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Baby's Soft Spot Concern

My Daughter is 7 months old and her soft spot on the top of her head seems huge. Is this normal?

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Don't worry! My son's soft spot was large too. His pediatrician said that his was larger than most babies'. Now he is 18 months and it is almost completely closed.

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It depends what you mean by "huge". If the soft spot is bulging, then that's definitely not a good thing and I would recommend that you take her to a doctor right away. If it's just large in circumference, then it's ok. The soft spot doesn't completely close until the child is around 2 years old, so you still have plenty of time.

If you're still concerned (or if anything else comes up medically related that you're concerned about), please call the nurses line at Evergreen Hospital (it's a free call) at ###-###-####. They have a lot of personal knowledge as well as an entire medical database at their fingertips. I've called them several times over the last 5 years for my kids (and even myself once), and they've always been very friendly and helpful.

Good luck! :o)

No need to worry at all. The soft spot often doesn't close up until 2 yrs...my son's didn't. A large soft spot just means there is a lot of room for brain growth, which is a good thing. Although some close up early, most are still pretty large at 7 mo.

Don't worry! My son's soft spot was large too. His pediatrician said that his was larger than most babies'. Now he is 18 months and it is almost completely closed.

If it is bulging up- Call doctor or go in right away! If you are referring to the diameter- I'd bring it up to the doc next visit or call advice nurse

NO! Especially if it is squishy - there could be swelling and thus serious problems. Did this just happen or has it always been a little bigger? If it is a new thing I would take her to the Dr. ASAP. I know Pediatric Associates is open on the weekends. Hope all is OK with your daughter.


Yes, this is normal. That soft spot won't completely close until she's 18 months I think it is.

If you are really concerned, call her doctor or the on call nurse and ask.


Hello J.,

My daughter had a rather large soft spot when she was born. She was born 7 weeks early - but that might not have anything to do with why it was so large. It was still there at 18 months (1/2 dollar size) and is still there today at 6 years of age - but smaller than a dime.

I have asked multiple doctors about it and each one has told me that she will be fine. The cartilage is so strong it will protect her. There is only a real danger if she gets struck by a piercing object in that exact location - which is extremely unlikely.

I used to love to put my hand over her spot and feel her heart beat, it gave me comfort when she was so tiny (2.6 pounds).


Every body is different, so it may be taking a little longer for the bones in her skull to grow, coming together and harden. Talk to your pediatrician at her next check-up. You have a 3yr old and sometimes the differences between a toddler and an infant are amazing. Again, talk with your dr at her next appt. and just be careful when it comes to precarious places and overly an excited sibling when they play.

yes that is very very very normal!!! :) no worries!!!!

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