owner/Interior Designer
T. Larsen Design, LLC

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I have the same issue, and our window started to mold. We can't afford a remodel, so we did the shower curtain thing.
We bought a clear shower curtain, so it is completely see through. The only time we see it is when we are in the shower :) I bought a very pretty curtain for the outside of the shower, and I keep it closed unless someone is in the tub.
It has stopped the mold/mildew, and the window stays dry now.

We also have a window with wood trim in our bath/shower. We have one of those old-fashioned circular shower-curtain rods and have a curtain on the wall/window side and a curtain on the outside of the tub. I have alternated between a clear vinyl liner on that side and a semi-sheer fabric liner. The fabric liner doesn't keep the window sill 100% dry, but it does keep the majority of the water from the shower from getting to the window and sill. When the curtain gets wet, it is not totally waterproof. The vinyl curtain does not have this issue but I prefer the fabric liner. We still get a decent amount of light in the bathroom, even with the shower curtains closed.

My parents bathroom was in the same configuration as yours and it ended up that we had to place a plastic shower curtain over it. But we cut it to length, just long enough to cover the sill and over the tile. We also dressed it up using a color shower curtain and even pleated it to look more like a traditional window curtain. I don't you have any alternative in your situation.

We have the same thing. We had a glass block window with a vent put in. The glass block allows light through but you can't see through it. Good luck!

I had a window in the shower once. You can but a spray that fogs the glass so that no one can make out what is in there. It works great! Check or ask at a Menards or other home fix it store.

How big is the window? We just had the same issue - our window is smaller - but the wood peeled and then rotted. We also had tile issues, so we retiled the bath tub surround but struggled with the window. What we ended up doing was tiling with a complementary tile that was intended for a vanity edge - so it is 90 degrees. It actually looks pretty good and I'm SUPER happy with the result.

I can send you a pic if you want.

I've had several bathrooms with this and the shower curtain worked the best.

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