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Baptism Food Ideas

I am getting my daughter baptized on Nov. 11th and I need some ideas for food afterwards at my house. I am not an experienced cook so the simpler the better. Thank You

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You could make a bunch of meatballs the day before and heat them in a crockpot the day of the baptism. You can do this with mashed potatoes too. Make up a big green salad that morning, put it in the fridge and you've got a meal. Ice cream always makes a nice easy dessert.

We did a Honeybaked ham - which you don't even need to heat up. Hashbrown casserole can be made ahead of time, and heated up. Or cold salads work well too -- can be made in advance. Looks like you have lots of good ideas here.

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We just did my son's baptism 2 weeks ago, and had 20 people over afterward. I did "Neat Sloppy Joes", Apple Snickers Salad and a Broccoli Salad and chips and dip, and then a cake (I was going to buy the cake, but made one instead - I would suggest buying one to simplify.) We had assorted cans of soda and ice, and coffee and water.

Here are links to the recipes I used for the food - they were all simple and I made them all the night before - on this website you cna customize # of servings and it will multiply the recipe for you.


Broccoli Salad
6 C raw broccoli pieces
1/4 C Sunflower seed kernels
1/4 C raisins
1/4 C Bacon Bits
Dressing - mix together and pour over the rest & stir up.
1 C Mayonnaise
1/2 C Sugar
2 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

The sloppy joes (I used 5 pounds of meat), I browned the meat and onions and celery, and then drained and added the sauce mixture, poured it into two 1-gallon ziploc bags and put it in the fridge overnight....in the morning I poured them into the crockpot and turned it on low while we were at church, and they were ready to go when we got home!

The Broccoli salad I used pre-cut broccoli florets for the salad section at Sam's club - they came in the right size bag,, 6 cups, too and the "real bacon" bacon bits in a bag rather than cooking the bacon myself, also used dried cranberries 1/2 raisins to give it a little more tanginess.

Here is the Apple Salad http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,1743,151175-253203,00.html (almost as good as a dessert) - Chop up 6 sweet/tart apples (I used the Honey Crisp variety - you could use half Red Delicious and half Granny Smith) with peels on for color. Chill and chop up 6 full size Snickers candy bars into smaller pieces or slices. Fold all together with 1, 8 oz. container of Cool Whip. Let sit at least 1 hour, or overnight in fridge before serving. Easily doubled, which is what I did, and had leftovers after 20 people.

I am baptizing my son this week too and I have decided to go with a build your own taco bar. I figure I can make the meat the day before and then just throw it in a slow cooker to heat up during the service. The veggies can be cut up and put in bowls the night before. We are also making fresh salsa and guacamole but you can buy that too. Everything will be pretty much ready when we get back from church.

Hi L.,

Being a mom of a newborn I think is tough and I always felt like at baptism celebrations, I wanted to feel relaxed and happy during the occasion (during and after). We ordered a party sub from Subway and everyone else brought something to add to the table I think or else I just added fruit, chips, and a pasta salad. I can't remember. The other time since my parents home was closer than mine to the church - she took on the stress and my MIL supplied a salad or two. I had c-sections so the stress and prep work was really not on my agenda especially between breast feedings. I'm not even sure if I was able to eat with everyone else b/c of nursing. I think catering is the way to go or else make sure you have something easy to do - buffet style.

God Bless your little Mazie!

We had a "build your own" sandwich bar at my elder daughter's baptism, with deli meat, fixings, choice of buns/bread, condiments, cheese, etc.--easy to store in the fridge & just pull out when we got home from church. I just shopped the day before & had everything ready to go. The deli was able to help me with quantities as well. Another twist--at my goddaughter's baptism, they ordered a sub tray from Subway and sent someone to pick it up on the way back from church while the family was taking pictures. Chips, a fruit bowl and/or veggie tray and dessert & the meal is done!

At my younger daughter's baptism, we served lasagna. It baked during the service and was ready when we were done. We also toasted garlic bread and served a lettuce salad. I believe my mom made a fruit bowl, and someone else provided a jello salad of some sort. Cake topped it off.

Anything in the crockpot will also work well. You can cook sloppy joes or turkey or roast the day before and warm it in the crockpot. I also like to make chili in the crockpot--I dump the ingredients together in the morning, and it is cooked by lunch or dinner (I do brown my hamburger on the stove with onion & garlic before putting it in the crock).

Whatever you serve will be wonderful! God's blessings to you and your family as your daughter is welcomed into your faith community.

Hi L., When I have family events at my home I make the easiest thing I can think of. Sloppy joes. They are easy and everyone loves them. I use ketchup and brown sugar. You would use just enough brown sugar to take away the ketchup taste. People love them!!


We just had our oldest daughter's confirmation last Sunday. We bought cooked beef brisket and prepared potato salad a week in advance from Sam's Club (I think the expiration dates on these were like 3 weeks from the date of purchase). We also bought a gallon can of baked beans, buns, chips, dip, and my mom brought the veggie tray and dip. We used an electric knife to slice the brisket nicely, dumped barbecue sauce on it, and put it in a low temperature oven (very tasty and tender!) and put the beans in a crockpot before leaving for church. You could also put the brisket in a crockpot or roaster depending on the amount you need. The potato salad and vegies were ready to go in the fridge. Our guests made sandwiches with the brisket and we got lots of compliments on a very simple meal! Add a cake, mixed nuts, and mints. We have done the sandwich bar before, but found this hot meal to actually be simpler since you don't have all the sandwich fixings to wash and prepare, takes less room in the fridge, and is less expensive than the deli meat and cheese.

You could make a bunch of meatballs the day before and heat them in a crockpot the day of the baptism. You can do this with mashed potatoes too. Make up a big green salad that morning, put it in the fridge and you've got a meal. Ice cream always makes a nice easy dessert.

I am not sure where you are located but sure you can get this anywhere. Festival foods has hot ham on Sundays and provide the equipment to heat the ham and the rolls. This was super easy for my family and we had a veggy tray, chips, the usual picnic type items. It was super easy and convenient with those items. Good luck and hope that helps!

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