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Barley Versus Oatmeal or Rice Cereal

My baby is 5 months old and I want to start her on cereal but not sure which to start on? I know Barley is really healthy for babies but not sure if it's smart to start her on. Also any other suggestions to feed her? I would appreciate any suggestion also on how many times a day to feed her and how to mix cereal? Thanks! God Bless You!

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Hello Lovely mommies! Thank you all for your input. So i went to the store and found some organic baby food for first food for baby and bought carrots, bananas, apples, peas, sweet potato and organic rice cereal. Bella loved carrots and peas! She did not have a bad reaction so I'm just giving her once a day until she gets used to it more. It was so awesome seeing her eat. I guess it was a success!

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They say rice cereal is the best to start them off. My baby never liked the barley though. It's kind of dense.

Start with single grain cereals. Always start with Rice first...there is a lower likelihood of allergy to this grain type as opposed to the others. If after a couple weeks you notice she's fine, with no allergic reaction, then you can try one of the other single grains and do the same for a couple weeks. Always start each new food by itself and try it for at least 5 days before starting something new.

Start once a day for a few weeks to get her system used to it, then go to 2x a day. Mix it with breast milk or water, real diluted at first. It should look kind of like soupy cream of wheat. I'd start with the rice, then maybe mix it with the baby oats or barley. Rice is supposed to be the one to start them with, but it usually constipates them a bit as they adjust to their first food. Dont' worry about it, it will come in time.

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Hi I also have a 5 month old and she is on cereal. I started her on rice cereal (the organic one) and it took a week or so to get her to like it. Don't just give up. I then gave her the barley when she finished the rice she loved it. Now I have her back on rice (no particular reason). It is very easy to make I don't measure I pour some into a bowl and mix it with formula to a consistansy that I had to find to her liking. I feed her cereal twice a day. Once in the morning around 10 and then again at 4. All this was recommended by me ped. Good luck it is very messy.

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I just wanted to chime in and say, there's no rush to start solids! My son didn't really eat solid food until he was 10 months old. If you're breastfeeding, she doesn't need any supplemental nutrition beyond your milk for the first year. Good luck, it sounds as though you're really conscientious and doing your best!

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I live by the book Super Baby food by Ruth Yaron. If you are into healthy, organic etc. this is a must have book for parents wanting to make their baby's food. It is still a great resource even tho I am not "making" baby food anymore, there is so much information on nutients that I am picking it up daily to see what certain foods contain. If you are going to buy food then I highly recommend Earths Best. Rice is less allergenic than oatmeal and barley. (Brown) rice is gluten free too.

I would really try and wait to feed her. 7-8 mos is becoming more acceptable for starting solids. Babies dont have certain enzymes to break down complex carbs until after 6 mos. Depending on who you talk to, some say they dont have them until they are a year old. There is also some talk about gluten intollerance, diabetes, obesity and the like that is linked to our shoving food down our tiny babies before their bodies are ready. Google it all and see what you come up with. My babies (all 3) first food was avacado--even before rice and I waited until they were 8 mos. to begin. Good luck.

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I think it is recommended to start infants on rice cereal for allergy reasons and because it is the easiest to digest. Once you are certain (1-2 weeks) that she doesn't have any allergy to rice cereal and is digesting it fine,l you can start other foods, introducing one new one every 3 to 5 days to check for allergies and digestion.

I believe the typical (suggested) order is rice then oatmeal then barley. Wait three to four days before starting the next food, just to make sure she doesn't have any reactions.

Have fun!

You might want to wait until she's 6 months as reccommended.
To avoid tummy upset start with rice cereal. Ask your pediatrician for a food list. It will tell you the order of baby foods to start with. Also it's important to wait weeks+ in between new foods. That way you can identify specific foods that might not sit well with her, allergies, etc.

I always found it an exciting time when my babies started on solids! Just wait another month.

Blessings to you and your precious-one.

I alway's gave mine oatmeal and rice cereal. You can just mix a little formula with it to make like a baby food texture in a jar. Or they also have oatmeal in a jar and sometimes I would mis a little fruit instead of formula. And sometimes I buy the rice cereal my self. It is good and I just add a little milk with it. You might think I'm crazy. But when my acid refux was really bad thats what the doctor had me eat is baby food. And believe me it helped. I like the rice cereal better then our regular cereal in the boxes. Some people give it to them in the morning and some give it to them morning and night before they go to bed for sometimes it makes them sleep better.

I believe that rice cereal is the easiest to digest. Start with that and then you can try the other grains. Always wait a week between introducing new foods to make sure if there is a reaction, you can determine what caused it.

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