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Baby Throws up a Lot!

My little guy is almost 3 months old now and pretty much after every feeding, he throws up when he burps. Sometimes he throws up in between feedings. It is enough to where I have to change his clothes and sometimes my clothes. Sometimes it appears that the throwing up is painful for him. I always feed him at a 45 degree angle and try to keep him upright for at least 15 minutes after he eats. I have tried several different formulas, (Enfamil regular milk formula, Similac soy, Enfamil A.R., Similac Alimentum), and he is currently taking Prevacid samples,for reflux, that the doctor gave us. Nothing seems to be making him better. The only good thing is that he is gaining weight (13 lbs now). I'm just wondering how much longer is he going to keep doing this? Will he eventually grow out of it? Is there anything else I can do? I'm hoping that there is some other mom out there that has delt with this kind of issue before and has some words of wisdom...

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I haven't had this problem, but I spoke with a Mom in my Moms Group and she had those problems with both of her boys. It was very serious where they couldn't keep food down and she had to get medicine for them. It is Reflux and they have found that that is the cause for SIDS.

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Hey B.,

Sorry you are going thru this, I just went thru this with my baby for the last 5 months (he will be 10mo tomorrow). First it was just throwing up a little after eating baby foods, then it was throwing up after eating ANYTHING! He eventually STOPPED gaining weight and fell off the growth curve and he was throwing up like 6x a day! And I am talking massive...would fill the entire high chair try and have a puddle on the floor. After doing over 1 million dollars (literally) in blood tests I was refered to a Pediactric GI specialist and they ordered a Endoscopy. As scary as it was they finally were able to diagnose him with a disease called Eosinophilic Esopgagitis or EE which is a severe allergy to most if not all foods and it causes severe swelling in the esophagus which if not caught early can cause permanent damage. My baby is now on a high dosage of steroids, prevacid, an elemental formula that you can not buy in stores (the ins mails in to the house) and a carb supplement so he will start to gain weight again. Thru a blood test we discovered that his most severe allergy is corn and all corn products like corn meal or corn starch. And in 6wks we will check his progress and eventually they will have to do another endo and they will gradually reintroduce foods starting with the least severe of his allergies.
Hopefully what you are dealing with is just reflux...I know it is a pain but I just wanted to share my experience with you. Have a great day!!!

We had the same problem with our second child. He was not able to keep his formula down. We ended up puttig him on Soy based formula. Simalac make the soy base formula and it helped him. We also didn't let him over eat. He is now 3 years old and eating very well.

My son was pretty much the same. I tried several different formulas and he continued to throw up, finally someone recommended that I see an allergist. I made an appointment and even though he was tiny and it was uncommon to get an allergy test at his age, they did it anyway an lo and behold it turned out that he was allergic to something that most formulas have in them plus several other things as well.
His doctor put him on Nutrimigen Formula for a while and all was good, but eventually he developed some other type of allergy and I had to discontinue that one. Finally I was told to make my own formula at home (I cannot remember the recipe as it has been 14 years) but Im sure your doctor or the internet can help you find it. My suggestion is to try the allergy skin test. Good Luck


My son did the exact same thing! We did the upper GI, the prevacid, the zantac, etc etc. Turns out it was not acid reflux but allergies! I was desperate to figure out how to help my son as I knew he was always in pain (the screaming told me that, as well as the puking constantly). I also breastfed and reduced my diet tremendously (great weight loss happening, like other moms have mentioned!). I took him to a chiropractor which did help, and to an allergist to have the tests done. He was allergic to so many things. I found something called NAET, which is a non-invasive natural allergy ELIMINATION! It is amazing. My son can now eat anything and doesn't have any issues. If you are interested in learning more, please visit www.naet.com and please don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information from me. Good luck whatever you decide to do! I know it is so hard having a little one hurting.


HI B.,

My first son did this same thing. He had reflux. He was on prevacid for about 6 months. After 6 months I slowly weaned him off of it. I know some suggested to breastfeed but I DID breastfeed and he still threw-up all the time. I was on a very strict diet, no soy, no milk, no beef. Basically I couldn't eat anything because everything has soy in it. I lost a ton of weight.
My son was on Alimentum but he also tried Nutragamen, both are the same formula basically. My son, like yours, was gaining weight. And honestly, as long as they are gaining weight things should be okay. Now once they stop gaining weight then other things need to be looked into like the other lady who responded.
I bought a wedge and stuck in under my sons sheets in his crib and always laid him that direction. And when I checked on him at night, I moved him back up on the wedge. It's just what you have to do for your little one. I NEVER lied my son flat, ever. He was always angled up except when he did tummy time which was only a few minutes a few times a day. My son now is a very picky eater and he seems to gag easy; I don't know if that has any connection or not. I have taken him to the doctor and we have determind that he may still have a slight case of reflux. However he is fine and not on medication. At this point nothing severe that we know of.
Best of luck. You got a lot of good advice from the mamasource moms. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

My son did that for the first few weeks of his life. My mother finally suggested changing nipples. It worked with the first feeding. The nipple hole was too big and he was eating too fast and getting too much air. It was such a simple solution that it took us a while to figure it out! Good luck!

We had the same problem with our oldest son. It finally stopped when he was 6 months old. At the same time, I switched him from formula to 2% milk, so I don't know how much was age and how much was switching to plain milk.

Hi B.,

My baby was the king of spit up. I too would have to change his clothes and mine as well throughout the day. My Dr. was never too concerned because hey babies spit up. One thing I didn't do was change formula a lot. That can cause issues with a premature digestive system. I pretty much stuck with Similac Advance. Stick to one and only one from now on. I personally don't believe any of those "special" formulas work for spit up, I think they are only good if baby has an allergy of some sort. 99% of babies spit up. You are lucky if you have a baby that doesn't. My little guy is almost 8 months. Since he is sitting up and eating solids I noticed he hardly ever spits up now. As your little baby's belly matures and he is able to sit up and eat solids you will notice less throw up. It's just something they need to grow out of. They always say that spit up is more of a laundry issue than a health issue. Until then pack extra shirts and outfits and make sure you have lots of burp cloths around! The prevacid should help with the spit up a little too, you might have to give it a little time. Hang in there!


Hi B.,

My daughter, who is now 11, had acid reflux when she was born until she started walking and then about 11 months old it stopped. We took her in for an upper GI, she saw specialists, was put her on medicine, switched formulas,...everything you could think of. The one thing that helped a little (now I say a little) was we had her sleep in the car seat or swing because of the elevation for a little while. EVERYTHING we fed her came right back up and like you it was all over me and her, the carpet or anything else we happened to be around. She never seemed in pain though. Any ways, it was hard to deal with but she did outgrow it...Praise God! I am sure all children are different as far as when they outgrow it but adults have it as well, theres just doesn't always come up.:-)Just love her and make sure she is gaining the right amount of weight. Sounds like your doing everything you need to do. Hang in there!


Been there!!
My son had the same issues until I started him on cereal at 4 months. We did the zantac for reflux for about a month before he was ready for the cereal and it seemed to reduce the severity and discomfort of the "spit-ups", but I still went through at least 3 outfits a day and about 5 burp rags as well. I would find myself running for another burp rag and having to raid my kitchen for towels sometimes. It did help to do more frequent burping during feedings, but it was not until we started solids that he quit "throwing up" as much, just normal baby spits now and then. He was also gaining weight (actually rapidly), and it a healthy 22 lbs at his first B-day.

It is never easy to watch your children struggle with anything physical. You are doing great and the end is in sight for your little guy.

Hi B.! My lil Abbey was like that when she was little too... I always had bibs on her, to match her outfits and that helped a little... I discovered that she seemed to have a problem with lactose intolerance. I was nursing and she seemed to spit more when I had dairy products. She also had formula and when I switched to Lactose free Emfamil and took a lactaid pill myself before having dairy it helped tons. I was never big on the soy products because of the smell. Abbey eventually grew out of the spitting up stage and now at nearly 5 years old, she has no lactose intolerance problems at all, in fact drinks milk and eats cheese like crazy! Best of luck you you!

I experienced this with my first two. It was so severe that they would also projectile vomit sometimes. My daughter's stomach was so upset all of the time that we thought we would nearly break her to burp her, and then, when she did, it was louder than a frat boy. It sounded like it came fram a man, not a small baby.

My other four did not do this, and the only change I made was breastfeeding. I am not sure if that is what is causing your little one's trouble, and there is probably not much you can do to change now, but perhaps if you have any more children, you might consider breastfeeding as it seems to have eliminated all of the problems I had with my first two that you also are having with your baby.

Another benefit I found from breastfeeding is that their diapers are not stinky like they are with formula and when they do spit up, it's just a tiny amount and spit up from breastmilk does not stink and stain clothes like spit up from formula does.

I'm no breastfeeding militant, either. I tried with my first. It was so terrible that I never even considered it with my second. When I had my third five years later, I went to a course on breastfeeding offered at the hospital, and it made all the difference. If you do consider it with your next child (if you decide to have more) then I would definitely recommend taking a class first. It really helps.

I'm sorry that doesn't help much with your current situation, but perhaps it can help you in the future. Best withes! :-)

I am so sorry, I know exactly what you are going through!! My little guy did that until around 6 months old, once he could sit up on his own his vomiting cut down a ton! I would just give my son mylicon and watch what I ate (I breastfed)...nothing seemed to help him either, the dr did ultrasounds and found nothing, they even wanted to put him on some kind of medicine (I think zantac), but I decided to ride it out...hopefully your little guy will settle down after a few more months like mine did :)

Hi B.,

I'm Chris. My second daughter, Brianne, had projectile vomiting when she was a baby. Our first never did, so we asked the Dr. He said she'd outgrow it... probably after 3 months. When she didn't, he said ... probably 6 months. Then well, 8 or 9 months.

She did finally outgrow it, at about 10 months, I am happy to say. Like your baby, she continued to gain weight, so I knew she was getting the nutrition she needed in spite of the situation.

She's 29 years old now! My husband and I have laughed over the years about how he wouldn't hold her at church (we couldn't afford to send his suit to the cleaners every week). Once, at church, we were sitting on the back row. I put a receiving blanket over my shoulder, and over the back of the seat. (little burp cloths were senseless for her)- you know- She burped and spewed OVER MY SHOULDER. My shoulder and back were dry, but the floor three feet behind me was soaked... What can you do?

There will be a time when it's over, and maybe 30 years from now, you'll be able to laugh about it!

I feel your frustration! You are not alone. I'm glad you checked with your Dr, tho.

We went on to have seven children, none of the others had this problem!

My daughter had the same thing. She was on Zantac for her reflux. It helped a lot. If it is not helping your baby maybe you need to go to something stronger. My daughter also had colic so she was only happy when she was sucking (eating), swinging, or swaddled. I think there are 6 S's for colic, but I cannot remember the rest of them. Those are the three that worked for her. My husband was so worried that she was never going to sleep without motion. She was in the swing a lot because that was the only break I got. Otherwise she wanted to be eating because it felt good to her. Then she would throw up and want to start all over. Hopefully some of that helps. If you need some other advise go ahead and send me a email. I know how difficult it is because you feel so bad for them. You can tell that they are in so much pain and there is nothing that you can do for them. Good luck! -A.

I haven't had this problem, but I spoke with a Mom in my Moms Group and she had those problems with both of her boys. It was very serious where they couldn't keep food down and she had to get medicine for them. It is Reflux and they have found that that is the cause for SIDS.

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