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Bald Spot on the Back of My Newborn's Head

Hi, I have an 11 week old baby boy and he has lots of dark brown hair. Well, he sleeps on his back during the night and when he takes naps. He is also on his back when he is in the bouncy or swing too, well he now has a bald spot on the back of his head from lying down. When he sleeps he also moves his head back and forth which makes it rub more on his head. I try to put him to sleep during the day on his side, but he does not like it. Also, we work on tummy time throughout the day, various ways and he also hates that. So, with that being said, I try to do what I can to limit time on his back other than when he is sleeping, but he still has a bald spot! It looks horrible! I feel so bad about it, but I am sure it's normal. Any suggestions or advice? Thanks!

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All three of my sons had bald spots... Once they started getting older, sitting up and crawling their hair grew back. It looks horrible but most babies have it.

I was concerned about this when I had my baby , My hairstylist told me to buy a piece of silk and put it in the carrier or carseat where the babies head goes. It protects the hair from being rubbed off. I never had to do it because me baby was a side sleeper and wasnt in her carseat very often but she said she did that with her 3 kids and it worked. Good luck ! A.

Nothing to worry about, this happens to most babies. His hair will grow back. I guess it rubs off because it's so baby fine and soft.

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Perfectly normal. My friends brunette little girls "bald spot" came back in totally blond.....the rest turned blond eventually.


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It is normal and it will grow back so don't worry too much about it. If it helps put a hat on his head while he sleeps?

All three of my sons had bald spots... Once they started getting older, sitting up and crawling their hair grew back. It looks horrible but most babies have it.

I know you feel it looks horrible but probably no one else notices. That is so common for babies I wouldn't even take a second look. Try to relax, I am sure he is beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job. Just think, if this is the worst you have to deal with you will be one of the fortunate ones. Just enjoy your new baby boy and his hair will grow in in no time.

Hi A.,
Why does it bother you so much? ... You can either shave the hair in your baby's head and wait until it grows back. (it will grow and cover the place where the bald spot is now). or you could just put a hat on his head.

And take lots of pictures! they are adorable at this time.

When my baby was little (9 years ago) we had a support thing that kept her on her side. It had two wedges, connected under her by a piece of cloth. You might try it! Good luck!

I was concerned about this when I had my baby , My hairstylist told me to buy a piece of silk and put it in the carrier or carseat where the babies head goes. It protects the hair from being rubbed off. I never had to do it because me baby was a side sleeper and wasnt in her carseat very often but she said she did that with her 3 kids and it worked. Good luck ! A.

Girl that is tottaly normal all my 3 girls had it its from them sleeping on there back and rubbing there head so tatally normal i know it looks funny but it will grow back in about i month

I am the mother of 5, 3 boys and 2 girls they ate all grown an mosy ahve kids of their on, 2 of the boy were bron with lots of hair, and they lost it all by the time they wer 4 months old, It is a natural thing, as far as I know there is nothing you can do. It will grown back,by the way both girls were born bald, so they didn't have any hair to fall out.

Hi A.,
My Granddaughter had the same thing. It is from the back of the head being against a bed or seat. As soon as Colten begins to move around more that spot will quickly disappear. So don't worry and enjoy your new family with all your heart!!

This is not unsual at all. Don't worry about it. He will end up with a head full of hair. Just enjoy jim.

AS soon as the baby learns to turn over and starts sleeping in other positions the bald spot will disappear. In the scheme of things, if that's all you have to worry about with a new baby, you are lucky. Enjoy your precious gift.

Every baby has the bald spot now that dr. tell you to put newborns on their back. It doesn't hurt them and with the 6th or 7th month when they sit up and roll they start getting it back.

Hi A.. I've seen a lot of babies with bald spots. I have a son that is almost a year now and despite supposed "research" about SIDS he has been sleeping on his belly since he was an infant. Thus, he has no bald spot. Since that probably isn't an option for you because your son prefers to sleep on his back keep doing what you've been doing, limiting his back time when he's not sleeping. It'll grow back soon. In a couple months when he can roll and move around more you'll find him sleeping in all positions- side, stomache etc. His hair should grow back then!

Unfortunately that happens. My daughter is now 6months old & finally growing hers back. She was born with a head full of black hair and kept it for a long time. Eventually she had a big bald spot in the back and lots of thinning on the side of her head that she liked to lay on. Every morning she'd wake up and there would be hair all over the bed. I could scoop it up into a little ball. It made me nervous but the doc said it's her "baby" hair & it's normal. I did the same things you are doing now to keep her from lying on her back all the time. Now 6 months old her hair went from very thin & pretty bald in areas to a head full of hair again within just 2 weeks. No more bald spots & back to the bows :) Hope this helps!

Until your baby really starts rolling over alot and spending more time on his tummy, he's going to have a bit of a bald spot. My son who is now 8.5 months old had the same thing. We did tummy time at least 2-3 times a day, but since babies sleep on their back and aren't really able to control their head very well until at least 3-4 months when on tummy or in the upright position the spot just gets rubbed alot and the hair falls out. Don't worry, it's only temporary and his hair will grow back. What I did sometimes was during the day is I would let him sleep on his tummy on his playmat in our den. I would stay in the room and fold laundry or something like that so I could keep an eye on him and get stuff done. HTH.

My daughter is now 8 months old and she too had this along about the time we were 2-3 months old (from her swing and bouncy chair) Her head was also getting flat on the back and I tried to stay aware of this fact by not leaving her in the swing etc too much. It has all gone away now. She has a full head of hair and her head has rounded out in the back also.
Their little heads are still growing. The Dr had told me that it would mend itself and it did. Good luck!!

its normal most babys lose there hair when they are little all you can do is wait for it to grow back and the back of the head usually is the place they go bald at its ok

Congrats! It is very normal for your baby to have that bald spot. I normally don't say this, but look at other babies and most will have the same bald spot. I personally think it is cute and the hair I promise does grow back!:)

My son (now 19 months) did the exact same thing! I asked his pediatrician at one of his well baby appts and she said that it is from laying on his back during the night, naps, and just in general. Mainly, like you said, from his turning his head from side to side. And don't worry, it WILL grow back. Just as long as you are not leaving him lying down so much that the back of his head becomes flattened, it is perfectly normal. But, if you have any concerns, you should always consult his pediatrician. Hope this helps!


i would try putting a light hat on his head if he will tolerate it. it might still rub a little but not as much as his head being right on the surface you lay him on. also try putting a soft folded towel under his crib sheet where his head would be touching. the softness should help. but baby balding is normal until they can turn and move on their own. J.

I would not worry about it. It is perfectly normal and will grow back once he starts spending less time on his back. When my son was about 3 months I got him a BebePod chair so he could practice sitting more and this helped. Just be sure to watch him while he is in it. Once your son starts sitting/crawling it will grow back it.

Hi A., believe me, your son WILL grow his hair back. Both my niece and my friend's baby girl went through the very same thing and now they both have long, luscious, thick heads of hair. It's very common for babies who have a lot of hair and also have a little bald spot. It will definitely grow back so stop worrying. I hope this helps you. Take care & God bless!

Nothing to worry about, this happens to most babies. His hair will grow back. I guess it rubs off because it's so baby fine and soft.

Just so you know it's perfectly normal for the baby to wear a bald spot on their head. Unfortnately there is very little you can do for it. My son had the exact same problem. It is not a sign of a bad mother. Reality is until they learn to hold their head up and so forth they are usally sitting or laying on their back. You can try taking out those extra pads in pillows out of the swing or bouncy when they gain more head control. I always seemed to find my son's little red hairs stuck to one of those extra cushions in his favorite bouncy seat. You may even try to put a cap on his head so there is something there to protect his hair. Don't worry his hair will come back just fine. My son is 13 months now and I already have given him several haircuts becuase his hair grows so darn fast....lol

It is normal for babies to get balding spot cause they rub their heads and the hair just rubs off. Once he starts sitting up and walking all with look better cause he wont be laying down so much.. Remember to change sides that your baby lies on. Go from left side, right side, back and tummy time. That will be the best thing that you can do to help your baby!!!!!!!!And I understand that you baby might cry in different postions but hell get use to them soon enough.

this is very normal almost all newborns have bald spots my son did it's almost expected to be honest... all you can do is put a light hat on his head when he starts to roll and sit up the hair will come back as he starts to lay on his back less

Its perfectly normal. My son had the bald spot, and just about every baby I've ever known has had that spot. Eventually most babies wind up loosing all their new born hair, and new hair grows in.

Don't worry too much about it...it happens to many kids. When he is sleeping try to turn his head for him to the side.

I love your "letter"! This is very common in babies! My first son had lots of very dark brown hair and he did the same thing. When the baby's hair is dark, it just shows up more! It will grow back in soon. Baby hair is so fine, it just comes out (and rubs off) easier. BTW, my oldest is now 15, had a head full of thick dark hair and no bald spot! I can tell you just love that baby!

I think this happens to all baby's. Mine ended up with a bald ring all the way around his head. Now they have nice full heads of hair.

This is very normal and we all go through it with our babies. As he ages he'll sleep in different ways and the hair will return and even out. Just laugh this one off and rub his little bald spot with love.

Don't worry about it. You already know it's normal. My husband calls it "white-walls" His hair will fill in when he starts sitting up and crawling. My daughter's started to fill in when she could roll over so relief is bound to come soon. I would worry more about cradle cap. Now that looks horrible!

Don't worry it is normal, and other mom's won't even notice it. Those without kids are just not in the club. Anyway it will get better once he starts walking and drops his morning nap. Once he starts walking he will need more food, and the increased calories and vitamins will help his hair growth.

my daughter had the same problem and still has some what of a blad spot. just keep gaving him that tummy time and soon he will enjoy it. for sleeping we got her one of those that keeps the baby in the same place. we put it that would make her stay on her side.


Don't worry about it, it's completely normal. If you did lay him on his side he would probably end up losing it on the side. My nephew did this and had a head full of curls on top and nothing around the bottom. He's a cutie though. I'm sure you're is also.

There is really nohing you can do at this point. It will grow back. When he starts holding his head up really well you can sit him in an exersaucer or walker, with blankets around him for support, to get him off the back of his head for a little bit throughout the day. And he might even enjoy the different view. My name is K., from Blair, OK. I have a 13 month old son and another baby due in August.

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