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Baby Vs. Pet

Hello moms.

So I'm new here but thought I'd jump right into the pit by asking a question that is driving me mad! My husband desperately wants a puppy. While I'm not necessarily opposed he also is wanting to give our son a little brother or sister. I'm trying to explain to him that we simply cannot do both, a baby and a pet, let alone the fact that one of them I will have to carry for 9 months!

Now I've always wanted a puppy as a teen but never had the chance. From what I've seen they are just as much as a responsibility- feeding them, washing them, loving them. While I would love to have another baby, I don't feel the timing is right at the moment.

Am I crazy for thinking a pet will be better than a baby right now? Also if we get a puppy and wind up pregnant will that be bad for the baby? I don't want him/her to get jealous and eat the new baby!!!


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One tip for you: don't think of it as getting a puppy--think of it as getting the full grown dog.
I say this because you keep mentioning getting a puppy and wanting a puppy, but they're only puppies for a very short amount of time. Do you just want a puppy, or do you want a dog? :)

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Foster! Foster! Foster!

Sign up with one of your local animal shelters and check out the older dogs that are available. The shelter will level with you honestly about temperment and behavior. Start off slow and foster one of their dogs to see how he or she fits into your home and relates to your family. The shelter will likely visit your home and interview you once you've chosen a doggy you're interested in just to make sure you seem like a good candidate. If it ends up being a great fit, begin adoption. If it's not a good fit, inform the shelter and they will take him or her back. We had a marvelous experience adopting a dog this way.

If you're planning on both a dog and a new baby, I say vote for the more experienced doggy.

Good luck to you and your family!


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Well, I seem to be completely going against the norm here, but I say why not both? When my son was 6 months old we got a puppy and moved all within the course of 1 week! And we all survived!
A puppy is only a puppy for a short while. House training doesn't take that long (or at least it hasn't with any of my dogs). Even if you got the puppy and got pregnant tomorrow, the puppy should be pretty close to completely trained by 9 months. And I've also never had any issues with jealousy, but perhaps that depends on breed. We've mostly always had giant breeds (Saint Bernards, Mastiffs).
I would say you can definitely do both, but do your homework when it comes to the breed of dog you're going to get. Some are just naturally more jealous/protective, some are just naturally harder to house train. Some naturally require much more attention and exercise. Read up, study, consult a vet. But it can be done!
I would only say don't get a puppy at the same time you have a newborn. But if you do it now, it shouldn't be a problem.

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I honestly feel like puppies are more work than babies. You can at least take a baby with you almost everywhere. With a puppy you are constantly running home to let them outside, and they need more attention than most parents of young children can give. At least with children, you get to work up slowly to the crazy toddler stage- puppies jump right into this before they are even weened. I will not get puppies, probably not ever again. I will get any of my pets from this point on from rescue shelters. They foster the dogs and treat any illnesses (and parasites! you can't have a puppy around a newborn, they can spread worms) and they know the animals temperaments. They will know if they are good dogs for children, or not.

I have 5 pets and did not even consider getting rid of any of them when my son was born. But it does take work and a lot of monitoring to make sure the cats and dogs don't hurt the baby. They usually don't, not on purpose, but you can't be too careful. You can totally have pets, and a new baby, but yes, you will have to make sure the dog is well trained, and that takes effort. And puppies will stay puppies for a couple of years. They may look full grown at 7 months, but they don't act like it.

If you honestly think a pet is the way to go, I would suggest a full grown dog, and get it from a rescue shelter. They usually have websites so you can go online and look at all the dogs available, and find one who's personality will suit your family and lifestyle. When you get a puppy, or even a pound dog or pet store dog or breeder dog, you don't know what the personality is like. No matter how much training you do, there are no guarantees what that dog is going to be like. With a rescue shelter, you have a little more information about them before you bring them home. Good luck with your decision!

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I have two kids 5 and 2 and a 6 year old 100 lb dog. He is my third child! As a SAHM and wife to a husband who travels almost every week, I am the one who walks and feeds him. I also was the one who had to do the training which wasn't completed because I gave birth to my first child. No easy task. If he gets sick, I am the one who has to administer any meds and make appts for a bath and the vet. We also have no family in the area so we always have to travel to visit anyone which means finding someone/someplace to watch our dog. That falls to me too. My dog is super sweet and wonderful with the girls but I will never have another dog after our current one passes. I love dogs but (at least mine) is too much work. Don't get sucked into any promises from your husband about him and the kids taking care of your dog. That just isn't the way it happens.

If you are sure you want a dog, maybe a more mature dog would be a better fit. Especially if they are already trained. It can work but do your homework first and good luck!

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If you want a dog, I recommend looking into a shelter or a breed specific rescue organization. Look for a great family breed like a Lab, Golden Retriever, or Beagle. And get an adult dog who has been fostered by someone who knows dogs and can help you find the right individual dog and temperament for your family.

I would NEVER introduce two new family members at the same time. Both dogs and children are a lot of work and take adjustment. It wouldn't be fair to your son to bring both into your lives at the same time.

Good luck!

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Puppies are almost as much work as a newborn, more, if they are super destructive.

I have a 2.5 month old, and we are going to consider a puppy when he is around 9 months. If he is sleeping 12 hours by then, then I may be up to having a dog, but seriously, the puppy is almost as much work as a baby.

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I'm with you. I would never be able to do both a puppy and a baby. I never had pets growing up, but plenty of neighbors have them. Pets seem, to me, to be more work than a baby. You can't take them with you to most places that you go, unlike a baby. You have to leave them with someone or have someone come over and watch them if you go away for more than a day. You have to make sure that you aren't gone too long during the day or your house will be a mess. I have a neighbor that got a dog, because her family really wanted one. She is the only one that walks the dog. Every day at least twice a day. ( I would not be happy if I had to walk a dog in this weather! LOL) I also have a best friend that has had dogs before after and during babies. They are just dog lovers. The dogs do fine with the kids and always have. I just think that you have to really want a dog and love dogs in order to be happy having one in your house. It does seem to me that most moms end up taking on the care responsibilities of the pets. That would be something to consider.

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I would never ever ever do both. A cat, sure since they're pretty self-reliant...but a puppy IS like having a baby. And you're already going to be up with a baby...do you want to have to get up to walk a dog too? If you don't feel it's the right time to have a baby...and you want a puppy...then go ahead. But I would never do both at the same time. Oh also...like others have mentioned...keep in mind you will have to board or bring your dog with you if you want to go out of town even for a weekend. It seems like such apain.
Now we had a dog growing up and she was the best...but my parents spent ALOT of money having her trained professionally. Also she had 4 kids to play with, walk her, and a big yard to run around in. Try and take those things into consideration as well....do you have the time and energy to devote to a dog? Good luck. :)

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