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Baby Wont Drink Formula

I am breastfeeding my 2 month old little girl. She has taken a bottle of breastmilk once but I am trying to get her to take a bottle of formula. Just so that I can have that option, too. I plan to keep breastfeeding and pumping but sometime that is not an option and I would like her to have a bottle. She wont take the formula...does anyone have any advice or tricks that worked for them?

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Your breast milk is sweet and formula is not. Try Goat milk, I used that when my boys needed extra.

My son doesn't take formula at all either. He weaned himself off of it and to be honest I"m not sad that he did. I can pump out a bottle while he naps if I want a break and hand it to someone else to feed my son. There's a lot of junk in formula... the biggest ingredient being high fructose corn syrup. We know that leads to children being overweight.

The idea of mixing breast milk with formula is a great suggestion. It worked for me when I couldn't give my second daughter enough breast milk due to the horrible thrush we were trying to get rid of. As my milk supply diminished, I had to start using formula. I started out using 3 oz of breast milk and 1 oz of formula, and did that until my milk supply diminished too much. After that, I did half and half, and ultimately had to do all formula once she refused to nurse anymore. As another mom mentioned, I also used organic formula, which I truly believe is much more palatable and better for baby.

Also, if you are able to pump more now and freeze your milk, that can be an option for providing bottles, and save yourself the expense of formula. Good luck!

I was fortunate that my daughter wasn't picky about what she drank/ate. However, my friend had the same situation you've described. Her son would take one sip of the formula and turn away from it. I suggested she try the organic formula I found, Earth's Best organic formula. It doesn't have the same yucky smell as the enfamil or similac, and doesn't seem to taste as bad as it smells. She said her son took it the first time, and she hasn't had problems since. It does cost a little more, but I feel it is worth it. You can find the formula at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, and sometimes Babies r Us has it. I usually order it from Diapers.com because they sell the larger size. Hope this helps.

maybe try to mix 1/2 formula with 1/2 breast milk until she gets used to the taste.

My daughter refused formula, too (and bottles in general) for the first six months. But the second I switched both bottles and formulas she took right to it. I was originally using Avent bottles, but I had a free playtex nurser (the one with the liner) that had a latex slow flow nipple, and she loved that. And I switched from similac (the free sample) to good start. Similac and Enfamil, from what I've heard a lot of moms say, can cause constipation more easily than other formulas. Organic might be a good choice, too, it just depends on what your baby prefers. Try different things, and never buy more than one bottle until you have tried it!

I don't know if you tried this, but when i first tried giving my daughter formula to supplement my breastmilk supply at about 8 months, she wouldn't have anything to do with it. I realized that I was giving it her at room temp or cooler, but once I started warming it up, she took it like a champ. Another friend of mine who also breastfed her daughter found that her daughter would only take formula from a bottle that had a certain type of nipple. Like us adults, babies can also be fickle. So whether it be the kind of formula, or how it is served, its surprising that these little ones already have preferences at such a young age. good luck!

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