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Baby's First Haircut - I Feel So Stupid.

My husband wants our 8 month old son to have his first hair cut. I've been putting it off because I feel like he wont look like a baby any more, and it makes me sad. This weekend my husband brought it up again and brought out the clippers and the safty sissors. And I lost it. I dont know what came over me but I just started crying. Our sons hair is rather long on the top and sides and I'm sure he would be cooler in this heat we've been having if it were shorter but I just get sad every time I think about it. I know that if we cut his hair he will look older and I dont know if I'm ready for it? I know they dont stay babys long and I guess I want to hang on to that while I can. I feel so stupid for getting emotional about it. My husband didnt push the subject since he saw I was getting upset but I know he's going to keep bugging me about it. Am I stupid for feeling this way about a hair cut?

Also, when ever I do feel ok with his hair cut, (sometime in the future) what would be the best way to go about it? My husband wants to uses his clippers with the little plastic guard so it wont be too short and will protect him from the clipper blades, and then just use the sissors for around the ears. I'm nervious about that part too cause unless our son is asleep I know he will be wiggling all over the place. Any suggestions?
Thank you Ladies.

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Thank you all for your input. It made me feel beter about how I felt knowing I wasnt the only one who's had these emotions. I cried over it in the begining but I felt like I was ready to let him move forward, decided to get my sons first hair cut last weekend. We took him to Kiddie Kutters. I thought I was going to cry, but I didnt. I held him in my lap and he sat for his hair cut pretty well for it being the first time. I had my husband video tap it since I was holding him. We got a little lock of his hair and a little certificate saying it was his first hair cut. Even though it did make him look a slight bit older, the change wasnt as drastic as I thought it would be. He just looks more polished. I was feeling ok with it until later that day. And I noticed that his cut was uneven. Its shorter behind his ears on one side vs the other. and I know I could try to even it up myself but I'm just irritated because I took him to a professional to avoid this very thing. I thought if I tried it myself it would be uneven, better to take him to someone who knows what they are doing. I'm just disapointed that I paid for something thinking it would be better, and turned out so poorly done. Needless to say I wont be going back there for any of his future haircuts. But over all I'm glad I finally decided to let it get cut. And all of your in put really did help. Thank you everyone.

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It is hard. When I finally cut my baby boy's hair he definitely looked a bit more grown up, but he also looked sooo cute!!! It is sad when the "baby" goes away, but each phase is wonderful in it's own right. I still miss "my baby" and mine are now 7 and 4 1/2yrs. BUT, my boy is still a cuddle bug and an absolutel joy!

Enjoy every single moment. You will love him more and more as he grows and you have so much to look forward to and share with him.

You will be fine and so will he!

Many blessings -

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I did't cut mine until more like one year. then, both had such little hair, I only cut the "duck tail" of the back. Then closer to one, I got a clipper called a Peanut by Wahl. I used the largest 4 on top sort of clipping up andpulling it away at the crown so that remained longer. Then a 2 on the sides. then he got too wiggly and I nicked him. So I took him to Silly Scissors (Lolilocks is up in Loeland and boulder...I think). I did that until now when he is about 3. I have now watched them do it for a while so I get it and he sits still for me. So we do it outside on the deck at the end of the day before bath. his sister and dad entertain him and route hime on...it is great and we save $20 a month. When it is cold, we might go back to the salon. i think now he is older, he actualy looks younger with a buzz. Most of my friends let theirs grow it out and I think onboys it looks messy and un kept. I love the tight cut as it is so easy, dries fast, and there is no combing involved...I have a daughter too to struggle with that mess.

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You're not the only one. I know someone who also did this. But really--give the kid a haircut! Her boys both had really awesome mullets by the time she gave up and cut their hair. Not the look she was going for when she was being sentimental about their hair.

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I believe it's the Navajo who believe that the child,s hair is their special dream hair, and you shouldn't cut it till their 3. Easy for a girl, not so easy for a boy. I say go with your gut, if you're not ready to cut it, don't.

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A., I feel how you feel!!!
I never cut my sons' hair ~ I just could not, just like you! My first son's hair was very thick and curling into beautiful big locks, he was walking around like a little angel and everybody loved it. So, his hair finally grew into a braid and that's what we were doing: braiding his hair. The second son liked Anton's braid and got one for himself also. Thus, they grew up. Anton NEVER cut his hair, you can see his braid even now.
Ivan decided in the 10th grade, and came to me: "Mom, please cut OFF my hair." I gave him a week for thinking, as long hair does not grow back fast,but he was positive he wants it cut.
Look at them now, there are notes on the Image:
and this is their decision, as this is their hair, their heads, their life.
Before they were old enough to make their decision,
I enjoyed seeing their happy childhood, and braiding their hair :)
when they were little,
neither one of them allowed anybody touching their head: only for me to brush and braid, it was allowed :). They just liked their space being safe.

so, while they were little, I let them BE naturally as they are, and when they grew elder, they made the decision. Our lucky part was that nobody interfered into it, their dad was absolutely fine with seeing his sons with long hair.

I know, I did not add any joy to your situation, A., I only want to tell you that YOU ARE a MOM and you feel right about your son's hair: he, personally, absolutely does not need a haircut, the one who needs it, seems to be your husband only, and it is definitely hard to convince him otherwise.
You can try to ask him to wait until your son will turn one year old, as his skin (and aura) is very sensitive, and you do not want to wave any metal objects around his head, and maybe by then your husband will be accustomed to seeing one curly boy... who knows? I wish you success, A.!

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Don't feel bad - I cried at my daughter's first birthday party, I cried when I stopped nursing, and I cried tonight...her first night in her big girl bed (25 months old). Don't ever feel bad about that, but know that the day comes for us to let go - little by little each day. It IS sad! Let yourself feel those emotions.

My daughter just had her first haircut last week - she has hardly any hair until the last few months and it finally started growing. Though she is far older than I ever thought she'd be for her first one, it was still emotional for me.

We took her to Lollilocks - but she is far older than your son. Keep a lock of her hair and take a lot of pictures...it's a right of passage.

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You're not the only one. I know someone who also did this. But really--give the kid a haircut! Her boys both had really awesome mullets by the time she gave up and cut their hair. Not the look she was going for when she was being sentimental about their hair.

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I totally feel the same way!!! I put off my son's first hair cut for the longest time because I felt it would make him look too old. And when I finally started cutting his hair, i'm very specific about how I get it cut so that it doesn't make him look too much like a big boy. You are not alone! Haha. I ended up taking him to Cookie Cutters. Its this wonderful place that does kids haircuts. They took the stress out of it for me. The have these adorable little chairs for them to sit in (they have one made especially for the smaller kids) and they know how to make it fun and you can be there to help comfort them and hold them still but they know how to do it to not cause any cuts or anything, cause I was worried about that too! My son has had 2 or 3 haircuts there now and its great. Probably more money than doing it with your own clippers but to my its with the less stress! But they do use clippers with the plastic guards to do my sons hair, so if you want to do it yourself that is a good way to do it. Good luck!

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Make it a milestone. Take him to some place like Cool Cuts for kids, where they put him in a cool car, then they take pictures of his first hair cut and then keep the curl or part of the hair in a bag for you and you can put it in a baby book.
My son had to do this at about 14 mos, I was sad too, it is normal, he had these beautiful curls.
However, I do agree with your husband if it is getting unruly or too long then it probably needs a trim, nothing more.

I suggest you take him to a proper kids haircut place, especially for the first one. They are experienced with wiggly kids. And you are right they look like big boys once it happens, hee hee. Take lot's of pictures and put them in his baby book.

If it isn't that long, tell your husband to chill out, that he will be spending every five weeks running your son to get a haircut (I know this personally as my son is four and his hair grows fast).

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Please don't feel stupid, being a mother of a growing kid is not easy. With my two kids my husband and I waited until they were one and had a party. My husband is Bolivian and they wait until the child is one to five years old to cut their hair, basically to make sure the child is going to live, kind of morbid, but we translated it into a reason to have a party and introduce the kids to the family's friends. Each participant got a small pair of scissors and cut a small amount of hair, which they gave back to us to put in a keepsake box. We had a great time and the first hair cut was memorable.

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I waited until he was 1 year old. It is hard to see the baby hair leave but just do a "trim" and overall he will look great and the hair will seem thicker and healthier and grow more evenly. I was so engrossed in him getting his first hair cut, taking pics, etc...that I forgot to get that first lock of hair! sigh....
I took him into a hair stylist and he sat on my lap. They were great and took their time and he sat pretty still on my lap and we talked about what was happining. He now and always loves getting his hair cut and is 3.5 yrs now :) Good luck! He will always be your baby!

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