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Babysitting Rates - Minneapolis, MN

What is the current acceptable hourly rate for babysitting? I began paying a (teenage) sitter $6.50 an hour, but I think I may have started an expensive precedent. Is that too much? I'm only paying for one child.

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I'd love to hear what you learn!

We've been doing:
$10 for college student / grad student ("nanny" time)
$6 for high-school student
$5 for junior-high student

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I haven't yet hired a teenage sitter, but I've heard from a few "more experienced" moms, that even teenagers are expecting close to $10/hour. Based on what I've heard, I don't think you're paying too much.

I pay $10/hr to a college student for one 14 month old.

I asked a friend (because we were new in town) and she said it's between $5 and $6 depending on how many kids etc... We paid ours $6 for 2 kids and one was in bed before we left. I even asked the babysitter's mom and she didn't really know and when you ask the babysitter herself, she is usually too shy to say. $6.50 seems a bit high for one child--unless of course it's an infant with diapers to change and all.

We paid $5/hr for one child, and now for two, keep it at $5/hr but than add a "bonus" at the end depending on how long she was there, what time of day, what she had to do, etc. Usually it's about an extra $10-15 a night for the second child.

We pay our 9th grade sitter a little less than our college age sitter since the college one drives herself, has been with us for over 3 years, etc.

Don't know if that helps! :)

I don't think that $6.50 hr is too bad, if she does a good job and you trust her/him.

My sister-in-law pays $13.00 an hour for 2.

That seems about right. I pay $10 an hour for two children. I want responsible babysitters, so I am willing to pay a little more than others might for a good sitter.

I pay college age sitters $10 - 13 an hour, depending on qualifications (CPR/First Aid) and any early childhood education classes. We only have one child and only ask that they interact with our child, no housework, etc. There have been many people that would not work for us because they wanted $15 an hour plus+++.

I think it's great if you have found a reliable teenager to pay them $6.50 an hour.

Wow, where are you finding a girl for $6.50??? All of mine want $10 or more for a 5 year old!!!!

Well, I'm in Mpls. too and that sounds like a good rate. I have twins and I pay college age sitters $12 - $15, and everyone in my neighborhood does too. I did have a "tweener" and paid her $6 to start two years ago, then $7, then $8 when she handled a whole night with bedtime routines.
I don't know how old your child is, but if the sitter is doing bedtime it seems fair. Make sure they clean the kitchen! :-)
I'd love to know what other people think though!

For only 1 child that sounds like alot, unless your child is high maintenance or difficult. I pay my teen babysitters $4/hour.

I'd love to hear what you learn!

We've been doing:
$10 for college student / grad student ("nanny" time)
$6 for high-school student
$5 for junior-high student

I don't think that $6.50/hr is unreasonable (I actually pay $8 +/hr for one child). Taking care of a child is a big responsibility. The work should be taken seriously and the compensation should reflect high expectations.

I too have one child and we pay our babysitter $10 an hour. The reason for the higher price is that she is a college graduate with an early childhood degree. We love her and think that she is worth every penny! I hope this helps.

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