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Baptism Gift Ideas

I have never been to a Catholic baby baptism so I don't know; Are you suppose to bring a gift? If so, do you all have any good gift ideas? The baby is a girl and is about 6 months.

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I went to Mardel's and found the most precious glass frame and a very pretty baptism photo album. The baby was only 3.5 months old and was absolute adorable in her white fluffy gown and dark hair. The service was in Spanish, however, I enjoyed it and seeing the pride in the new parent's face. It was very memorable.

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You will need to bring a gift, and I usually go to a religious store and find something. Good luck.

Yes, you normally do. I received a rosary at my baptism and that is something she can always keep and cherish. HTH.

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You can only if you want. I always buy a frame for the picture or a cross or a rosary.

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Yes, you normally do. I received a rosary at my baptism and that is something she can always keep and cherish. HTH.

When we had our daughter baptized I would say that the Catholic guests brought gifts and those that weren't, didn't. I didn't expect them from anyone.

The type of gifts she received were: silver baptism frame, cross/angel/preyer box jewelry (which we had the priest bless). And lots of cards with well wishes!

Hi W.. A gift is not necessary because the Godparents usually get the more appropriate religious type gifts like the babies first rosary, bible, or crucufix. But other guests will sometimes bring a gift as well; such as bible story books, religious medals, guardian angel figurines, or even an outfit just like at a baby shower. It's all up to you. The main thing is that you attend the babtism itself. It's the witnessing and participation of the baby becoming a part of the Christian family that really matters. You are invited to witness this special and very important religious sacarament by the family. If they are serious Catholics, it means that they want to share this beautiful day with you and want your prayers and support for their efforts as loving Christian parents in their child's life.
Hope this helps.

I was looking for picture frames the other day and I noticed there are cute baby frames, and I think that would be a great present. A frame to put a baptism picture in. There were frames with crosses, and one that said "bless this child".

Traditionally for a Baptism you do give a gift. It could be earrings, a little cross or a nice dress. Also a wall cross with a prayer can be a good idea. Or a photobook.

I always go to Mardel's - they have lots of different things for baptisms in various price ranges. I always get great compliments and everyone wants to know "where did you find this?"

I am Catholic and when my son was baptized he got everything from clothes to crosses and other religious items. Even a toy! So you have lots of options! Hope this helped!

i've gotten/given savings bonds from the bank, $, clothes, a cross, there gift ideas at a christian bookstore.

Yes, bring something...

Here are some ideas:
1. money for an account $25 or so
2. a little necklace with a cross
3. a cross for the wall in her bedroom
4. Children's bible or biblical books
5. VEGGIE TALES VIDEO!! So cute and has a religious undertone

I think that actually depends on the customs of the family! I'm a cradle Catholic and in my family, anyone and everyone close to the family is invited but only God Parents/sponsors and generally grandparents are expected to give a gift.

But if you want to cover your bases, the gifts do not have to be expensive-it's more about spiritual meaning stuff than value!


We had our daughter baptized in a Methodist church several months ago and 2 of our friends who are Catholic came to the service. They did bring gifts so I'm not sure if it's expected or not. They gave us a book called "5 Minute Devotionals for Kids" and a stuffed lamb that plays "Jesus Loves Me". If you go to a Christian bookstore, you'll find a ton of ideas. Picture frames for baptisms and crosses are also cute ideas. Good luck!

Hi there. I'm Catholic and it is a custom to bring a small gift for the baby. Usually, it should revolve around a "blessing" or a spiritual gift. When my daughter was baptized, she received a really great gift that she still uses, which were Precious Momemts bookends for her books. Have fun.

yes, take a gift. typically something of a religious nature. can be a cross for wall in room, childs bible, child's rosary, etc.

You can also get him a MASS CARD... go to any Catholic Church... have a MASS said in his honor. You can do it for baptisms, deaths, and many other occassions in the Catholic Church.

Silver Frames, Crosses, a cute burp cloth with a hand embroidered cross and the date... anything like that.

You will need to bring a gift, and I usually go to a religious store and find something. Good luck.

When my daughter was Christened my best friend bought her a brass cross with a crystal pendant hanging in the middle and had it blessed and engraved with her christening date and name. My daughter is now 3 yrs old and holds it every night while she says her prayers.

other ideas would be a first bible or a rosary or a larger crucefix to hang over her threshold to the childs room. keep in mind Catholics were crucifix and not a simple cross -

One side of my family is catholic and from the ones I have been too the parents have usually given them a necklace with a cross and most other people gave savings bonds.

We usually do money. It's simple and easy.

I received a photo session. It was great. Her parents can take her in to get her picture with her baptism dress, bible, rosary in the picture, whatever. Picture People in the mall are great, and they are affordable.

I am protestant, but my son was baptized in my husband's Catholic church. I would say a little less than half the people attending brought some kind of gift so I wouldn't say it is absolutely necessary. I certainly didn't expect anything from anyone other than immediate family and godparents. We did get several ceramic crosses, which are very nice, but after the first couple, it's a bit much, so I would stay away from those. We also got two bibles and three books of bible stories. Again, very nice, but too much especially since I had already purchased those myself. My guess is that a 6 month old Catholic child probably already has those also. I agree with the person who said to check out Mardel. They have some cute religious themed baby things. Veggie Tales videos are great. You could maybe also find a little T-shirt or something there that would be appropriate. If the family is hosting a reception, you might also offer to take some food or drinks to that instead of a traditional gift - practical and appreciated!

Yes there are gifts involed. Even if it is something small. Cross, necklace. Your best bet is to go to a Christain store. Even money for a saving account if they started one for the child.

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