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Back Pain Carrying Twins

i am only 4 months pregnant and we just found out we're having twins!however my body isn't as thrilled as we are my back is constantly throbbing and aching, i'm not sure if it's because of the twins or if it's something else. i'm also not sure if muscle rub is safe to use during pregnancy if anyone has experience with this situation please let me know what you did because between this and the morning sickness i've had about all i can take!

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i am definitely going to see a chiropractor. my doctor prescribed vicodin but i don't want to start taking those. so thanks for all the great advice!

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You need to get into regular chiropractic care with someone that deals with pregnant women. Dr. Christine Moore in Plano is the one I would see. ###-###-####

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Hi Y.!

Congratulations on your twins! I have 4 month old twin boys. I had alot of back problems when I was pregnant. I remember just holding/supporting my belly helped so much. Also sleeping with the Snoogle was amazing! I have mine for sell if you want it. It helped support my tummy and back while I slept. It was the best sleep I got during my pregnancy. I was mad that I didn't invest in it sooner. I didn't try the belt, but it might have helped. I just remember holding my belly up with my hands was a huge relief. I wish you all the luck and congrats again!

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I am the mom of 4 year old twin girls. I too had horrible back pain. My girls were big and I also had a large fibroid growing with them so it was like carrying triplets. I am only 5'3" so they had no where to go but out which put a tremendous strain on my back. Maternity belt worked well for me. Used a maternity pillow and wedges. By about 6-7th month I ended up sleeping in a recliner. Between the back pain, insomnia and acid reflux sleeping sitting up was more confortable. I also made my husband and mom give me lots of back rubs. I did end up going to a chiropractor and message therapist after the babies were born for several months. Good luck to you. It's all worth it. By the time the babies are born you'll forget all about the rest of the stuff until someone reminds you.

Congratulations on your twins! I had severe back pain early on with my second baby and I remember some of the things that helped me the most was a heating pad or a relaxing bath which I know is not easy for you with a 16 mth old to just jump in the water when you want too.
So, I would try the heating pad and possibly some tylenol if you need it before the muscle rub. It's less messy as well.

I'm really not sure if you can use the muscle rub or not during pregnancy so I would just ask your nurse. I would think it's safe to use but you never know. Unfortunately the back pain will most likely be a problem for you until you have the babies so just try and take it easy and stay off your feet as much as possible. You'll probably be ordering in for dinner alot more during the pregnancy. : )
Good luck with your new babies!

Although I dont have one to recommend specifially, I would strongly encourage you to go see a chiropractor!! Things shift so much when you are pregnany and a chiro can very safely and effectively help your body adjust to the changes. And, a nice warm bath always helps me out. You might want to look into a maternity belt too. Although I dont need one until later in my pregnancy, it does help relieve some of the pain. Best of luck to you and your growing family!! ~A.~

I'd def check with your ob-gyn before using any kind of a rub. There's that female athlete that recently died from using too much of that rub -- it's absorbed into your body and thus into your blood stream... may not be the best thing to do...

I echo the chiro and highly recommend going to a yoga class for pregnant women. The especially designed stretches calm and strengthen your muscles throughout your pregnancy and help you be stronger for your delivery. Just going to that calming atmosphere regularly carries over and helps you deal with all stress. God bless and good luck.


Congratulations on your twins. I, too am a mommy of twins who just turned two a month ago. I don't really have any remedies because honestly, I just endured it. I hope you have a safe and "long" pregnancy but go ahead and prepare yourself mentally that carrying multiples is harder on the body. My first single pregnancy was a breeze but the second left me beaten and battered LOL. I tell you, when the doctor pulled my second baby out at the c-section, I immediately felt such relief. So hang in there, it's not easy but it is temporary.

Check out some pre-natal chiropractors and pre-natal yoga instructors. My daughter used both with the back pain she experienced. Both helped a lot.

Dr. Cindy Haggerton at Lifetime Family Wellness Center is a chiropractor who specializes in working with pregnant women. She is also a trained doula. I highly recommend checking out her services. Your first appointment is free, allowing you to ask her questions and be evaluated.

Hope you're feeling better soon and have a happy, healthy pregnancy!


You need to get into regular chiropractic care with someone that deals with pregnant women. Dr. Christine Moore in Plano is the one I would see. ###-###-####

I too started with severe back pains at 4 months and had hyperemesis for 9..and I had a single pregnancy. I can't imagine carrying 2. Like the other mommies mentioned, chiropractor. I was a huge skeptic until my ob said that it was that or occasional tylenol. Like that would touch the pain.
Absolutely wear good, supportive tennis shoes--always. I know it looks goofy (try wearing them with a suit) but your back will thank you. Also, even though your belly might not be that big, the extra wide supportive belts (at babies-r-us) really helped even before the belly was big. There are massage therapists that specialize in pregnancy and pregnancy related "ailments". It was a definite splurge, but sooo worth it!!
As others mentioned, the body pillows really help to support you when you are sleeping so that you aren't putting additional pressure or strain on your back. My pain prevented me from sleeping, concentrating, working, and walking any faster than a turtle (okay, maybe a little faster, but barely).
The pain become so incredibly unbearable that my chiro recommended a pain management doctor who after consulting my ob administered an epidural on two occasions. (they use the same medicine used to mature babies lungs while in-utero, so it does no harm to the baby-but it can induce labor). This procedure does alleviate the pain but doesn't remove it.
I can't imagine the joy in bring 2 little ones into the world at once.

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