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Baby Sleeps on Incline...

Hi mommies! Our 2 month old loves sleeping in his "nap nanny." it's basically an inclined thing designed to help infants sleep...especially when they have reflux, colds, or any other issues with breathing/sleeping. It is a fairly large thing and we expect he can fit it in till he's about a year old. It fits in his crib and we just put him in that to sleep. During the day, he sleeps mostly on me in his carrier (which is a Moby Wrap) or his little bouncy-type chair that doesn't bounce.
I don't think this is a major issue, but he really won't sleep flat on his back and we certainly need our sleep. He sleeps from 9pm-3am and we really don't want to give up that long stretch of sleep. So is it ok that he sleep on an incline all the time? Do you see any negatives to it? Thanks!

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I propped up my kids cradel with blakents under the matress because 2 of them had breathing problems at birth. They all did fine, if not better sleeping in an inline.

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Our daughter slept in her swing. We started it because as a baby she was always congested and laying on her back she couldn't breathe well and would wake-up so often that none of us were getting any sleep. Then at only 2 or 3 months old we moved in with my parents for a couple months until our house was finished. All four of us shared a room, and we couldn't risk her waking up her brother(he won't go back to sleep)in the middle of the night. So around 6 or 7 months old we finally transitioned her to her crib. It was about a week of her clearly not being happy about the crib, but she got used to it and now her crib is her favorite place. I'm not a dr. but as a parent the transition was the only downside and it really wasn't that bad. She just had a hard time getting to sleep for a few days.

Where did you get the "nap nanny" cause I want one. My son could definitely benefit from it! I don't see any problems with it. I assume there is no suffocation threat and would agree with the previous poster about being careful one he can roll. Can he roll and get stuck at the bottom? That is what I would watch for. I'm sure eventually he will sleep on his back. What's the rush? :)

Our daughter slept in her car seat the first few months of life because it was more comfortable for her with reflux issues. Everyone was going crazy telling us it was terrible she did this. Well guess what she slept we slept, everyone was happy. There is not way it will damage your 2 month old. Right now it is best that everyone sleeps and stays healthy. He will not sleep like that forever- for now while he is developing. This is my personal opinion only of course. Our pediatrician saw no harm in it, it was just friends worried our daughter would sleep in her carseat for 16 years. Guess what she sleeps like a big girl in her bed now- hee hee
Hope that helps. Basically I feel you do what is best for you and your family. I would rather sleep on an incline myself.
Best of luck to you and enjoy the 6 hour stretch of sleep. Is he a nursing baby?

At this young age, don't worry about "bad habits." Do what you need to survive! But get the book No Cry Sleep Solution to help you establish good habits and understand your baby's sleep and sleep needs.

Hi N.,

Both my daughters started out sleeping with us but when they started rolling around in bed and/or crawling, they slept in their swing for about six months. Without me, they wouldn't sleep in a motionless bed. We found we got much more sleep this way.

It's great for digestion too - reflux etc.

As long as it's close to you so you can hear him, I think wherever he can sleep safely and comfortably is fine. :)


You've created what is called a sleep prop. Since he won't be able to sleep in the carriers forever, you really need him to get used to sleeping normaly in a crib. Now is the time to break him of this habit or it will get harder as he gets older. To break him of this sleep prop, I would start putting him down for naps in his crib. If he fusses and cries, let it be and deal with it. Eventually he will learn to sleep in his crib. I had my daughter sleeping in her carseat style carrier and she started getting a flat spot on her head from her leaning on the side. I had to start putting her in the crib on her side and tummy to get the flat spot to finally round out, so it really has a down side if they're in those carriers all the time. Break your son of this habit now. It seems harmless now, but it will become a real problem as he gets older and can't fit in those props anymore. Good luck.

Hi N.,
I'd re-asses the situation once your baby starts to roll over. Otherwise: pleasant dreams!!!

I used the Moby wrap with my last child and it was a miracle! Don't you love it? He had a ton of reflux issues and would not sleep laying flat so he either slept in the Moby or on my chest in my bed up until he was about 5 months old (he was my 4th so I NEEDED sleep whatever way I could get it). When he started getting older and I was forced to find a comfortable way for him to sleep (wish I would have heard about the nap nanny!) I put a couple of blankets under his crib mattress and it worked like a charm. No medication needed! He is now 13months and still sleeps at an incline, it helps with drainage when he gets a cold too. My pediactric GI specialist told me to incline his bed, so I feel totally comfortable with it! Good luck and God bless :)

Both of my boys (now 4 and 2 years old) had reflux as babies. Our doctor actually suggested to us that we have them sleep at an incline to help them with their reflux. We did not have the nap nanny, but we did incline their cribs (we had an adjustable height crib and we put one side on the highest level and the other side a few nothes down so the entire mattress was at an incline). This worked great until they got to an age that they were rolling, at which point they would end up in a ball at the bottom of the crib. Anyway, I guess my point is that my doctor suggested it to us, so I would not see any reason that it would be a negative. The only problem you might have is when he is able to move around and off of it. Also, is it a pillow type contraption that could be a suffication threat? Anyway, I say what ever works for the family to sleep is a good thing!

I propped up my kids cradel with blakents under the matress because 2 of them had breathing problems at birth. They all did fine, if not better sleeping in an inline.

Hi, i have a 2 month old little girl that has reflux and she ONLY sleeps on an incline. She loves it. I do nurse and she lays flat then, but I always get up and put her in the swing. My son didn't have reflux, he just only slept in his swing because that was the longest stretch we got. My advice, enjoy the sleep however you can. We transitions my son to the pack-n-play at about 6 months and he slept in that for ever. Now he loves his crib and we had no problems. Just be strong when you do transition, it may take 2 or 3 times befor it works. I found all my kids like to sleep on their sides. I used the pillow roll things that they sell at BRU and it wedges them so they don't roll. A friend suggested it and my baby loves it. THey feel secure. good luck.

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