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Baby Won't Eat Veggies or Meat Baby Food

Hello everyone I was wondering if someone could help me with my 6 1/2 month old. At about 4 months the pedi said I could start giving baby food and to start with the veggies and then go to the fruits. So that's what I did and he did fine with all of the foods. Well now we went back to the dr's and he said we could start him on the meats and a veggie at night and fruit in the morning for breakfast. Well I think he got spoiled over the last few weeks with the sweetness of the fruit b/c when I tried giving him his veggie (which he ate just fine before) and a meat he gagged and would not eat it. The next day I tried again and tried to feed him carrots first and mix in a little turkey but he would not eat at all and even gagged so much he threw up. The third day I tried carrots and some chicken and he still refused. So now I do not know what to do. He eats his fruits and rice cereal in the morning just fine but in the evening I cannot get him to eat the veggie and meat. If anyone had this problem before please let me know what you all did. Thank you.

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I agree with the other responses, that you do not have to rush the food into their little systems.
Neither my daughter nor granddaughter ate baby food. They had breast milk their first few months, then formula. At about age 1 they ate the food off my plate. You could not 'trick' them by putting the baby food on the plate and try to feed them. If they did not see it go into my mouth, they did not want it.
They were/are both healthy cherub looking babies. They are also very health conscience

Try mixing the yummy fruit with the icky meat and veggies (apples and chicken for example). Also sweet potatoes are fairly sweet.

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I say slow down. They really don't need anything other than breast milk/formula for the 1st 6 months! He still gets all his nutrition from the breast milk/formula. They will also eat a certain food for a while, then maybe have a period where they either don't care for it, or just don't want it for the time being. You can try with that food again at a later date. Another suggestion, step away from the baby food isle & make your own. It tastes better, it's healthier & it's less expensive. It's simple, take the food you want to prepare (veggies, fruits) & steam them. Save the water. Puree the food (without peel/rind) & put a little of the steam water in it. A lot of the vitamins & minerals are now in the water you steamed it in, plus this will help thin it out a bit. Next, pour it into ice trays then freeze. Once frozen pop them out, put them in a zip lock bag, label & date it. When it's time to eat, take out a cube of this & a cube of that, you can thaw them out/warm them up in a bottle warmer (or microwave just watch out for 'hot spots'). Wah-lah - baby food. They will stay good in the freezer for up to 3 months. We did't bother giving our baby meat until she had a couple of teeth, then we just shredded it. I just can't imagine eating pureed meat - yuck!
Hope this helps! Good luck & God Bless!
H. B

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try mixing the fruit n veggies, or alternating bites. I agree with a previous poster that you seem to be in a rush. My daughter is almost 6 months and has not had any food. With my son he would eat his fruits and he liked squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and sometimes peas n green beans. I tried giving him the meats once and he gagged so I tried them and they tasted so aweful I never gave them to him again. I waited till he was about 8 months and I would give him little pieces of shredded chicken or ground turkey. Don't worry to much about you still have a few months. My son is huge, big n strong, so he turned out fine.

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Hi C.,
At this point, he's just learning about new foods. I wouldn't stress too much that he doesn't want to try the veggies and meat just yet. Continue feeding him the cereal and fruit, and re-introduce the meat and veggies later. This is a learning process, and more about introducing the foods than about him readily taking them. It's more about him trying out things than it is about his nutrition. As long as he's still getting breast milk/formula, he'll be okay. Eventually, he should be more willing to eat the meat and veggies. Some kids don't even like eating these things until they're capable of eating the "real" form of them, not strained. You can probably try that by the time he's 9 months or older, but still in small pieces (rather than strained). Ask your doctor first, though. I know some kids skip the strained foods almost completely, and go to small bites of the "real" thing. (Sorry, I'm trying to think and type this while I have a little one whining because I'm not doing something for her right away - - I hope it makes sense).

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These are all signs that he is not ready. Slow down. Don't be in a hurry to get him to eat more foods. Offer different things daily, but no need to force him.

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I recently read that children cannot properly digest meats until 3 or 4 yrs old. Your breastmilk (or formula) is adequate protein for now. The book I have is great - Train Up Your Children in the Ways They Should Eat by Sharon Broer. It has a lot of information on how to introduce solids to babies and toddlers.

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I had the same problem with both my kids. I got tired of them fussing and not eating it, so I stopped trying.
They are now 12 and 7 yrs. old. and it didn't affect there growth at all.
One thing I did before I gave up was try different brands of meat /veggie foods.
Have you tried making the veggie baby food by yourself?
Good luck an don't stress to hard. Just make sure your baby gets all his vitamins from what he drinks and ask the Dr. about starting vitamins.( he might be to young for the baby vitamins.)
Good luck.

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Have you tried sweet potatoes? We did fruits first... Yellow foods (pear apple banana), the orange foods (sweet potatoes, peaches, carrots), then green (avocado, green beans... good luck with those beans), then red/purples (plums). My daughter really like sweet potatoes, so after I introduced that, I would do a combo scoop, like a little sweet potato with a little carrot. Did combo scoops with banana and something else also. Also, the consistency of bananas and sweet potatoes was easier for her young tongue to swallow.

Honestly, I didn't do meat at 6.5 months. That strikes me as too early. My daughter was getting her protein from breast milk and/or formula at 6.5 months. In fact, I am pretty sure we were still introducing all the various cereals between 6-7 months, plus the yellow and orange foods. I think she was much older when we tried meat. But I introduced every new foods very very slowly. One new food took at least 2 weeks of observation before introducing the next. That helped narrow down the cause of any food reaction if you know exactly what the culprit is. I also introduced scrambled microwaved egg yolk with a splash of formula (not egg whites) with melted cheese for a protein source when she was closer to 11 months. Rolled them into little balls and she loved them.

6 1/2 months is pretty early. Most babies just start eating solid food at 6 months. I really don't think you need to push meat this young. Just back off to what you were doing before, giving fruits and veggies. Try again in a month. The majority of his nutrition should still be coming from breastmilk or formula. His little tummy is probably just not ready for more yet.

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