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Bad Diaper Rash That Has Lasted More than One Week

My 17 month old daughter has had a bad diaper rash that has been there for more than one week. I have had balmex on it and its still really bad, does anybody know any other way to get rid of this, it looks very painful for her.

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Thank you all for your advice, I took her to the dr and it was a yeast infection and we were prescribed nystatin. Its only been a couple days and already looking better.

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hey my girls carried diaper rashes for weeks at a time whenthey were small try something called resinol cream on it, it worked for us and if it doesn't work the doctor said two of my daughters had yeast infections to get miconisol cream which is monostat, cleared it right up. Let me know if this helps.

My 20 month old had the same problem a couple of months ago, at Wal-mart with the diaper rash cream there is some that is called ButtPaste. Use that and Cornstarch in her diaper and if you don't mind to bad let her nap with a couple of towels wrapped around her bottom with cornstarch, no diaper. Dixie's cleared up in a couple of days after that. Good Luck..:)

i know this may sound weird but it does work...at least it does for my daughter...corn starch. It keeps the baby's bottom dry....and it heals it pretty quick....i am amazed by the improvement of my daughter's bottom after balmex, desitin, etc wouldn't work. And she was in so much pain until the corn starch...just use regular corn starch...it really works...let me know if it works for you....

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is her bottom bleeding and raw if so she has a yeast infection..If it just red you can use (I hope I spell this right)Budrowes butte paste you can get it at the pharmacy I am a peds nurse and we highly recommend this in our office....

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Aquaphor is what I have used since my oldest was a baby my doctor recommeded it and it was awesome next day rash will be so much better. Also if you have changed diapers or pull ups, my girls couldn't ever wear anything but Huggies and White Cloud brands. Hope this helps

You could try Beaudreaux's Butt Paste. It works better than anything i've used on all 3 kids. It's at Target, Walgreen's, etc.

Resinol! Behind the counter at pharmacy. You have to ask for it! Worked well on my babies.

i know this may sound weird but it does work...at least it does for my daughter...corn starch. It keeps the baby's bottom dry....and it heals it pretty quick....i am amazed by the improvement of my daughter's bottom after balmex, desitin, etc wouldn't work. And she was in so much pain until the corn starch...just use regular corn starch...it really works...let me know if it works for you....

My son went through that and it turned out to be a yeast infection. I was treating it as a diaper rash though. They gave me Nystatin for him. Within a few days it was cleared up. Good luck.

All of these are really good suggestions, the only thing i would add to it is make sure you leave the diaper off for a few moments to let the skin dry before you put ANY kind of ointment back on. If you wipe the area and immediately put the ointment on, you are locking in the wetness which only makes it worse. Put the ointment on a DRY bottom and it should work. Good luck!

This sounds like a bad yeast infection to me. Our doctor just has me buy an over the counter yeast cream, just like you would use if you had one. Our daughter has had a couple and this has always cleared them right up. If it is not better in the next three days I would take her to the doctor.

when my children were little babies they had very senisitive skin. the youngest one had the same problem yours is having know.I went to wal mart and bought some onitment caled Beaudreaux Butt paste i know its a silly name but it is the only thing that would work, and when I went to work for hospice that is what we used for bedsores on the patients and it worked also. Its a miricle cream. try putting that on her and letting her run around without a diaper as much as you can. also use aveeno bathproducts when you bath her they have a product that you can put in her bath, kind of like an oatmeal bath, trust me it works. but dont forget the buttpaste

You probably gotten an answer that helps, but I'm a firm believer in plain ole Corn Starch from the baking ailes at the store.... it will clear up that nasty rash in a day! Just use it like a powder between changes... let me know if it helps... good luck

I agree with the baking soda bath(they also make aveeno bath for babies)..And something that worked wonders for my daughter after she got out of the bath and let her dry really good I used Triple Paste..I found it at walgreens..The rash was gone is a few days..Hope this helps..

boudreaux's butt paste, it really worked for my daughter. She had some really bad rashes that would not go away, but this stuff really works. Try to let her bottom air out as much as possible too and you may consider changing diapers. I used an anti-fungal cream on occasion too. I believe my daughter was having a reaction to the diapers. White Cloud diapers seemed to work great for her and they're not very expensive.

good luck

Hi K.:

Years ago when my daughter had the same thing, it turned out to be a yeast infection. The doctor at that time told me to put some Monistat cream on her and it worked really well. Just about overnight. Try that. Hope she gets to feeling better. My daughter had it so bad that she would have blister on her tootie and it would crack and bleed. So, after putting Monistat cream on it, it cleared it right up. Hope it helps.


Hey, I work for a company, Arbonne, that sells a herbal diaper rash cream. Let me first say that the reason that most don't work is because they contain mineral oil. What mineral oil does is put a barrier on your skin, which sounds great, but it doesn't allow your skin to eliminate and absorb properly therefore no healing can take place. Arbonne's is formulated with absolutely no mineral oil and it works great! If you want more info, let me ____@____.com. I hope you find something that works, I completely understand both of my kids had horrible diaper rash! Good luck!

It could be a yeast infection type rash. For this, you would need to get some Nystatin ointment from your pediatrican. Be sure to give the baby lots of yogart or yogart containing juice and keep her bottom dry. My little girl gets rashes everytime we have to put her on antibiotics. sometimes, a long bath everynight with oatmeal in the water helps soothe it a lot. Hope this helps.

Two things that have always worked really well for me is the A&D Zinc Oxide & Aquaphor by Eucerin. If there is any blood at all or if it is extremely red and blood colored use the Aquaphor. If it isn't that severe then use the A&D. I worked in daycare for five years and now have my own almost a year and these are the best remedies I have found. Hope this helps!

I use the butt paste some people have suggested, which is GREAT! But my son did get a really bad diaper rash and my dr said good old crisco-put it on thick so the moisture can't get through to the diaper rash.

Hope this helps.

I never had luck with balmex!! I have used the good old home remedy of corn starch and vaseline with both my boys and it has worked wonderful. If the rash has little bumps in it more than likely it has veast in it. For this you can use some yeast infection medicine you buy over the counter or talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for NYSTATIN it works good as well.

YOu should try boudreauxs buttpaste, it is a miracle cream for diaper rash. You can alternate it and balmex if your child is sensitive to new things. If you have the chance let your child run around with no bottoms that will help get air to the bottom so it can heal faster. Also make sure that you change the childs diaper as soon as it is wet. Hopefully this will help. Good Luck!!

Hey K., I searched under webmd.com and they have a few home remedies for diaper rash. I have a two year old and all I used when he had a diaper rash was desitin and I made sure his diaper was changed as soon as they were wet or soiled. Maybe there are a couple of remedies that will work. Hope your daughter feels better.

plain corn starch and let her go with a diaper it works trust me my 4 month old gets them bad

Resinol is the name of the pink paste behind the pharmacy counter (no rx needed) just ask. it works great!

hey my girls carried diaper rashes for weeks at a time whenthey were small try something called resinol cream on it, it worked for us and if it doesn't work the doctor said two of my daughters had yeast infections to get miconisol cream which is monostat, cleared it right up. Let me know if this helps.

Our pediatrician recommended baking soda baths, vinegar wipes, etc. By the time we tried all of that, the rash with my son was so bad that he couldn't stand either one. By the time I had wiped his bottom and lifted his legs to put a clean diaper underneath him, the blood would run halfway down his little back. Poor thing. The ONLY thing that I found that works for him (and I tried EVERYTHING and came across this by chance) is an ointment called Triple Paste. I found it at CVS in a tube or a jar. The website is www.sumlab.com and their # is 800-533-SKIN. It's thick like Desitin, but for some reason, works better on his skin. Both of my kids are fair with light colored eyes and hair, just like their daddy.

Also, I try to remember that you don't need to wipe all the white off at every diaper change. Just gently wipe, pat dry with toilet paper and then reapply ointment. When he's got an active diaper rash, I use it at every diaper change. When he doesn't, I only use it at night. Having this stuff on hand is VITAL when he starts getting an upset tummy for whatever reason. He just has sensitive skin and all that wiping irritates it.

Another thing, check your wipes and get the kind that don't have alcohol or fragrance. They can be irritating. I use these all the time, but also try to have the refill on hand since I know his skin gets irritated so easily. However, I use the regular travel wipes when we're out, because that's all they make in trave size and I HATE those plastic travel wipes containers. They're bulky and hold 3 (or so it seems)!!!!! :-)

Hope this helps! Good luck with your little one. If you get really worried or if she seems to be in really bad pain, take her to your doctor. Our pedi did a check for staph, which I guess can happen when you have broken skin like that.

2 words... Boudreaus (sp) buttpaste.. It is great stuff. I love it. I have always used it with my 6 month old. He got a little rash and i used the buttpaste on it and next diaper change it was almost gone. Now i use it every diaper change. It is well worth the money.

My grandmother gave me an old remedy that works for my little boy when nothing else does. Whipping Cream, you buy it in the dairy section at the grocery store. You put a little bit in a bowl and just use your fingers to blot it on. The coldness of it takes the sting away. Don't put a diaper back on for a little while so that air can get to her bottom. I have tried Budreaux's butt paste, it works really well, but when he has sever diaper rashes nothing works. Most diaper rash creams just create a barrier and don't let air in. But for my son when his were so bad they were bleeding, the Whipping Cream and no diaper worked wonders in a hurry.

The best thing that I ever used is called Nystatin ointment. You have to get it from your doctor. I used it on my son and within 1-2 days it was completely gone. In my opinion, it works miracles...lol. Hope that helps...good luck.

YES!!! Put on as much vasoline as you can on it. It will go away fast, almost overnight. My daughters doctor told me this a few years ago. Just put it on thick everytime you change her. I promise it will go away in a day or two. But you will see a drastic change in about 8 hours. Hope this helps.

I like boudreaux's butt paste and my pedi's recommendation is a retinol (?)...something like that. You can only get it from behind the drug counters, but it doesn't require a prescription. It's light pink in color...

Air it out as much as possible, no hot baths...only cool ones with oatmeal is best.

i know that you have probably got what you need but when my daughter got a really REALLY bad diaper rash. i got some stuff from her dr. it was called HAPPY HINEY. and let me tell you, it was a GOd sent. it worked so well. her rash cleared up in like 1 day. it only takes a little dab too. good luck.

My daughter has had one lately also so I asked a friend about it and she said her doctor gave her a recipe for a diaper paste that consists of equal parts of Desitin (plain) or A & D Ointment, Lotrimin, and Hydrocortisone cream. Then you mix in a tiny bit of Maalox or Mylanta (regular, not extra strength or anything). The consistency will be just like regular diaper rash cream. It has been helping my daughter, so I hope it helps yours as well.

As others have mentioned it has probably went from diaper rash to yeast that will require something along the lines of a Monistat for babies from your doctor/pharmacy. Also may I suggest a little naked time. Sounds weird, but after bath time at night (especially if my little guy has a rash) we let him run around and play naked until he dries. Keep him in the bathroom where it's warm from the bath water and let him play until his tush dries completely before you put another diaper on that traps moisture. Every once in a while i may have to clean up tinkle, but it's worth not having a crying baby with a sore bottom. Just like a woman with a rash or infection...doc says to wear loose fitting clothing to allow air flow.

I love Nystatin. (sp.?) You have to get it from a doctor but it works miracles. And try leaving her diaper off too if you are not already doing that. You can let her air out so her private area wont be so suffocating in her diaper.

Hey K.~ My first son had this and I tried every cream known to man, then I took him to the Dr. and found out it was a yeast rash. They presribed a cream and it went away in a day.
Now my second son had a rash like that also and I thought that might have been yeast too, so I took him to the Dr. and it turned out to be an allergic reation, he is allergic to lactose. I cut out all dairy and he hasnt had one since. Hope this helps.~C.

Dab a cotton ball in Maalox or Mylanta (stomach medicine) and put on baby's bottom. Then cover in favorite diaper rash cream. Works like a charm! Recommended from our pediatrician.
She also may have a yeast infection. They look similar to diaper rashes but are much redder and sometimes have raised bumps all around bottom. Check with your doctor. This would require an antibiotic.

My kids are a little older but the best thing I ever found was Dr. Talbert's (I can't remember how to spell it). I'm not sure where you buy it, though. But if you can get your hands on some, it works wonders.

I hae just gone through the same thing with my 7 month old. The rash was so red and raw. I was very concerned. He would start crying as soon as he heard the diaper being opened. You need to go to your pediatrician and get a prescription for nystatin AND bacitracin. This stuff worked miracles. I just rotated applying these.

Good luck!


Go to Walgreen's pharmacy counter and ask them for a jar of Resinol. I don't know why the only way you can get it is if you ask for it. It is really great stuff.It will clear it up in no time. Just make sure that you put powder over it or else it will soak into the diaper.

Try doing a baking soda bath. Put her in lueke warm water with baking soda. Let her sit in the water and play. Dry her bottom good and let her go diaperless for a little while. This always helped with my 2. Good luck.

She might have a yeast infection. I would take her to the pediatrician and have him/her look at it. If it is not yeast my mom swears by desitin and amonds medical powder.(not sure if I spelled it right)

My daughter had a very persistent diaper rash when she was around 4 months and very tried everything! I called a nurse at her pediatricians office and she told me to try something called Saratoga Cream. You can get it at regular pharmacies but they keep it behind the counters for some reason. Its a little expensive and smells like eucalyptus but it works like a charm. The rash was gone in a couple of days and we keep a little on hand for emergencies. If that doesn't work you might need to rule out a yeast infection, sometimes little girls get those easier than I thought. Hope that helps!

Hey K.!

This is my recommendation after dealing with HORRID diaper rash from my twins who would get it, especially after the holidays or birthday when they had a cupcake or cookie. (Too much sugar...)

1. Bourdeau's Butt Paste is excellent stuff!!! Stay away from A and D oinment...it just stings. (The twins screamed when I used it!) Balmex and Desitin...okay...but butt paste...WONDERFUL STUFF!!!

2. Don't use wipes as much as you can. They contain alcohol which can be painful! Here is a formula for homeade wipes: The softest thickest paper towels you can find, baby oil, and water. (The best way to do this is...) Mix baby oil and water, about half and half in tupperware container. Shake well. Take the towel before you start to change her and begin to soak it in solution...by the time you get to it...it should be good. Be sure to use clean towel everytime in the solution or you will contaminate the solution.

3. Check her diet. Sometimes too much juice, fruit, sugar, or anything can cause diaper rash. Juice, fruit and sugars did this to my son especially. He still couldn't have strait juice at the age of 4 or his bowels would be runny.

Well, hope this has helped. Take care and hope things are better soon!


Not sure where you live, but there is something called Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It is the best. You can usually find it at Walmart in the Mobile area. Good Luck!


This was given to me when our first child was in the hospital as an infant. It works wonderful. you can get it at your drugstores, i get my at walgreens . it is behind the pharamacy counter, it is called calmoseptine ointment. i would also get some blue pads and sit her down after a bath to air out as often as you can. then put some of this cream on. good luck, it will help

My 18 month old daughter had that issue several months ago. I found that baking soda in the bath helped with the rash some. I also let her have more time after the bath to really have the rash exposed to the air so no diaper for about a half hour after the bath. I also found that A&D ointment is very useful when they have this bad rash - it helps heal the skin and doesn't seem to sting as much when applied - at least my little one didn't thrash around as much. Good luck.

It sounds to me like this may be a yeast infrction. I went through this with my daughter when she was just over a year old, and I finally took her to her pediatrician. Hers turned out to be a severe yeast infection. He gave me a prescription for nystatin, and told me to let her go w/o a diaper as much as possible. Hope this helps!!

My little guy didn't have many problems with this but my cousin's little boy did. Their pediatrician had them put real cornstarch in a container and sprinkle him with it at every diaper change and it seemed to work. When my son was a newborn though he had a bad diaper rash from antibiotics and the hospital used then gave me a mixture of half desitin and half hydocortizone cream 1% and that worked for that.

I would have it checked for a staph infection. Usually a staph infection will have little bumps that may look like they have a little pus in them and it will just get worse. Don't make the bumps burst if they are present. This will spread the infection. In the meantime you can buy a wash that comes in a bluish green bottle that has red, runny soap in it. It is called "Hibiclens." Doctors scrub up with it and when my daughter had a staph infection he told us to use it. (I use it ever couple days when they take a bath. Every day when they have a diaper rash.) It is a little pricy but a little goes a long way. Use that and it will help it from spreading until you can get to a doctor. If it is a staph infection the doctor will probably give you a script for "Bactroban". Great antibiotic cream that is fast working and clears up yeast, staph, etc. Good luck....

K., i work in a pediatricians office and would recommend that if you have been putting balmex on it for a week and it is not better that you likely need a prescription cream to clear it up. It is incredibly common to get yeast in the diaper area and this will require a prescription for nystatin to get rid of it. Bacterial infections are not as common so using bactroban or neosporin without letting your doctor see it first is a bad idea. My daughter recently had a terrible diaper rash and I mixed a prescription powder called Colestid in with a tube of balmex and the rash cleared up in two days. Good luck!

Go any pharmacy counter and ask for Resinol. My son use to have diaper rashes like that. His ENT doctor told me to try this and it really works. You will see results almost immediately. I know for fact that Walmart keeps it in stock, most other places might have to order it. I hope that this helps you.


Theres one cream called triple paste. You can get it at a pharmacy, but you do not need a prescription. I have used it several times and it works better than anything I've ever seen. I hope this helps.

feed your little one yogurt....it helps on the inside to re-balance their ph and stuff in the urine, nystatin, and cornstarch or a cornstarch based powder...lots of air and exposure to sunlight if possible, i would rotate the nystatin, powder and a triple antibiotic ointment, my little girl has the most sensitive skin...i fight rashes constantly, especially in the summer.

try calmoseptine ointment lady at our pharmacy give me some samples and my daughter can get a little red and i can put it on her a few diaper changes and its gone

My daughter had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away and my pediatrician recommended something called Domeboro. You can only get it at small family apothecary type stores. But it works wonderfully. You follow the directions on the pack and soak a wash cloth or cloth diaper in it. Place the cloth inside her diaper for 20 minutes and then take it out. Do this twice a day and it will be cleared up in a day or two.

My 20 month old had the same problem a couple of months ago, at Wal-mart with the diaper rash cream there is some that is called ButtPaste. Use that and Cornstarch in her diaper and if you don't mind to bad let her nap with a couple of towels wrapped around her bottom with cornstarch, no diaper. Dixie's cleared up in a couple of days after that. Good Luck..:)

Hi, K. my daughter had a problem with diaper rashes when she was around that age. She is 5 now, but I tried everything from diaper creams and someone even told me to use something like vagisil, but none of that worked, I eventually had to take her to the doctor and they prescribed her a custom paste, that you have to get filled at a pharmacy that has a compound machine, and that worked great, it cleared it up quick. I hope that helps, I know how bad you feel for her! Let me know if I can help you in any other way, K..

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