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Back Arching

My 4 month old has acid reflux and she is arching her back and crying. Could these two things be related, does anyone have a suggestion for acid reflux. I also am breast feeding. Thanks.

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Thank you for all of your help. I have cut dairy out of my diet and that seems to help her back arching and crying...the spitting up continues. I also have a perscription of Zantac. This combo seems to help. Thank you for all of your help and encouragements.

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Maybe you should try going to a great chiropractor. I had a friend that only had to take her baby once and she was better. She refused to give her the meds. Fo some research and find one that is great with kids. =)

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My son did the same thing, I had to take him to the hospital for an overnight observation and to have a series of tests done. The prescribed him Prevacid. It did help but then he started like projectiling throw up so I took him off of it.

My daughter really did the arching of back and crying she was just colicky. It was really really tough! Good luck!


My daughter, K. (GREAT NAME), is 7 month old and she has arched her back since the she was born. She throws herself back, stiffens up and arches her back. If I had to guess I would say the two are NOT related. She does not have acid reflux.

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I've heard that probiotics are really good for babies' digestive systems--you know, the friendly bacteria that's in yogurt. Ask your ped. about if you could give some sort of supplement? I do know several babies who were put on acid reflux meds..

Hope that helps?

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K., arching of the back and crying are classic signs of reflux. Both of my babies had it and most outgrow it by a year or sooner. Zantac worked wonders with both of mine, although it tastes horrible. I had to pump breastmilk and mix the medicine with the milk and then give it in a bottle - a lot of work, but worth it for the comfort of my babies! I would visit your pediatrician to get a prescription.

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They are definitely related! Our pediatrician told us babies will arch their back in an attempt to stop the burning feeling in their chest- I'm not sure it actually helps- but it's a sort of reflux... reflex. There are a number of things you can try... holding baby upright for at least 30 minutes after eating. Holding upright- or at least at an incline while feeding- a wedge pillow for sleep ( you can buy online- amazon, target.com). The pillow stopped helping our little girl once she began to roll around in her sleep, and was ending up inclined DOWNwards! yikes! Make sure you buy one that has a cover, and is firm and safe and stays in place- DON'T make your own, too risky for suffocation!

Our 8 month old still has reflux, and we had to resort to Prevacid, and continue to hold upright for 30 minutes after each feeding. She used to cry horribly all day, couldn't eat, sleep, etc- First we tried Axid- which helps the sphincter atop the stomach to close when it should. Not much help- so we moved on to Prevacid. Expensive- but SO worth it.

Another factor might be getting too much of the "early milk" in the session, and not the later, richer milk. If we switched sides too often, or fed frequently but really shortly (hard to avoid with the fussiness- i know- a vicious circle!) then, I was told, baby feels full, but not for long, and overfeeds on the more watery milk, which upsets the stomach more- the overfeeding. (?!) Confusing? The best advice I gleaned from this idea- was to make sure I stick with one side until it empties- even if we take a break for a while. I also pump when I can (usually morning and night- when my husband is around to help with the baby)- and us feeding her these portions where you know the fatty milk is mixed in with the thinner milk- might have helped somewhat. I know it helped me get a break in the night, so he could bottle feed her.(and hold her upright for 30 minutes after)

I understand what you're going through- it's a terrible time, worrying about baby getting enough food and sleep- when you probably aren't getting enough of these things either!! Hang in there- see your pediatrician- and it DOES get better! With us, it took a prescription. And of course, time. I never thought I'd have trouble remembering how awful it was- but it's seems so far behind us now! You'll get there!!!

Best of Luck! Things will get better soon!!

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Great to hear you are breastfeeding! It is THE best thing you can do for your baby. I don't have any experience with reflux, but wanted to encourage you to keep your nursing up, regardless of what some pediatricians might say. For more support on breastfeeding issues, contact your local La Leche League. They are very helpful and can be a good place to turn when it seems that other people (i.e. doctors, friends, in-laws) are advising you against nursing.

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My daughter had the same thing, but we noticed it at 2 weeks. She did have reflux, but also had a dairy allergy. Her doc perscribed her Pepcid. It doesn't stop the reflux, but it coats the esophagus so that the acid does not wear away at it. It did help with the back arching. Most babies outgrow this by the time they start eating solid foods. My daughter grew out of the reflux at 6 mos, but still is seriously allergic to all dairy at 21 mos. I would check with your doc and good luck!

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Maybe you should try going to a great chiropractor. I had a friend that only had to take her baby once and she was better. She refused to give her the meds. Fo some research and find one that is great with kids. =)

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My son is 3 months and he has had bad reflux since birth, he would always cry and arch his back as well as throw up and spit up a ton, our doctor had our son tested for pyloric stenosis,just to be on the safe side. Then doctor prescribed us liquid baby zantac the I give to him every morning and every night. I also bought a crib wedge, it is a foam triangle that I put under the crib mattress so he sleeps laying in an upright angle it helps use gravity so while he is sleeping the acid doesn't come up as much. If you haven't already I would schedule an appointment with the pediatrician.

My daughter had that as an infant and yes, arching back is part of it. She eventually grew out of it, so to speak. They are better off being kept as upright as possible, less pain/discomfort. So once they can sit up on their own, the discomfort often subsides. Also, watch your diet. Can you eat less of the things that might cause reflux? Also, is it possible that she has thrush? This can also cause problems while nursing/feeding (crying, arching), but I'm not sure if it's related to reflux. Talk to a LACTION CONSULTANT about it (NOT a doctor). I had two kids with bad cases of it and the doctors were not helpful and don't really give thrush much credibility unless they are growing fur in their mouths (practically)! One dr was a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist and I kept saying I thought it was thrush. He was ready to do some major procedure, but I home treated for the thrush and problems DISAPPEARED! You have to treat the baby AND yourself (and any bottles if you use them and pitch any saved milk)while you're nursing. Look into it. Good luck!

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