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Babyproof Christmas Tree

Hi Moms- I have an 18 month old curious boy. I plan to put up my Christmas Tree this weekend but am hesitate to do the same old tree. We have an artifical one with lights already connected to it. I am worried about the glass bulbs and ornaments. I know many people either forget a tree with kids this age or decorate only up high. I would prefer to do neither. I am looking for fun, cute ideas on how to decorate this year so that if my son does get to the tree he won't hurt himself or ruin my exspensive ornaments, any ideas? I thought of paper snowflakes of course but hesitate on the popcorn strands... help!! What are you doing to babyproof your tree? Also do I wait to put out presents on Christmas Eve to avoid him opening them?

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Thank you so much for all of your wonderful responses. So.. my tree is up and decorated. I choose to make homeade ornaments using Sammie's recipe but tweaked a bit (closer to the family fun recipe with less cinnimon). It wasn't difficult just time consuming as far as the wait time for them to harden. My husband even got into making them so that was fun. I also cut oranges and lemons thinly sliced and baked them at 200 degrees for about 6 hours. It made my house smell incredible and they look very pretty on my tree. I didn't want to have to put up a gate around my tree so I haven't. My son was curious when the tree was first up and put his finger through one of the oranges but has since left it alone. I also choose to leave my breakables up high or packed away and instead got out my collection of christmas precious moments stuffed dolls. They look so cute surrounding the tree and can't be damaged if Alex plays with them. As for presents we may attempt having one out to see if he will leave it alone otherwise we will just wait until Christmas Eve. Again thanks for everyone's amazing ideas. I love this site!

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I bought plastic ornaments for my youngest's first Christmas. I did have presents under the tree, but just kept repeating that they were not to be touched. I have the feeling that I will be saying the same thing this year to my youngest, and she's 3!

Craft stores like micheals and even walmart sell the foam ornaments in a set. He can help you decorate the foam ornaments the hang them on the tree.
When my daughter was that young we had glass ornaments. I gave them to my sister and her husband because they didn,t have any.
Now I have non-breakables and we have special ornaments. I buy an ornament eeach year for each of my kids. Something that their intrested in like a Hannah Montana ornament for my daughter and my son cars. Each year is diffrent. When they grow up the will have thier ornaments. It is fun my daughter is five and it is interesting to see the ornaments from her.


When my son was a toddler, we used a tabletop tree on top of a table, and any presents we put out we put on the table. Because he was not able to reach any of the goodies, we didn't have any problems. Anything that he can get to will be a constant issue, so design it so that it is out of his reach.

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Hi S.!
Lots of great ideas on here already! Mine isn't new, just wanted to share that some ideas listed below worked for me. My son was 12 months last Christmas and of course totally fascinated with the tree. I put ornaments that were stuffed or non-breakable without any small parts (and no hooks to hang them) on the bottom few rows. It was a good teaching opportunity about not touching, but then I also allowed him (only with mommy) to take one off at a time and look at it, then hang it back on the tree. Good for teaching that everything has it's place and the hanging it back up helps with fine motor skills. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Hi S....

When my daughter was young, we went with a bit smaller tree, and to keep her away from it and getting hurt, we set the tree up inside her playpen! Worked great, also kept the presents out of reach too! Food for thought! Good luck!

What I did with my sons was to put up the tree like normal and to put all the breakable ornaments up high. I put the others down low. My ornament collection is very eclectic, so I have some soft ones or ones that are painted wood. I also have a series of pewter ornaments that they could touch and if they pulled them down it was fine. They never really bothered the lights. The first Christmas I put the lights on the tree and then waited a few days before putting the ornaments on. My first son was relly interested in the lights and I let him touch with one finger - he was almost 1yo. When I put the ornaments on I just had to watch him more closely around the tree for the first few days and then he was fine. He'd crawl under the tree and lay on his back and look up at the lights - you should try that, it's a neat perspective.

Regarding the gifts I would wait until Christmas Eve to put them out. Those are hard to resist, especially since he's old enough to realize what's in them. GL

I have a little boy the same age. Luckily i have no glass ornaments so that is not an issue. i have a simple recipe to make ornaments you roll them out and cut them with cookie cutters and its all stuff you can eat so they won;t hurt kids or pets. Okay.....
2-3 cups of cinnamon
1 cup applesauce
1/2 cup or so of elmers glue
just mix til consistency is of cookie dough then roll and cut put on cookie sheets and poke a hole in the top to put a string through and let dry for 24 hours they are simple and cheap and cute good luck

Our son was curious also, but we love Christmas time.

What we did the first time was put up an artifical tree (ours doesn't have the lights already attached) and attached it to the walls with string about 2/3 of the way up (we have cats so have to do this no matter what kind of tree it is). Instead of the glass ornaments we purchased some wooden ones (Wal-mart or Target for $1 each), different color candy canes, and some large metal jingle bells. We put the bells on the bottom branches so we knew if a kid or cat was messing with the tree or presents, then scattered the rest of the ornaments and canes throughout the tree. The really fun part is, now that our son is 4, he is able to help us decorate the tree with these same ornaments and canes and we don't have to worry about him dropping one and breaking it.

We put out gifts when they were purchased and wrapped (except for some special ones). The bells warn us and it's good to start teaching him early that the presents don't get touched until Christmas. Him seeing them ahead of time will make Christmas morning that much more exciting for him.

Do the best you can but don't get to freaked out about what might happen. He will feel it if you do and will not enjoy the holiday as much.

PS - as for lead in the artifical trees, we always had artifical trees when I was growing up (I'm alergic to pine trees) and my brothers and I turned out okay. :-)


When my son was a toddler, we used a tabletop tree on top of a table, and any presents we put out we put on the table. Because he was not able to reach any of the goodies, we didn't have any problems. Anything that he can get to will be a constant issue, so design it so that it is out of his reach.

I've seen people put the tree in the pack-in-play you can also put presents in it that way and everything is out of reach. It's not the cutest thing but you can still have your tree and your favorite decorations, without having to worry about it getting tipped over

I have a 16 month old... I'm planning on making the old style (think 70s) felt ornaments in shapes of stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbreab men... those will be safe for her to play with and we'll still get to enjoy our tree. And I would DEFINANTLY wait on putting out presents until Christmas eve... but I have considered getting a few little decorated gift boxes to put under the tree for her to play with and put things in if she wants. I've seen them at the $ store. Good luck!

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