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Bad Breath in 1 Year Old

My 14 month old son seems to have bad breath. He already has most of his molars (doctor said it was slightly early but not a problem. I brush his teeth for him best I can but I don't use toothpaste because I read it could be unsafe for him at such a young age. He has a doctors appointment in a few weeks but I would love some advice on this now...I am not sure what to do but it really stinks!

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I would take him to the doctor - bad breath could be a sign of an infection!

Jenn Smith

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Hi J.,

Really what is not good for kids about the toothpaste is the fluoride because they tend to swallow so much of the paste when they're brushing. You can get fluoride free tooth paste in various flavors at the grocery store- I use the "Toms" brand in strawberry and my son asks to brush his teeth because he likes the flavor. Then I also found that using the battery tooth brush works really well because it rotates in his molars and seems to clean better ( I do it for him). Of course once he brushes before bed no more milk or juice- only water. The only other thing I would say is to double check if it really is a problem with his teeth and not something else having to do with his digestion or his gums- if he has any food sensitivities or allergies it could be he's eating something his body can't digest properly. Good luck.

Try Orajel Toddler toothpaste. It's safe to swallow because it's fluoride-free. There are different flavors. It might help!

According to my daughter's dentist, bad breath in kids often has nothing to do with their teeth. A lot of kids breathe through their mouths without realizing they're doing it, which dries the mucus membranes and causes bacteria to build up. The bacteria causes the bad smell. Until the child learns how to breathe correctly there's not much one can do.

Chronic bad breath can also be due to a stomach issue, so definitely take your son to the doctor to rule out a medical problem. Good luck!

I have used this special toothpaste for babies since my daughter grew teeth! ha ha, buit it is safe for them and safe to swalow because it doesn't have flouride in it, they can get flouirde from other places, but they have differeent flavorsit is made by orajel it is called orajell toddler( training toothpaste) and has little bear on the front. I get it at any pharmacy and I think they have it in teh supermarkets, it just maybe with the baby stuff.on the back of the tube it has thewebsite if u have questions--- orajel.com---- hope this helps

Check up his nose with a small flashlight or have the doctor look,there could be something he might have put up there my kids were famous for that.My son had the same problem and it turned out he ripped a piece of that foam egg crate material used for beds and shoved it up his nose. No one knew about it and it was a month before we started to smell how rancid his breath was. They pulled it out with ease gave me saline nose drops to use for about a week (the spongey material dried up the nasal passage) and the problem resolved itself. I'm not a doctor but it could be a possibility---Good luck

There is non-flouride toothpaste made for toddlers. It's called Orajel Toddler Training toothpaste. It comes in fruity and bubble gum flavors.

They have toothpaste that is safe for kids to swallow. My son is 15 months and i use it on him. It usually comes with a toothbrush for about $7 or $8 at CVS.

Ask the dr if he has a sinus/nasal infection. That can be the culprit. my brother was notorious for that and had bad breath.

I am a dental hygienist. Make sure you brush his tongue as well as his teeth. Brush forward if he can stick his tongue out, never brush back toward the throat. The tongue also gets coated with plague and can cause an odor. Also if a person has a allergies or sinus problems it can be from the mucus,and tonsils can have an ordor. ask your pediatrician sometimes plain saline solution can help. believe it or not it can come from the stomach, but again you need to speak to your pediatrician. Good luck.


They do make toddler toothpaste that is safe for kids. Look for the Oral B stages. I also have the same problem with my oldest ( 3 1/2 yrs old ) and have been told it is not his teeth put rather post nasal drip. He has bad allergies. So just as long as you brush the best you can you should be ok.

I would take him to the doctor - bad breath could be a sign of an infection!

Jenn Smith

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